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    Katie Zoey Ho, Singapore

    I started picking up my pencil to draw at the age of 3 and the very first thing I drew were apple hearts; which I clearly remember to this day. I took up traditional and general fine arts during my entire Primary and Secondary education (equivalent to 1st to 12th grades) and have received formal industry training in the area of footwear design from various Italian trainers from a notable Italian shoe-making school.

    But what’s interesting about me is I was previously trained and had worked in Science and Medicine for over a decade before moving onto Arts and Design. Love coffee and Science but my passion inclines towards designing and creating. Thanks to a decade-worth of scientific & medical research training, the innovation process in experimental design had made the transition possible and not a scary one. The combination of Science & Art always excites me and I do enjoy the mind-boggling yet fulfilling creative process. Love almost everything that’s artsy & beautiful, and am a true believer that Art does speak; I desire to create things that are beautiful enough to inspire and encourage people in every means.

    Currently I reside in Singapore, a tiny red dot along the equator on the map; also known as the Green City where you are surrounded with lots of greenery and enjoy summer all year round.

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