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    Jeanne Draachreider, Washington, USA

    I believe I’d call myself an artistic dabbler. I’ve tried “almost” every craft and art style out there from fine art, oil painting, watercolor, wood sculpture, and art quilts, to macramé and beading, and all things in between. As a child my walls were filled with pictures I’d drawn so art has always been an interest and an outlet for me. In high school I realized I had a love of color because while the rest of the class was drawing “beautiful women” I was too…but in a variety of skin colors like blue or green. I always brought my own office supplies to my work place as what they offered was too plain. I needed to use, and be surrounded with color. In college art classes I was happiest when sculpting, working with various materials, playing in clay, and working with my hands.

    A few years ago I discovered mixed media and a new love was born. In fact, Alpha Stamps was my very first swap! From that point I cleared out my fabrics to make space for my crafting supplies and papers. My son-in-law always asked me “If the craft store doesn’t have what a customer needs, do they send them to you?”

    I also discovered digital art about the same time and it became another passion. I split my time between working on each of them. I retired about 18 months ago and finally have time to give all my time and heart to my art. It’s been wonderful!

    Some collage sheets designed by Jeanne and artwork can be found here.
    Jeanne’s Recent Artwork, Facebook & Pinterest