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    Betsy Skagen, Minnesota, USA

    If you use your noggin, the last name rhymes with toboggan! A couple years ago I made a leap and traded in my life as professional writer and graphic designer to follow my passion — altered art and paper crafting. I like to think the design skills forged during my earlier professional years provide a solid foundation for my eclectic crafting style.

    I consider myself the impossible and unworthy love child of Tim Holtz, Oprah Winfrey and Jenny Lawson, since I am known for infusing art tutorials with slightly irreverent humor, compassion and a little bit lot of angst. Like many of you, I love collecting vintage stuff — everything from teeny tiny toys to mid-century graphics to anything related to the circus.

    I have long used crafting as a sane reprieve from the hectic lifestyle of my ADHD, unicycling, tightrope-walking and counter-surfing family, consisting of husband, son, daughter and two large dogs (you can take your best guess on who does what). We all live in the arctic circle of Minnesota, where long winters allow plenty of time for crafting.

    Betsy’s Blog and collage sheets and artwork.