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Gothic Windows… and doors… and deer

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Wow! Lots of cool windows (and accessories) today!

Starting with a revised version of the gothic windows sized for Laura Carson’s Gothic Windows Collage Sheet!

Now in heavy chipboard AND a set of 2. And keep reading for a smaller version…

Ah… the smaller set of gothic windows… the same size as the one Laura used to build a chair (using a Campaign Stool and Gothic Corners or Shelf Brackets as arm rests) for her Edgar Allan Poe Study Book Nook.

So (in addition to all the new things being announced today), I’ve also added the supplies from that table and chair (and the window it sat beneath in the original project — more info & pics of the window are down in the sale section) to today’s sale collection! More info below including the discount coupon!

More New Items (yes, more windows!)

Look at that tiny and cute threesome of wooden windows (at right)! Each is about 2″ tall. Here’s the link to all 3.

I love the new Die-Cut Ancient Doors Set (pic directly below)! Rustic doors with frames (each is 1 cut piece, aka: the doors are one piece with the frame). Set of 10 (all unique). Printed on heavy cardstock. Most are approx 2-1/2″ tall (an odd size even for half scale but super cute)!

FREE Gift with Orders

A Brass Filigree Gift Kit is FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight December 6, 2023)!

Ok… this will take a little explaining.

Scroll down a bit to see the tall photo of the window from Laura’s Poe Book Nook… Laura bent 2 pieces of Raw Brass Long Filigree as curtain tiebacks. That was the first item I wanted to include in this set (note that she also bent the same filigree to hold postcards & letters on the desk in that project — shown in the top left of the grid at right).

This set includes 1 piece each of:
Raw Brass Long Filigree
Raw Brass Fancy Fleur de Lys (continuing clockwise around the photo grid… and more info about those shoes is on the fancy fleur page)
Wide Brass Filigree Header (on an Altoids Tin as the base of a fireplace!)
Raw Brass Flourish (on table and chair legs… also from the same Georgian Ladies Parlor project as the wide filigree I just mentioned… more info)
And all 4 filigrees have been added to the sale collection, too!

Gothic Windows SALE

There’s that missing photo of the window that the table/chair sat beneath. And the supplies for the window (3D with lights inside)! More pics of some are below.

I snuck in a couple back in stock items in this section, so they’re included in today’s sale, too!
Large Amber Whiskey Bottle (the size is about right if not the timeframe for the table at right… is that correct? maybe the timing would be fine for Poe)
Mini Box of Christmas Ornaments

Use coupon GOTHIC-WINDOWS when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! An even 30 items!

(What is at left? That tiny collage sheet includes the portrait of Annabelle Lee in the metal frame on the table.)

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, December 6th at midnight PST.

See the sale collection here!

Posted by Leslie, December 3rd, 2023

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