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Edgar Allan Poe Study Book Nook

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Wow! Laura Carson created Edgar Allan Poe’s Study in a Book Nook — and it is amazing!

To start off my mini tour of the beautiful project: Laura made TEN new collage sheets. Whew! Here’s a link to all of the new collage sheets. A couple are shown at right (the Window Cornices Collage Sheet was used over the window you can spy in the tall photo on the right side of the collage directly below — with a backlit full moon!); you can also see some of the new collage sheets in use in the highlight photos below (along with many more new items).

Plus I made a new collection from Laura’s large supply list and put them all on Sale! More info below!


Fireplace, Overmantel & Faux Bookcases

Starting on the left wall of the book nook: new chipboard kits to make shallow furniture AND new collage sheets with images to match!

Note in those 2 pics at left: the glowing embers and fireplace basket fit inside the shallow fireplace. Plus there’s a new overmantel that sits on top of the fireplace (with the Chopin bust sitting in it).

AND Laura used a pair of the new faux bookcases on either side of the fireplace/overmantel combo: “faux” bookcases as they have no shelves. They have a hidden pocket at the top, to hold a single LED light, which can shine down on all the images of book spines (or whatever images you put inside). There are 2 new related collage sheets: Antique Book Facades and Tall Faux Bookcase Facade Collage Sheets.

Note: Each of the highlighted pieces in this post has a separate supply list (here’s the link for the Fireplace and Overmantel, and for the Bookcases), though this overview list contains all the general papers & collage sheets used throughout. Laura links to each of the supply lists on her blog post.

Secretary & Decor

Laura stacked a 3 Panel Hutch on top of the new 4 Inch Wide Hutch Base — and made a cool new collage sheet with images to merge both into an antique wood-paneled secretary.

That hutch base is a solid box (all 6 sides are solid) and is meant to replace the Library Table (as a base for the 3 Panel Hutch or the Storage Hutch). AKA: the same height, depth and width as the Library Table but less expensive.

You can see in the small photo at near left that the hutch base is flush with the front of the hutch. Laura provides a Desktop Template on her post so you can make the right side deeper as she did (she needed extra space for all the writing pens & ink, etc. in the Desk Set).

See the wide close-up photo below for some of the new items Laura used as decor:
Small Metal Statue or Bust
Shakespeare Bookends
Metal Victorian
Cherub Mantel Clock

Tiny Antique Book Covers Collage Sheet

Here’s the supply list link for just the Secretary. And another supply link for all the bits and bobs shown inside or on top. Oh, and the desk set has its own supply list, too.

Read more (and see more photos and the video tutorial) in Laura’s blog post.

More New Supplies!

I haven’t given the beautiful window on the right wall of the book nook the highlight photo it is due… I think I’m running out of room so I’ll let you discover that beauty on Laura’s site. But… there’s a table and chair under the window shown at left. Laura cleverly made the chair with an Etched Gothic Window and a Campaign Stool (and the new Gothic Corners or Shelf Brackets used on the sides). Here’s link to the mini supply list for just the table & chair.

There are quite a few more new goodies today than show below (or in the features above), so here’s a link to see them all.

NEW: Poe Book Nook SALE

This is a coupon sale that includes ALL the supplies from Laura’s project! Over
80 items!

Don’t forget to visit Laura’s blog post, too (she has Free Downloadable files: the Full Moon (for making the backlit window), a Rug, Book Pages, the Desktop Template & an Envelopes Collage Sheet)!

Use coupon POE-BK-NOOK when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, September 13th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here!

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