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New House Shrines!

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What’s New Today? New House Shrines!

We have these very cute (and very flexible) House Shrines with Doors in THREE sizes! Each shrine has double doors, a deep drawer, and a facade with a faux peaked roof. Plus there is cute new art by TWO Design Team Members using the smallest and the largest shrines!

UPDATE: There is also artwork using the medium-sized shrine: Romantic Stationery Caddy and Alice Through the Looking Glass Shrine.



Wow! Rhonda Secrist Thomas made Scrooge’s bedroom from A Christmas Carol — and created the whole cast of characters that can be hidden away in the bottom drawer!

As the dimensions of this largest shrine are big enough to be used as a 1:12 scale room box, Rhonda was able to make used of dollhouse furniture to furnish the bedroom, including the Walnut Armoire (such a pretty piece)!

Speaking of furniture: THAT FIREPLACE! I went looking for a narrow fireplace… one sized for a Victorian bedroom (more specifically: one to fit on the side wall of this shrine). But I found nothing. So I designed one!

This fireplace can used alone, or with the Fireplace Basket and Glowing Embers Set shown at left. There is also a related collage sheet with images sized for the front facade (of this fireplace and the basket).

Read more (and see more photos) in Rhonda’s blog post. And here’s her Supply List.

Moving on to TINY things! I love this Little Christmas Shrine by Nichola Battilana!

Nichola used the smallest house shrine, with even tinier props inside (I love the little tree in a thimble)! You’ll want to pop over to her blog to read her delightful post, but here’s a snippet:

“If you know me at all, you know how I feel about doors (or rather how I struggle with hinges) so those suckers are glued wide open. Why would you want to close it up anyway? You want to be able to see all the cute inside!”

Read more (and see more photos) in Nichola’s blog post. And here’s her Supply List. But one aside before you go: This little shrine fits 1/4 scale dolhouse furniture!

Posted by Leslie, November 25th, 2016

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