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New Through the Looking Glass Papers, Artwork & SALE!

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Update! A newer post about Connie’s artwork is here.

What pretties today! FIVE new paper pads, some related new Alice in Wonderland trims, and artwork using pretty much everything I just mentioned by Guest Designer Connie Littell! Do you remember the other fab projects Connie made? There was a Miniature Halloween Market Stand (which is timely again) and an Alice Teapot Tea Party (certainly related to today’s theme).

Back to today’s artwork: I’ve put ALL the supplies for Connie’s project in a new collection (with a few extras) and created a discount code for 20% off all those suppiles! More info on the sale is below (and remember that all of the supplies mentioned ‘tween here and there are included in the sale)!

So these FIVE new paper pads: the Alice Through the Looking Glass Pads are a new group, related to the ever-popular Alice in Wonderland papers! There are 3 pads with the same designs in 3 sizes (from 6×6 to 12×12 with more characters from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, like Humpty Dumpty over on the right) plus 2 special pads: Backgrounds Pad and Collectables Pad (that last is extra special, as the characters in some of the pages are printed double-sided so you could cut them out and stand them up in a 3D scene and they can be viewed from either side — or could face either direction even if not standing up).

Alice Through the Looking Glass Shrine by Connie Littell

I so LOVE this project! Connie used the medium size of the House Shrine with Doors as a structure. Then went to town (!) papering it and filling it with furnishing and tiny sweets! There are tutorial photos on her blog post, too, so you can see how she made some of the tarts and custom items. Oh, and beside the big photo at right (and 2 wide photos under this intro text) there’s another wide photo showing the Alice Tarot Cards inside the drawer at the bottom of this post.

By the way, that arched door on the front of the shrine that says “QUEEN ALICE” is from the Alice Through the Looking Glass 12×12 Paper Pad (though Connie used papers from FOUR of the new pads). That arched door is in all 3 of the “regular” Looking Glass Pads, but the size that fits the front of the shrine is from the 12×12 pad. (“Regular” in this instance means not the Backgrounds Pad and not the Collectables Pad.)

Here’s some text from Connie’s blog post:

I have a pretty little project for Alpha Stamps to share with you today that features Stamperia’s new Alice Through the Looking Glass papers. There are so many gorgeous papers in this collection I had a hard time choosing which ones to use. The base for this project is a House Shrine with Doors – Medium, the perfect vessel to set a Queen Alice scene inside.

Open the doors and you’ll see I used a Victorian Table Kit I set all kinds of goodies on and filled the walls and floor with as many tiny treasures as possible.

I fussy cut a few of the winged creatures from the Alice paper to display in a Mini Metal Shadowbox. It came with a bright red removable velveteen lining that I replaced with a gray suede paper. Super simple to use the original red as a template.

I placed a Plant with Pink and Fuchsia Flowers inside an Antique Garden Urn as decoration. Before I set it in place, I snipped a few of the flowers and dropped them inside a 1cm Clear Glass Globe that got mounted on a spiked cone brad. When finished, it looks like a little floral snow globe.

Great job, Connie! What a beautiful project! More info is in Connie’s blog post and/or see her supply list (and remember all those items are on sale — see the bottom of this post for more info).



More New Items!

Even more than the new things above and below so check here to see everything new today (9 items including TWO pieces of miniature furniture that are back in stock — and are shallow enough that they could fit in the same house shrine Connie used)! And check out the sale below as the second row in this “new” section are perfect for Alice…

NEW Through the Looking Glass SALE

This is a coupon sale that includes all the supplies from Connie’s project above!

Plus I added the 3 items directly above (in the 2nd row in the “new” section) to the sale! Those are the Alice-related items that Connie didn’t happen to use (in her vast group of supplies).

Use coupon MIRROR when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices!

The sale ends SATURDAY NIGHT, August 21st at midnight PST. (Where is this month going?!)

See the entire sale collection here! And remember to use the coupon MIRROR when checking out!

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