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New Mini LED Lights! Plus Oracle Artwork & Sale!

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I picked out a couple projects both related to the Brothers’ Grimm theme of the current Woodland Window Box Kit (a clever Grimm’s Fairy Tarot by Laura Carson, which uses lots of the Grimm collage sheets for the cards, and a beautiful The Alchemist’s Oracle by Lora Mahaffey that isn’t necessarily “Brothers’ Grimm” but definitely coordinates with the tarot deck/fortunes/oracle theme of Laura’s artwork).

But first! 5 cool and very useful new LED lights (or battery holders) and the White Plastic Mini Serving Dish Set is back in stock (a perennial best seller)!

New Today: Miniature Lights!

Grimm’s Fairy Tarot?!

This is such a great idea! Laura made fairy tale tarot cards and a pretty tin to house them (made from an Altoids Tin and the Fairy Tale Frames Altoid Inserts Set).

As Laura says in her blog post:

I was racking my brain trying to think of some kind of interesting twist on the Grimm theme and the idea of fate popped into my mind. I decided to expand the theme beyond Snow White by including other Grimm fairy tales which in turn led to the idea of making Tarot cards.

For me the best part of the project was choosing the images for each card (there were so many to choose from). My favorites are Red Riding Hood as The Fool, Puss in Boots as the Knight of Swords and Sleeping Beauty pricking her finger as the Wheel of Fortune.

Hm… I think Rapunzel as The Hermit is a witty choice, too.

And don’t you fret about making your own set, Laura is giving away the collage sheet with the labels for the entire deck (although she only made 15 cards, as that number would fit in an Altoids Tin). AND she has a good suggestion/link to a past tutorial on hinging 2 tins together to make room for more cards.

So… ready to start thinking up your own Grimm’s Fairy Tarot? Before you begin, head over to Laura’s blog to read more tips. As we moved sites since the original post, remember to use this link for all the supplies Laura used and be sure to come back for info on the sale on all her supplies.

The Alchemist’s Oracle

Wow! This is so beautiful! And so much thought and time went into all the little details. I’ll let Lora start off this intro (and scroll down a bit to see the wide photo showing more angles):

Oooh, this piece is kind of mysterious. In my mind the alchemist is using the oracle for calculating his transformational formulas. The planetary dials moving in sync with each other creating whispering harmonies, stopping at certain curvatures and creating patterns for the alchemist to study.

Or maybe… The mouse is the oracle. Sitting on his stool, interpreting the rotations like a fortune teller or a Tarot reader.

I drilled a hole in the back of the shadowbox (after gluing my chosen papers on the sides and back) to allow for the tea light flame to stick through.

Right after I did that I realized that the doors would not fit properly, so I decided not to use them. Too bad, because I had a fun thing I was going to do. Ah, well. Save it for next time!

After the final fussing was done in the interior and on the outside, the facade was glued on.

The runes are just completely made up. If they say anything it was an accident! (Or maybe I was channeling the mouse!)

Good work, Lora!! I particularly like the clever idea of drilling a hole and inserting the tea light so the sun lights up. Oh, one more thing: happy accident that those half scale bookcases fit on the sides to hold all of the bottles and whatnot!

Go visit Lora’s blog post for more photos and tips! Plus here’s Lora’s full supply list. And don’t forget to come back for the sale!

NEW: The Oracle SALE!

The supply lists for both projects above have been added to this collection! Tons of items from collage sheets to chipboard shrines or frames, plus it even includes items on clearance!

Use coupon ORACLE when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, April 5th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here!

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