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A Pretty Lady’s Dressing Room in the 4-Scene Room Box

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A lovely project for Mother’s Day!

Remember the Four Seasons Spinner by Teri Calia?

I’ve brought back the 4-Scene Room Box (now available with or without the Lazy Susan Turntable) and many pretties from Teri’s project (psst: that’s a link to all of Teri’s supplies from her “Summer” room below… just a portion of the items in today’s sale collection)!

Read on for lots of new supplies and don’t forget the sale COUPON below for an extra 20% off.

However, that pesky unfinished dresser Teri painted blue/grey is out of stock from the manufacturer. So i found/made TWO alternatives:

– A new Unfinished Wooden Dresser with Mirror (that just fits!) See the photo at left for how it looks in one of the “rooms” (the widest point (table top) is 4-3/4″ wide.

A dresser with lots of options for decorating (with 2 drawers and 2 cabinet doors that open).

– A new chipboard 3-1/2 Inch Dresser with optional drawers (and feet) — and an overlay so it can double as a store counter. See the far right of the photo group below for an idea of such a counter (that’s from Laura Carson’s Boutique Exquisite).

New or Back-in-Stock Preview

That top row are all items that Teri used in her Summer scene; the second row are all new items (just a few from the 18 new today).

A Spring Scene, too

Since Teri also made a Spring scene in the spinner, I’ve also added her Spring Supplies to today’s sale (with some substitutes I picked out). Here’s a preview of a few:
1:12 Corner Cabinet (7″ tall (including facade) so will fit perfectly in the space)
Miniature Square Stand (similar to the table to the left of the cabinet)
Mini Carrots – Set of 5
White Ceramic Mini Egg Cups
Razor Grass Plant
Mini Chocolate Bunny Shapes
New Baroque Rectangular Gold Frame (not exactly like the 2 white frames shown at right, but super fancy!)

Oh, see the white cat curled up sleeping (on the bottom left of the photo)? First, check below as that cat is FREE with all orders! Second, if you’d like a puppy or a different cat, these 2 are also new today:
German Shepard Laying Down
Black & White Sleeping Cat

FREE Gift with All Orders

A White Sleeping Cat is FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight May 15, 2024)!

As mentioned above, this kitty is asleep on the floor of the Spring scene in Teri’s spinner art.

And since the cat is included in the supply list, it’s also included in the sale (in case you’d like to order more)!

Four Seasons Spinner SALE

More substitutes to mention (mainly focusing on the Summer scene):
Leafy Swirl Desk (another option for the original dresser)
Victorian Chair Kit
Tiny Round Basket (for under chair)
Tiny Doilies – White – Set of 4

Use coupon SPINNER when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices, including some new markdowns to the clearance items in this group! (HINT: lots of resin perfume bottles!)

Over 60 items, including all the new items AND all of the supplies from both the Summer and Spring scenes.

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, May 15th at midnight PST.

See the sale collection here!

Posted by Leslie, May 11th, 2024

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