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Coffee, Desserts & Cocktails + FREE Cake

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Wow! Tons of cute new miniature kitchen & baking items today. I’ve broken the new/back-in-stock goodies up into groups below, but you can jump ahead and see them all here.

There’s a trio of related art projects way below in the sale section (the supply lists for each are included in today’s sale collection, too) — in case you’d like some inspiration how to display all these new cakes & such. Remember to get the DISCOUNT code below for an extra 20% off!

Retro Group

I wasn’t sure what to name this first group but those little popcorn tubs shown at right (plus the bottles of Coke below) kinda scream to be used in a ’50s project! These new popcorn tubs are even smaller than the ones Kristin Batsel used in A Tiny TV!

Mainly beverages here… just don’t drink the catsup!


An odd little trio but each is so pretty! Check out the page for the White Ceramic Pitcher as it’s shown in another project with lots of mini sweets!

Cakes (well, mainly cakes)

Cute stuff! See that trio of cakes at right? They are each on one of the new Pink & White Dessert Plates! One cake (bottom left corner in the pic) is from the new Chocolate Cake Mix (shown farther below as it’s also part of today’s gift kit), one is already in the sale collection (as the chocolate cake was used in the Christmas Treats Cart project shown below) and the last (Crepe Cake with Strawberries) has been added to the sale for good measure!

FREE Gift with Orders — all NEW items

Oh, a treat today! Not only is a Cake & Coffee Gift Kit FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight May 8, 2024) but all 3 items are NEW TODAY!

I’ve included one each of these items:
Slice of Chocolate Cake with White Frosting
Mug of Coffee
Chocolate Cake Mix (1 piece chosen at random: the 2 photos at right are showing 2 possible options)

ALL 3 have been added to today’s sale collection, in case you’d like to order more!

New Food & Drink + Display Cart SALE

I looked through many projects with cakes (or sweets on offer at a street fair)… and landed on THREE that all use the Small Peddler’s Cart as the base (a mix of displays for a Christmas Fair, a Paris Street Painter or a Magical Fruit Stand)!

Just a brief preview of the 3 projects here… If you’d like to read more about each project, here are their posts (and see the next paragraph for links to all 3 supply lists):
A Christmas Treats Cart
A Paris Street Painter
Potterific Magical Fruit Stand

Use coupon PEDDLER when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Over 70 items, including all the new items AND all of the supplies from these 3 projects using the Small Peddler’s Cart:
A Christmas Treats Cart supplies
A Paris Street Painter supplies
Potterific Magical Fruit Stand supplies

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, May 8th at midnight PST.

See the sale collection here!

Posted by Leslie, May 4th, 2024

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