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A Magic Little Fruit Stand plus the END OF JULY SALE!

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Hooray! ALL CLEARANCE items (over 500!) are on sale at 50% off! And lots were marked down today! (Like those little owls and coal scuttles at right!) Luckily there are tags to help sort them, see ALL the clearance items here.

We’re continuing the END of JULY announced in Thursday’s newsletter! Help me I’m melting…. Over 100 again yesterday and this pale human was not made for heat! (Hm… that was also true when I said it on Thursday.) So I’ve added an EXTRA 15% off the entire site! Plus that coupon also works on items in the Clearance Sale, so move ’em out! Gotta make room for new Halloween & Christmas!

Just enter code HEATWAVE when checking out (valid through WEDNESDAY night, July 31st). But don’t dawdle as only valid on in-stock items (plus clearance items won’t be reordered)!

Potterific Magical Fruit Stand by Design Team Member Nichola Battilana!

Be still my heart! Nichola has made a wonderful little project for today (starting with the summer fruit theme from the July Kit and mixing in Harry Potter and all of Nichola’s favorite fairy/toadstool elements)!

Here’s a bit of the intro from Nichola’s blog post:

Any time I’m asked to do a project, my mind immediately wonders if I can turn it into something Potter themed. It’s an illness. A compulsion. An obsession! I might need help.

AlphaStamps: Nichola, do you want to make a miniature fruit stand?

Me internally: Was there fruit in Harry Potter?

Yes… yes there was.

But first, the stand. I’ve taken the Small Peddlers Cart and added a roof to it. Nothing fancy, just some card-stock and then more card as shingles. I’ve also added a shelf (again, simple card-stock) so that I could achieve height with the products I placed inside. I really wanted to chock this little cart with loads of goodies!

There’s a patch of moss on the roof (because it’s damp up there) and a few toadstools have sprouted. The toadstools were handmade with Creative Paperclay and the ‘moss’ is Green Turf Grass and didn’t go nuts with it, a little sprinkling in the corner was plenty.

Check out the “Snow Owl Apples” sign on the front (of the cart) from the Tiny Labels for Crates, Jars, & Cans Collage Sheet. Totally looks like Hedwig!

But now for the goods…

GASP! We haven’t even reached the tsunami of little fruity treats in the cart! (see the 2 wide pics below)!

There are lots more photos and tips over on Nichola’s blog post! Here’s a link to her supply list, too. (Psst… those green apples shown at left, plus the first row of 3 goodies below (starting with the pears) are all NEW today!)

See below for some highlights from Nichola’s supplies (below the photos of the wonderful artwork)! And remember, that discount code works on ALL of these items!

Highlights from Today’s New & Back in Stock Goodies! (see more on the site!)

BONUS ART: The Collector’s Room Box also by Nichola!

I’m revisiting an older project, mainly ’cause the Small Frame Shadowbox that Nichola used in it (around it?) is back in stock and on clearance! From Nichola’s original post:

I wanted to create a space filled with bits that might have been collected on adventures, an assortment of oddities. A sort of kooky gentleman’s library, or study.

Every gentleman’s library needs books. These shelves are filled with them! Well… not really… they’re simply facades cut from the Window Card Cabinets Collage Sheet.

There are A LOT of amazing little oddities in my collectors room. All of the products used are listed below but some of my very favourites that deserve and extra shout out: Miniature Flying Bats, Pewter Candlesticks, Ceramic Gargoyle Bead and perhaps my favourite little bauble of all: the wee Ceramic Red Devil Bead.

That wee American Crow ain’t so bad either!

[Aside: I love that this gentleman’s study includes Tiddledy Winks!]

Here’s the full list of supplies if you want to create your own collectors room, or if you just see something you might fancy.

Reminder: everything shown above is on sale using the coupon! Plus grab some of the clearance items (with an additional 15% off from the coupon) ASAP as they will not be around for long!

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