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Through the Looking Glass One-Day Sale! New Mark-Downs 50% off!

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Holiday Closure & After-Christmas Sale

It’s Day FOUR of this week of While the Cat’s Away Sales & Giveaways! (Can you believe it? This is the 16th Annual Cat’s Away Sale!)

Remember, the shipping staff are on vacation till January 3rd, but for sale prices and/or freebies, I think you’ll be able to wait. Shipping will BEGIN on January 3rd, so you’ll need to be patient if you’re ordering during this sale. More info on the sale and holiday schedule.

Before we get to today’s featured Alice in Wonderland Theme (!): these very cute (and very flexible) House Shrines with Doors in THREE sizes are back in stock! Each shrine has double doors, a deep drawer, and a facade with a faux peaked roof.

All 3 sizes are included in today’s sale! The artwork below uses the medium-sized shrine; there is also art by TWO Design Team Members using the smallest and the largest shrines if you’d like more inspiration.


Sale #1: EVERYTHING on Clearance is now on Sale at 50% off!

This is HUGE (over 300 items from all themes) plus new items added daily during the sale!

The extra mark-downs end MONDAY night, January 1st, 2024 or until sold out! I will merge orders (to save shipping) if you order multiple times during the sale.

Highlights from NEW Clearance Items with an Alice in Wonderland Theme!

20 items just added, so just a few highlights shown below (and some of these will make more sense when you see the featured artwork below). See all the new Alice-themed mark-downs on Sale at 50% off.

Sale #2: ONE-DAY COUPON SALE on ALL Supplies from the
Alice Through the Looking Glass Shrine by Connie Littell

I so LOVE this project! Connie used the medium size of the House Shrine with Doors as a structure. Then went to town (!) papering it and filling it with furnishing and tiny sweets! There are tutorial photos on her blog post, too, so you can see how she made some of the tarts and custom items. Oh, and beside the big photo at right (and a wide photo under this intro text) there’s another wide photo showing the a close-up of the table of treats at the bottom of this post.

Here’s some text from Connie’s blog post:

The base for this project is a House Shrine with Doors – Medium, the perfect vessel to set a Queen Alice scene inside.

Open the doors and you’ll see I used a Victorian Table Kit I set all kinds of goodies on and filled the walls and floor with as many tiny treasures as possible.

I fussy cut a few of the winged creatures from the Alice paper to display in a Mini Metal Shadowbox.

I placed a Plant with Pink and Fuchsia Flowers inside an Antique Garden Urn as decoration. Before I set it in place, I snipped a few of the flowers and dropped them inside a 1cm Clear Glass Globe that got mounted on a spiked cone brad. When finished, it looks like a little floral snow globe.

[Aside: I added the Mini Blossoms Mix – Fuchsia Pink to the sale, to make your own “puff ball” pink plant.]

Great job, Connie! What a beautiful project! More info is in Connie’s blog post.

Use coupon ALICE-2023 when checking out to get an additional 20% off beyond current sale prices on everything in Connie’s Supply List! That includes a double discount on anything on clearance, too!

BONUS: I added the NEW Croquet Set (and the Tiny 3D Hedgehogs shown with the set in the photo at right) to this sale collection!

I also added the other 2 sizes of house shrines to the sale:
House Shrine with Doors – Large
House Shrine with Doors – Tiny

And a couple more substitutes for sold out items:
Silver 3D Knight Chess Piece Charm (Connie used a set with a bronze version of this same chess piece)
Time for Tea Silver Charms Set (the set includes the same knight AND the tea cup Connie stacked on the table).

The sale ends TONIGHT, December 29th at midnight PST.


Highlights from the Through the Looking Glass Sale!

Sale #3: ONE-DAY COUPON SALE on ALL Alice in Wonderland Collage Sheets

Use the same ALICE-2023 coupon to get an additional 20% off anything from BOTH one-day sales. Over 60 collage sheets are in this second collection (with tons of options from tiny dollhouse miniatures to larger book covers)! See all the Alice in Wonderland Collage Sheets!

Hooray for the Through the Looking Glass Giveaway!

I picked out TEN items from Connie’s supplies for today’s Giveaway (mostly things on table):
House Shrine with Doors – Medium (ok… not on the table!)
Victorian Table Kit – Black
Transparent Teapot Charm
Pink Heart Cake with Roses
Tiny Brass Card Suits – Set of 4
AND five more items listed below that close-up showing all those cute things on the table!

Polymer Clay Playing Card Slices
Eat Me Cookies Polymer Clay Slices
Tiny Doilies – White – Set of 4
Tiny Antique Silver Keysnew on clearance
Ceramic Tea Set with Blue Patternnew on clearance, not in Connie’s art but perfect for a tea table

Don’t forget to use coupon ALICE-2023 when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in both collections: Through the Looking Glass and Alice Collage Sheets!

To enter the Through the Looking Glass Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post TODAY ONLY (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, Friday Night, December 29, 2023).

Don’t forget to leave your (hello!) correct email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

The winner will be announced TOMORROW in the DAY FIVE Cat’s Away Newsletter (with a New Sale)!

Who won yesterday’s Alchemy Shrine Giveaway? That would be Beka! Check your email (early next week) for more info.

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