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Arches, Frames & Windows; Digitals Sale Ends Soon!

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Wow! Isn’t that little shrine beautiful! Design Team Member Kristin Batsel made this wee shrine (really: it is only 3″ tall) from the new Arched Triptych with Overlay (scroll down just a bit to see me holding one to show how tiny). There are 3 sizes of that shrine, and all are adorably small (the tallest is just 4″).

All 3 are versatile little sets: the back and doors can be used alone (as Kristin did) or add the center overlay to create a bit of depth for shelves (like Bella did in a second project below). They could also be a window with the doors as shutters…

So back to Kristin’s Let Us Crown Him Triptych:

Here’s a quick little 3″ tall triptych I put together recently. The image is from one of my favorite collage sheets: Saints and Sinners. So many great images to play with! The triptych is covered with “heavenly” paper, and the edges are painted with a gold metallic paint. The “Let Us Crown Him” caption was cut from an old hymnal. I painted over it a bit to make it blend into the background, and then went over the letters with a fine black pen. Gold sequin stars and a golden halo complete the heavenly look.

Nice work, Kristin! You can see more pics and read more on Kristin’s blog post.

The 3 new triptychs inspired the new Arches, Frames & Windows SALE! More info and some examples are below (and quite a few things are in this category, as “frames and windows” includes lots of items).

I should say added to the sales, as ALL the digitals are still on sale: collage sheets (digital downloads only but wow! there are over 1300 options!) and digital images (singles or sets in PNG format) on sale at 50% off. If you’re locked away (as we all should be) you can grab a quick digital image to work on an art project and forget for a bit.

BOTH sales end at midnight PST, Saturday night, April 11th.

What else is new today?

Beside the other 2 shapes of the new triptychs, there’s the somewhat related Niche Bookshelf Inserts: thick chipboard inserts to create a bit of depth for shelves in any of the niche shrines. And you can stack them up for deeper faux shelves.

FLASH SALE on Arches, Frames & Windows!

25% off on EVERYTHING in the Die-Cut Frames & Windows section! There are lot of choices in this group… from accordion books with windows to tunnel books.

Psst: Anything on clearance in this big group is marked down to 50% off!

The sale ends at midnight PST, Saturday night, April 11th. See them all here.

Here’s examples of clearance items in the sale (see what i mean about this theme capturing a lot of different items).

The Cracked Mirror Giveaway!

Oooh! As promised: a second art project using the same little triptych! Bella’s The Mirror Cracked is just the start of a project I (for one) hope to see more of in coming months. (Completely different use of that triptych!)

This dollhouse sat on my work table for a couple of months, until I finally figured out I wanted a dilapidated house. The type that makes one wonder if anyone lives in it or not? Perhaps there were things in it that at one time, quite grand, but now only a shadow of its former beauty. One might even think Miss Havisham would be seen walking by a window in her faded, worn wedding dress.

You can read more about the project in her blog post. (And pine over that adorable half scale dollhouse she got for $1.99 at the thrift store… note that the Half Scale 2-Story Room Box is about the same size, if you want to make a little scene inside a similar sized dollhouse.)

I’m including only these 4 items from Bella’s supply list (but what a perfect 4 they are!)
Arched Triptych with Overlay – 2×3 (the same size as used in Kristin’s little shrine above!)
Folding Screen Fretwork Insert (see a snippet from one in Bella’s hand in the photo at left — yes, it’s all grunged up in that center panel)
Half Scale Gothic Trestle Table
Time Is An Illusion Floral Texture Scrapbook Paper

To enter The Cracked Mirror Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY or TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, FRIDAY Night, April 10, 2020).

Don’t forget to leave your (hello!) correct email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via

Oh! The Night Witch Altered Tin Giveaway winner from the last newsletter! Drum roll, please: The winner is Helen! Please check your email for more information.

If you’re sad that you didn’t get picked as the winner, lucky you! As the Frames & Windows theme to the new sale also includes some Altoids Inserts, you can buy some of the parts from that Giveaway on sale through Saturday!

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  1. Donna Kottcamp says:

    So cool. The project brings back Saturday afternoons watching horror movies. Such fun.

  2. Kathy Toews says:

    Ooooh! LOVE the grunge!

  3. Rhonda says:

    this is really pretty. It would be nice to have a small shrine if you are limited on space and want one

  4. Ann F. says:

    I love “The Mirror Cracked.” It’s awesome! So realistic.

  5. Kim R says:

    Wicked! Love the way Bella has done the cracked mirror.

  6. Jen R says:

    So cool. Love the little house it belongs in, too.

  7. Gabrielle Schmidt says:

    What cool ideas! Love both, the grunge and the great shiny triptych.

  8. Kim Lucak says:

    I love the cracked mirror!

  9. Christina Hilton says:

    Beautiful! I love the mirror.

  10. Judy Adamcyk says:

    Cracked mirror really is great!

  11. Carol Slowik says:

    This giveaway would be perfect to use my mother”s vintage sequins! Yes! “let us crown him”!

  12. Janet S. says:

    Great giveaway. Love it!

  13. Monica Gabehart says:

    Love the triptych with the niche shelves!

  14. jackie says:

    I am loving these recent projects. They are so beautiful.

  15. Barbara Griggs says:

    This tryptich and the various accessories are phenomenal! So many possibilities. Can’t wait to see the rest of that “Mirror Cracked” project.

  16. Deanne D'Aloia says:

    Love arches and shrines.

  17. Nancy S says:

    Absolutely love these triptychs!

  18. Lovely piece! I’d love to get it!!

  19. Laural says:

    Loving that gothic table!!

  20. I love grunge and the triptychs are gorgeous!

  21. Dianna says:

    I loved Bella techniques on her cracked mirror. I will definitely use her style to create a cracked mirror. It would be an incredible technique for an abandoned house and for Halloween!

  22. KathyS says:

    The Half Scale Gothic Trestle Table is the best base.

  23. Babette Metheny says:

    Love all things gothic! Would be so fun to create with these!

  24. Kat Cashwell says:

    Love the table and the gothic look!!!

  25. Karen Mallory says:

    Love this project! I could use it for Halloween!!

  26. Jean Marmo says:

    So creative and inspirational.

  27. Roe says:

    I’m lining up my projects for my sheltering in place time. This would be a great weekend one.

  28. Daylan says:

    This is beautiful! I might do Gothic, and I might do fairy tale — or a combo.

  29. Denise Bryant says:

    Very cool project! I’d love to make a black cat/Halloween scene!

  30. Jennifer says:

    Oh wow, I’ve never been to this site. Squeal! It’s wonderful!

  31. Nadine says:

    I’ve got so many new ideas!