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French Bakery One-Day Sale! Clearance Sale Extended!

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Holiday Closure & After-Christmas Sale

It’s Day FIVE (the final day) of this week of While the Cat’s Away Sales & Giveaways! (Can you believe it? This is the 16th Annual Cat’s Away Sale!)

Remember, the shipping staff are on vacation till January 3rd, but for sale prices and/or freebies, I think you’ll be able to wait. Shipping will BEGIN on January 3rd, so you’ll need to be patient if you’re ordering during this sale. More info on the sale and holiday schedule.

On to today’s goodies: TWO Sales and a Giveaway!

Sale #1: EVERYTHING on Clearance is now on Sale at 50% off!

This is HUGE (over 300 items from all themes) plus over 20 new items added today!

Extended! The extra mark-downs end WEDNESDAY night, January 3rd, 2024 or until sold out! I will merge orders (to save shipping) if you order multiple times during the sale.

Note: there will not be a newsletter tomorrow. The next regular newsletter will be on Sunday, January 7th, 2024!

Highlights from NEW Clearance Items with an French Bakery Theme!

Over 20 items just added, so just a few highlights shown below (and some of these will make more sense when you see the featured artwork below). See all the new French Bakery-themed mark-downs on Sale at 50% off.

Sale #2: ONE-DAY COUPON SALE on ALL Supplies from
La Petite Patisserie by Shannon Cooper

La Petite Patisserie is made out of a Storefront Room Box that is an ample 10″ tall x 10″ wide (and with the extra 2″ above the “room”, that facade will give you space to add signage or (like in Shannon’s cute artwork) an awning. This design includes a nice, big window, and a door with a window and a transom above it.

“Step into La Petite Patisserie for a croissant and un cafe, then enjoy them at the outdoor table with a little friend.

Looking through the window we see delicious breads, creme filled cookies, macaroons, and cake, and on the pretty scrolled table (that is actually a tiny plant stand), against the wall there are more cakes, creme puffs, and cookies. The white shelf got a trimming of Dresden (that came in handy for the cake stand edges and “baseboards”) before being topped with a plant, wee clock, and a metal teapot.

My favorite part of this project was the cake stands and cake sitting on the ornate cake table. (Well, that’s a toss-up as the silicone molds made making the bread quick and easy: Smash polymer clay into mold. Bake. Add coloring with soft pastel. Bam! Done.) But back to cake: Alpha Stamps has a Cake Stand Kit, and the cakes are miniature wooden cakes that have a bit of trim glued around the middle! How many times can one use cake in a paragraph? I need cake.”

Head on over to Shannon’s blog and see the cake decorating tutorial she’s put together, and more pictures!

Use coupon PETITE when checking out to get an additional 20% off beyond current sale prices on everything in Shannon’s Supply List! That includes a double discount on anything on clearance, too!

Note: I substituted quite a few things in the supply list (as exact sets of plates, for example, come and go — and this fab project by Shannon is almost 9 years old)! Here are a few of my additions (so on sale, too!):
Wrought Iron Patio Table (for the table outside under the tablecloth)
Plant Stand with Drawer (for the cart with cakes inside the bakery… near the open door)
1:12 Shelves – Set of 2 (for the shelf above the Welcome sign… just visible on the right of the photo, through the big window)
a few more smaller sub products are noted down in the Giveaway section.

BONUS: I added the TWO NEW 3mm Nonpareils Faux Candy Sets (and all the sweet treats shown in the photo at right) to this sale collection!

Those 3mm candies are shown in 2cm and 3cm Tall Glass Candy Jars. Plus there are a bunch of things I picked out for color (kind of a Valentine/Christmas mash-up). See all ELEVEN of them at this link (including the glass candy jars — all in the COUPON sale collection).

The sale ends TONIGHT, December 30th at midnight PST.

Highlights from the French Bakery Sale!

Hooray for the French Bakery Sweets Giveaway!

I picked out SEVEN items from Shannon’s supplies for today’s Giveaway (plus a bonus 8th item from the new clearance things):
Tiny Plant Table (the fancy table, photo above)
Mini Cake Stand Kit (used to make stands sitting on that plant table)
Mini Silicone Mold – Many Sizes Bundt Cakes

Four substitute items (now in the supply list so on sale):
Mini Oval Resin Basket w 1 Handle (like the little basket on the chair outside)
Tiny Tray with Handles
Blue Delft Plate Set (there’s a fancy plate on display next to the clock… on the shelf)
Cup of Tea (on the round table)

And from new clearance items: Set of Fancy Silverware

Don’t forget to use coupon PETITE when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in the French Bakery Collection!

To enter the French Bakery Sweets Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post TODAY ONLY (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, Saturday Night, December 30, 2023).

Don’t forget to leave your (hello!) correct email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

The winner will be announced on Sunday, January 7th (in the next newsletter); but they will be notified via email sooner than the newsletter. Happy New Year!

Who won yesterday’s Through the Looking Glass Giveaway? That would be Madelyn! Check your email (early next week) for more info.

Mini Cake Stand Kit

Tiny Tray with Handles
(a couple trays are inside, against the window)

Blue Delft Plate Set
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