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Revisiting an Antiques Shop, with some new wares

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The stars have aligned for revisiting Laura Carson’s Antique Shop! Some items long out-of-stock have returned — plus many new things that fit in with the theme.

I’ve picked out 3 areas from Laura’s project to help me focus (there were THREE posts when Laura announced the Antique Shop — view them all here).

A Clever Desk!

Laura used the back-in-stock Unfinished 3-Drawer Table as the starting point for her desk (and as you can see, added height to it with fancy 3D embellishments by using the Architectural Flourishes Silicone Mold.

The table itself comes with round knobs for the 3 working drawers but Laura replaced them with a couple Mini Brass Cabinet Pulls and an Antique Brass Mini Oval Drop Handle.

Here’s the supply list link for this Desk plus most of the items on top, like:
– a pair of bronze candlesticks
– a metal urn (painted coppery)
back-in-stock 15mm Filigree Connector – Antique Bronze (a close substitute for the filigree added to the center of the back — between the silver lamp and the candlesticks in the photo)

I’ve also included the 2 lamps in today’s sale collection, too; here are the supply lists for the gold and silver lamps. (Read on for more info about the COUPON SALE on everything in this newsletter!)

See more photos and a video tutorial in Laura’s blog post. This is Laura’s post about furniture, so the next highlight below is also covered in this post.

An Amazing Sideboard!

That photo at left has a very varied group of items for sale at this dreamy shop. Starting with the Shop Counter that the suitcases (and many other items) are sitting on. AND the Vintage Decorative Panels Collage Sheet that Laura used to cover the Counter.

Here’s the link for the Sideboard with extra items on top and on the floor in front, like:
– a clever blue bowl, sitting on an upside-down crown and wrapped with filigree
maps rolled in a basket (note: I’ve added the back-in-stock Mini Faux Rattan Basket as a substitute)
– a Mini Venus Statue sitting on a Floor Pedestal

And the link for the Suitcases stacked on the left side, including little hardware (and the binoculars & telescopes, hurricane lamp and camera on top).

One more supply link! That hanging lantern above the suitcases (made with a glass dome and the back-in-stock Fancy Swirl Bead Caps).

A bit of the Wall Behind the Desk

That photo at left shows a couple examples from the Miniature Antique Paintings Collage Sheet.

The shelf above the paintings is actually a wooden Window Pediment, with plates (from the back-in-stock White Dishes & Silverware Place Setting and Set of Plain White Plates) and a tea set (decorated with plate patterns — hard to believe it’s the same tea set shown below in its raw, cast-metal color).

There’s no special supply list link for this mini-group, I think I’ve named each item and they are also included in the sale collection.

Read more (and see more photos and the video) in Laura’s blog post about the overall structure of the Shop.

New Tiny Hardware

I’m always on the look-out for new miniature hardware… so useful and sometimes hard to find.

That Mini Library Drawer Label Holder at left is shown on a Desktop Book Stand 1:12 for size (there are photos of all 3 of the new hardware items on the same book stand on each of their pages).

More New Wares for an Antique Shop

FREE Gift with Orders

An Antique Shop Filigree Gift Kit is FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight December 13, 2023)!

This set includes 1 each of 5 items:
Tiny Cake Plate Filigree (I made an odd little display stand out of one of these plus a new Tiny Round Serving Plate and a 10mm Wide Antique Silver Crown or Stand)
3/4 Inch Gold Star Filigree Base (it was used at the bottom of the gold lamp, on the left side of the desk)
Bronze Hand Mirror Charm (just seemed to fit into an antique shop!)
And the 2 items not already in the supply lists have been added to the sale collection!

Antiques Shop SALE

Whew! Beside all the beautiful antiques and components above, I snuck in a couple more back in stock items in this section, so they’re included in today’s sale, too!
Mini Umbrellas, Walking Stick & Bowler Hat Set
Set of 3 Frosted Christmas Cupcakes

AND a couple more substitutes:
Tan Faux Leather Paper (good for straps on tiny suitcases)
Mixed Mini Glassware Set (2 clear bowls are upside down on the top of the silver lamp)
White Plastic Mini Serving Dish Set

Use coupon ANTIQUES when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Over 60 items!

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, December 13th at midnight PST.

See the sale collection here!

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