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Lady Divina’s Cupboard, New Glassware (& Office Minis Sale)

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Lots of news today, so here’s a quick preview of what’s below (and everything in this list is on sale!):
Today’s new items
Supply list for the featured artwork (including a few substitutes I added)
– ALL miniatures (and collage sheets) in the Office Miniatures section!
– Back-in-stock items (a mix of retro office and mini glassware themes)
– Recap of the entire Fortune Teller Cupboard SALE (see below for the COUPON for an extra 20% off)!

NEW Goodies and in today’s sale, too!

Oh my! There are some beautiful glass candy jars that just arrived! Plus more retro office items (more on that new theme farther below).

And that teeny tiny teacup set at right! Swoon!

Some of these new items would fit nicely into Lady Divina’s Cupboard

I’ve added ALL of these new items to the sale collection! See below for more info on the COUPON sale!

Lady Divina’s Cupboard by Lora Mahaffey

I love all the color and gold doodling Lora added to this mini cabinet! From Lora’s original post:

Lady Divina, (also known as Jane Chester) after years of palm reading and crystal ball gazing, has packed up her side show tent and retired to the countryside. She found a lovely cottage with a view and spends lots of happy hours puttering away in the pretty little garden she’s planted there. If you are lucky enough to be asked to tea, Jane may take you on a little tour of her past.

Against a long wall in her parlor is a large old cupboard where Jane keeps the memorabilia of her past life, including her crystal ball collection and the many bits and pieces that tell the story of a rich, full life.

Inside the cupboard are all manner of tools for divining the future and reading the past, including a skull for Phrenology reference, palm reading guides, astrology charts and Tarot cards, a “third eye” energy booster, and a Ouija board. Plus a few little knick-knacks and interesting bits that Jane picked up in her travels.

Check out Lora’s blog post for more info and photos. Note: use my links here for the supply list as the site moved since Lora posted that artwork.

Here are a few things I added to the supplies: Mini Cake Stand Kit (for the bead cap under the “small marble as a crystal ball”), 20mm Round Bronze Moorish Filigree (under the eyeball + fancy metal drawer pull combo on the right side of the first shelf), 9mm Bronze Scalloped Bead Caps (for the cap on the wooden finial on the top shelf).

NEW Office Miniatures Theme

45 items (a mix of collage sheets, chipboard furniture, and tons of 1:12 scale miniature props). Just a few are highlighted below, trying not to repeat office goodies listed in the “new” or “back in stock” sections already.

I’ve added ALL of these items to the sale collection!

Back in Stock and in today’s sale, too!

I’ll count those Glass Bottles w Round Lid and Mixed Mini Glassware Set as part of today’s glassware mini-theme. And yet more Retro Office Miniatures!

I’ve added ALL of these items to the sale collection! See below for more info on the COUPON sale!

FREE Gift with Orders

A Mini Hurricane Lamp Pendant is FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight November 8, 2023)!

This pendant has a glass vial inside, with a rubber stopper at the top. It’s similar to a metal/glass lamp in Lora’s artwork.

Limited stock but it’s also been added to today’s sale collection!

Fortune Teller Cupboard SALE

Whew… almost to the finish line! Below are photos of 3 more items I’ve added as possible substitutes for Lora’s project.

Use coupon CUPBOARD when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Over 70 items!

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, November 8th at midnight PST.

See the sale collection here!

Bronze Stopwatch Clock Charm – Roman Numerals
(for the clock that’s top & center)

Wide Bronze Swirly Header
(for the filigree right above that clock… note that the Large Raw Brass Scroll Corner mentioned above would also fit in that spot)

Tiny Alice Wallpaper Prints Collage Sheet
(for diamond-pattern paper in back of shelves)
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