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Mini Herb Hutch + New Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet

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Wow! I love this new Farmhouse Kitchen Low Cabinet with 6 Crates!

It’s super practical for filling with items in a kitchen or even a farmer’s market theme… or just use the crates separately (in the same room or not).

The overall size is approx. 5-5/8″ wide x 1-5/8″ deep x 2-1/2″ tall. The crates are approx. 1-5/8″ wide x 1-1/2″ deep x 3/4″ tall.

I picked out a kinda similar hutch-on-a-table project by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper) to highlight today (and TWO related furniture items are revised or back in stock from that artwork).

A quick note: beside putting everything in Shannon’s supply list on sale, I added a few possible substitutes to the sale, too! AND everything NEW or Back-in-Stock mentioned in this newsletter has also been added to the sale collection! (More info below.)

Mini Herb Hutch

WELL! The first thing I’d like to mention is that the Retro Coffee Table – Center Divider is revised and now has shorter feet: just like the ones Shannon made herself for this project!

Next sidetracked highlight(!) the hutch AND the coffee table Shannon used are 4″ wide, and another hutch base that’s 4″ wide is also back in stock today: 4 Inch Wide Chest of Drawers – 2 Drawers.

There are 2 more bases/tables that width that could be used under the hutch: 4 Inch Wide Hutch Base or Library Table (the former is a cheaper/simpler option that putting together all the parts for working drawers and Laura Carson designed a collage sheet with faux cabinet doors for that hutch base).

Oh, back to this hutch! Shannon cleverly left the top facade off and turned the hutch 90 degrees (that didn’t change the width as the item is square) but it gave her taller cubbies to work with. (Note photos of the hutch in both orientations with some ideas for substitute silver-colored watering cans below.)

ONE MORE DETAIL: Shannon added a rectanglar piece of chipboard on top of the coffee table (the hutch and coffee table are both the same width and her project shows a little extra trim between the two).

Great job, Shannon!! See the wide photo below for a close-up of a couple of those fun-filled shelves (with items like an Unfinished Wooden Bucket without the handle as a larger planter, a grey ceramic cat, and tons of glass bottles with spooky labels, — and a couple more props in photos directly below and farther below in the sale section)!

You can see more photos on Shannon’s blog post. And here’s her supply list (and remember that all these supplies are in today’s sale collection — more info below)!

New and Old Metal Options in the Storage Hutch

The new Geometric Design Pitcher (directly above) is shown with 3 other cast metal pitchers (or watering cans) in the Storage Hutch.

All four are included in the sale (substitutes for the silver-colored watering can in Shannon’s artwork… and to show the 2 cubby orientations). Larger pics of both orientations are on the Geometric Design Pitcher page.

Back in Stock and in today’s sale, too!

FREE Gift with Orders

A Tiny Fall Gift Kit is FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight October 18, 2023)!

2 of these items are available in limited quantities (in case you’d like more of any/all). Plus they’re on clearance AND included in the sale collection!

Tiny Red Mushrooms
Mini 3D Bare Trees
– Tiny Ceramic Acorn Bead
– Tiny Basket of Tomatoes or Apples

Mini Herb Hutch SALE

I’ve already highlighted some items above from Shannon’s supplies but I picked out a few more shown in the top row below.

PLUS, here’s even more additions similar to Shannon’s list:
Set of 2 Terra Cotta Garden Pots
Mini Plastic Greenery Set
House Plant in Brown Pot
Green Dyed Mini Wood Chips
Purple House Plant in White Pot
Aloe Plant in Terra Cotta Pot

Use coupon HERB when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Over 50 items including all of Shannon’s supply list AND all the new AND back-in-stock items announced today!

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, October 18th at midnight PST.

See the sale collection here!

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