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Gnomes & Mushrooms & Grimm: Art, Sale & Free GIFT!

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I was inspired by TWO art projects by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper (both with a Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales theme — specifically Snow White). One thing led to another and I’ve created TWO sale collections (including lots of extras beside Shannon’s 2 supply lists).

PLUS a new Tiny Little Mushrooms FREE Gift!

Oh, first thing before I forget: the 3 items directly below are FINALLY back in stock!

The Unexpected Guest

Shannon has made a beautiful and clever) lighted shadowbox with the Woodland Window Box Kit. I’ll let Shannon explain a bit about her project:

Life has been a bit crazy lately, but I managed a little art project for Alpha Stamps using the pretty Woodland Window Box Kit. I’ve been ready to make art for awhile now but found the days ending before my To Do list was completed. This kit made it possible to squeeze in some creativity which is exactly what I had been missing for so many weeks!

I really love the new facade with an inset niche: it adds extra space around the opening of the Even Smaller Paper Theatre Box for decorating and the Window with Flower Box is icing on the cake! The finished project is small enough that, when not mounted to a platform base like my example, can be hung on a wall or displayed on an easel. How cute would that be?

I decided to glue a bunch of bushy plants and mushrooms to mine, so went with the 5×2 Platform Base. An arch of twigs (with white roses) was glued to the base and, as a bonus, I got to use more of the scrummy Woodland 6×6 Paper Pad. It’s beautiful paper.

The back is fairly simple with more greenery. The window from the Decorative Windows Set 1:12 holds a surprise: Ooooh, a light!

The Even Smaller Paper Theatre Boxes are 3/4″ deep, so the wireless Single LED Light I used worked out nicely. It gave the lanterns on the collage image a warm light to shine on Snow White.

Note: Shannon didn’t have to cut away any of the collage sheet image for the light to shine through (she just placed it close to the back of the image and right at the level of the lantern). See a preview of Shannon’s tutorial in the wide photo below (using a piece of a matchbox to create a little pocket for the light).

Beautiful work, Shannon! A few more supplies are shown below; see everything Shannon used to make The Unexpected Guest in the Supply List. And see more photos and a tutorial on Shannon’s blog post.


Sale #1: The Unexpected Guest Collection

This sale started with the supply list from Shannon’s The Unexpected Guest artwork. I also added a few more items that would fit into that tiny greenery/mushroom garden Shannon built on the platform. Plus I added the larger Woodland 12×12 Paper Pad!

Use coupon GRIMM when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Plus this coupon will also work with the second sale collection below!

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, January 25th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here!

FREE Gift with Orders

A Tiny Little Mushrooms Gift Kit is FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight January 25, 2023)!

This little set includes:
– A Bronze Mushroom & Caterpillar Charm
– One of the Tiny 3D Ladybugs
– One of the Tiny Red Mushrooms (one wire has 2 mushrooms, so the amount shown)
– One of the Tiny Green Rose Leaves
(and all 4 are in the sale, so remember that coupon if you want to buy more)!

The Dwarfs’ Cottage Altered Tin

Eek! Isn’t this the cutest little cottage you’ve ever seen? And made from an Altoids Tin! AND Shannon has provided a tutorial for that roof! (Note: since Shannon’s project, I added a pre-cut roof based on her design… it’s also included in the sale collection.)

The Dwarfs’ Cottage Altered Tin is just perfect: all tucked into the small size of an Altoids Tin, it has a scene inside (behind one of the insert frames), a little image behind a window at top to make you think there’re an attic, hand-made stones (complete with moss and tiny flowers), faux wood trim, and a shingled roof.

“I fell in love with the scalloped insert frames, and was excited to see the newer Fairy Tale Frames Inserts for Altoid Tins.

“I used an image from the Snow White with the Dwarves Collage Sheet and the blank tin to construct the Dwarfs’ wee cottage, which has to be a much more pleasant place than a prince’s boring old castle. Plus, tiny houses are the way to go.

“The entire cottage is made from just three things: the tin, cardboard, and clay. The stones and wood beams are sculpted from the paper clay and the roof pieces and tiles are cut from cardboard. Super easy!”

Nice work, Shannon! Read more (and see lots more photos and that tutorial) in Shannon’s blog post. And here’s her Supply List.

Sale #2: Grimm Fairy Tales Collection

This group started with the supply list from Shannon’s The Dwarfs’ Cottage Altered Tin. Then it grew to include extra mushroom-themed items. AND ALL the Grimm Fairy Tales Collage Sheets!

The items I’m highlighting in the pics below are things not in Shannon’s supply list (they are all examples of the extras I added to the sale, but goodies in her supply list are also on sale)!

Use coupon GRIMM when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Over 90 items! Plus this coupon will also work with the first sale collection above!

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, January 25th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here!

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