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Tiny New Christmas Trims, Santa’s Matchbox Cottage Sale & FREE Gift

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You’ll be amazed at the Christmas cottage that’s hidden in a stack of 2 matchboxes in today’s artwork! And I may have gone a bit wild with adding more matchbox options to today’s sale!

The 2 matchboxes in Design Team Member Shannon Cooper’s project are shown at right. Deceptively simple!

And below the fun artwork, there’s some new Christmas-themed miniatures, a sale based on the supplies from BOTH the art project AND all the new minis PLUS some bonus sale items and a new FREE gift!

Santa’s Matchbox Cottage by Shannon Cooper

Oh my… this is so fun! I’m going to start you off slowly… see that lovely set of wrapped matchboxes at left? One opens to show a tiny Santa-themed house-shaped book inside…. the bottom one seems to contain a bunch of tiny (1/4 scale) furniture and props… hm…

Oh! That house-shaped book (made from 2 of the Tiny Houses Accordion Books put together — and thankfully Shannon provides step-by-step instructions!)… well, it opens up to become a teeny, tiny 4-room miniature house!! The tiny flooring and rugs from the China Cabinet House Accessories Collage Sheet are perfect for this scale.

Eek! So very tiny! Don’t ask me how Shannon made the tiny (fuzzy) stockings hanging on that mantel (or the upholstery on that tiny chair) but so glad she did! Shannon used 1/4 scale furniture from a couple sets to fill her little rooms.

For more photos and tutorial please visit Shannon’s blog post. And here is her supply list. (Plus see below for more info on the related new sale that includes a bunch of extra options for tiny wallpaper prints to fit this cottage!)

New and Back-in-Stock Items

I picked out four TINY new things that are sized to mix-and-match with the props in Shannon’s artwork (and are in holiday colors).

Those Tiny Red Polymer Clay Bows (at right) would be perfect for decorating a quarter scale wreath or gift box in a miniature Christmas scene (and a mini set of them in in the gift kit shown below)!

What can I say: Dresden trim in 3 colors, tiny cherubs, and a tiny bookcase are all must-haves! That bookcase may be half scale (not quarter scale like the furniture in Shannon’s cottage), but those shelves are so close together, I think you could mix those scales.

NEW: Santa’s Matchbox Cottage SALE

This is a coupon sale in honor of BOTH the art project above AND all the new minis!

But first: can’t forget the new Tiny Tree & Bows Gift Kit! See the photo at right for the items in the kit:
– The Tiny Red Polymer Clay Bows are already included in today’s sale (as I added all 4 new items to the sale collection!
That tiny tree is just too cute (added to the sale, too)
– And the tree and a couple of the bows are sitting on 1/4 Inch Round Wooden Stands (one I colored red with a Sharpie). They are just the right (tiny) size to fit under that tree (or maybe as a rough gift box with a bow on top), so I’m including one of the stands in the gift kit, too! (And added to the sale.)

This set is FREE with all orders placed today through TUESDAY (ends at midnight November 8, 2022)!

(More) bonus items added to the sale (quite a few — remember they’re in addition to Shannon’s supply list!):
– First there’s a group of (SIX more) tiny wallpaper-y prints that work size-wise with Shannon’s little project: Tiny Alice Wallpaper Prints Collage Sheet, China Cabinet House Wallpapers Collage Sheet, 1/4 Scale Wallpaper Collage Sheet, QS Dollhouse Furniture Half Sheet, Mini Wallpaper Brocades Rice Paper, Mini Floral Wallpaper Paper Set (whew!)
– Then the Tiny Flat Furniture Shapes, which will coordinate nicely with the 1/4 Scale Furniture sets Shannon used
– Finally, two more matchbox options: Peaked Roof Matchbox and Little Matchboxes!

Use coupon SANTA-COTTAGE when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, November 8th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here! Over 20 items!

Posted by Leslie, November 6th, 2022

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