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Miniature Practical Magic Shoppe + Sale & FREE Gift!

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There’s a fun Halloween project today, by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper! Plus there are some pretty new paper flowers from Thailand (almost Halloween colors, so I added them to today’s sale, too)!

But before today’s artwork: a Miniature Ouija Board is FREE with all orders placed today through Saturday (ends at midnight October 8, 2022)! It’s a tiny board (33x47mm) plus a planchette. The details are “etched” via laser onto the surface of the chipboard board. Note: the Miniature Ouija Board is also featured in Shannon’s artwork (on the right sides of the busy shelf — see the photos below).

I also made a new collection from the supply list from Shannon’s project — and put it all on Sale plus a few extra items! More info below (plus some popular miniatures are back in stock)!

Practical Magic Shoppe by Shannon Cooper!

Amazing! Shannon fit so much fun, Halloween-ness into such a small space (the Simple Scene Box is a shallow space: just 4″ deep for the floor space in front of the wall.). Plus I’m amused by Shannon saying, “I didn’t go overboard with all.the.things, leaving the project somewhat tidy and uncluttered“… true (maybe for Shannon only)!

Here’s a bit of intro text from Shannon’s blog post:

October is here! Time to decorate the house and craft my little fingers off! I managed to sew a bunch of tiny chenille pumpkins to send to Japan before completing a witchy miniature shop for Alpha Stamps (and I also finished a box of Count Chocula. Don’t judge.)

After seeing the Nightfall Lantern Kit, I waffled over what I wanted to do with it. The Nightfall Paper is beautifully rich and is both Halloween-y and not Halloween-y, which makes it quite a treat!

[Aside: Shannon used both sizes of those new paper pads.]

Eventually, I decided to pick up a Simple Scene Box for my new project to create something witchy: a kit with short sides around the front and space in the back to hide wiring should you choose to electrify your scene. It seemed silly not to have a light. Good thing there’s Tiny Halloween Lanterns! (Hanging from a slightly cropped version of the Tiny Dragon Sconce.)

The Practical Magic Shoppe is a quaint little place with spell books, potions, and brooms, plus a few odds and ends to spruce up the cottage. Who could resist a winking cat??

I didn’t go overboard with all.the.things, leaving the project somewhat tidy and uncluttered, mostly because the Nightfall paper is too lovely to cover up. There is a Miniature Vintage Cash Register (left unpainted!), an etched Ouija Board 3 Inch Coffin, Pumpkin Lollipops, and a “take an eyeball leave an eyeballdish at the end of the counter.

Beautiful work, Shannon! See more details in Shannon’s blog post (including a tutorial!) and here’s her big supply list! (And come back to see more new items, plus the sale that includes EVERYTHING in Shannon’s artwork!)

New & Back-in-Stock Supplies!

Oh, there’s something that’s been on a very slow boat from China: Fancy Raw Brass Fluted Dangles! Very pretty and a unique shape. Raw brass so they can be aged with Liver of Sulfur (and they will tarnish over time without pre-aging).

See the photo of Laura Carson’s Antique Shop at right too, for an idea of how to use them in a hand-made miniature clock (on chains as weights).

And check below for the new flowers I mentioned (also included in the sale) and the return of the popular (and TINY) Miniature Tomato Pin Cushions!

NEW: Practical Magic Shoppe SALE

This is a coupon sale in honor of Shannon’s project above!

Bonus items added to the sale:
– First, both sets of those new variegated roses (shown again at right)
Black Foot Path LED Light (these arrived after Shannon made her artwork… and since she colored the white lights with a black sharpie to hide them in the black lantern…)

Use coupon MAGIC when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection!

The sale ends SATURDAY NIGHT, October 8th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here! Over 40 items!

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