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New Birdcage Shaped Album, Plus Bird Cage Art & SALE!

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The new Birdcage Shaped Album started me looking for new bird items… which led to a flurry of bird-cage-themed art projects (and some bird cages from those projects that are back in stock).

I love the new album! It’s about the same size and overall shape as a chipboard birdcage we had ages ago (which reminded me of the Love Birds Cage Dress by Laura Carson). Scroll down just a bit for a photo and more info on that project.

TWO more bird-themed projects are also below (The Bird House by Nichola Battilana, and a second project by Laura: an altered tin)!

So I put ALL of the items in ALL THREE supply lists AND the new items in one big collection that’s ON SALE!

New Birds & Bird Cages!

Love Birds Cage Dress by Laura Carson

How cute: Laura cleverly used a bird cage for the skirt of her Love Birds Cage Dress!

Laura used a lady from her Days Gone By Collage Sheet as the top of the dress (plus when you open the cage “skirt”, there’s a couple shown inside from the digital version of that collage sheet (which includes more people).

A few more items from Laura’s supplies are shown below. As the swirly chipboard leaves on the skirt have sold out, I’ve add the Chipboard Leafy Swirls and Buds shown at right as an alternative (included in the sale, too)!

Here’s all of the supplies (still available) that Laura used in her project.

Come back after enjoying her tutorial video (including how to make that 3D umbrella) for more artwork and the sale on her supplies!

The Bird House by Nichola Battilana

How sweet! Nichola used THREE bird houses, stacked vertically on a very tall house (from her stash) for The Bird House. All three of those chipboard bird houses are back in stock today (and included in the sale)!

Nichola’s so humble in her intro:

“There’s nothing too complex going on here. Some fussy cutting, some embellishing, painting and gluing and Ta Da! a pretty shabby thing-a-ma-doodle to hang on the wall.

“I restrained myself and didn’t use a spec of glitter. To make up for it I did paint a golden egg and add some Narrow Gold Fleur Dresden Borders (which I think is just about the prettiest thing ever).”

Here’s all of the supplies (still available) that Nichola used in her project. See the sale section below as I’ve noted some substitutes for sold out items (added to the sale, too).

Visit Nichola’s blog post for lots more photos (note: it’s been a fair bit of time since these projects went live so come back here for the product links).

Birdie Darling Altoids Tin Book by Laura Carson

Our final project in today’s abundance of eye candy is by Laura (again!): her Birdie Darling Altoids Tin Book is so pretty. (I’m “just” showing the inside of the tin but both the front and back are covered in bird cages, too!)

“For this project I used die-cut chipboard pieces for the base of the front and back covers (Doodled Cage with Solid Back and Wrought Iron Archway); which were assembled separately from the tin. After assembly was complete, I glued them to the front and back of the tins.”

Here’s all of the supplies that Laura used in this project. Again: see the sale section below as I’ve noted some substitutes for sold out items (added to the sale, too).

Visit Laura’s blog post for lots more photos and tips.

NEW: New Bird Cages SALE

This is a custom collection in honor of the new bird-themed items and ALL THREE related bird-cage-themed art projects (plus some related bonus items)! So the supply lists for all three projects above have been added to this collection (and the new Birdcage Shaped Album and Blue Flight Rice Paper — and the back-in-stock items, too!

Highlights of a few of the bonus items are at right or below. I picked some paper roses and box feet as alternatives for items in Laura’s Birdie Darling Altoids Tin Book. Plus 2 collage sheets with sepia images of pretty girls or women like the little girl inside Laura’s tin.

And I added some scrapbook papers with a shabby chic blue-to-cream mix as substitutes for background papers in Nicholas’s The Bird House.

Plus I added the Mini Bird Cages Chipboard Set as an option to replace the 2 Inch Cage Nichola used at the top of her house (in case you want to mix up the styles of bird cages).

Use coupon CAGES when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That even includes items on clearance!

The sale ends SATURDAY NIGHT, March 5th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here!

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