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Twinkly Little Houses

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Before getting starstruck by the sweet Twinkly Little Houses by Lora Mahaffey, a quick reminder: December 10th is the final day to order if trying to get items for Christmas (for domestic shipping).

I adore these pretty, sparkly (yes, twinkly) houses that Lora made! She used the new Pink Christmas 8×8 Paper Pad for pretty much all the papers on the houses, plus there are 2 related Pink Christmas Pads that are new today (like the Collectables pad shown at far right, plus a smaller 6×6 pad).

Starting with some text from Lora’s blog post, then on to new Christmas cakes (!) and a new Twinkly Little Houses SALE including everything in Lora’s supplies (plus those 2 extra Pink Christmas pads AND more bonus extras added into the sale collection)!

For your viewing pleasure, a wee village of small twinkly houses!

Thanks to the folks at Alpha Stamps for all the juicy glitter, bits and bobs and gorgeous papers!

Great little houses to decorate the center of my table this year. I want to mention that all the roofs lift off and those LED candles fit right inside. Because I am such a crap picture taker, I couldn’t do the warm glowing windows justice when the candles were lit inside the houses so today they are shining on the outside. Perhaps trying to attract a Christmas gnome or two…

The construction of the houses is not complicated, but it’s a bit fussy until you figure it out. My solution was to pre-fold all of the dotted guidelines on each of the houses, burnish the lines down with the round edge of a burnishing tool (you could use something like the rounded bit of a Sharpie marker) and then straighten them all back out again. If you do that, you’re not struggling with trying to get that line definition after you glue your papers on.

Since all of the houses are the same widths, the only difference is in how tall they are. That made it easy to cut papers. You only have to make one template…just make it from the tallest house and you can adjust the heights of the shorter ones thereafter.

After the papers are glued on the house sides I used the windows as templates and then cut them out using a scalpel. A good exacto with a new blade works as well.

Oooh, a couple of things I’d like to mention: I love the woodland creatures mixed into the paper designs (like those squirrels in the wide close-up photo below). And the houses are all so sparkly with the glitter Lora added around windows (and dotted or swirled on roofs) plus the little bits of polymer clay sets (like snowflakes or minty green candies) add color and just a bit of texture.

Thank you, Lora! Such a pretty holiday project! Here’s everything in Lora’s supply list. And be sure to visit her blog post!

More New Items!

Oh, look at those cakes! Plus the last of the new goodies for wintery projects have arrived!

NEW: Twinkly Little Houses SALE

This is a coupon sale in honor of Lora’s project above!

Use coupon TWINKLY when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Over 25 items!

BONUS: I also add the FIVE Alice Through the Looking Glass Pads to the sale, as their pink and turquoise palette could mix & match beautifully with the new papers in Lora’s artwork!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, December 7th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here! And remember to use the coupon TWINKLY when checking out!

And don’t forget to visit Lora’s blog post for more photos and tips including how-to photos!

Posted by Leslie, December 5th, 2021

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