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More New Etched Halloween Goodies; Mini Reliquaries Art & SALE!

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After last week’s tiny etched coffins (see one at left), here’s a whole bunch more fun etched Halloween embellishments!

Plus a cool new set of Set of Halloween Faux Book Boxes… perfect as a gift box. (Hm… Halloween gifts?)

AND see farther below cuz I picked out two past projects by the Design Team, both using Miniature Reliquaries.

AND I’ve put ALL of the supplies for both projects in a new collection and created a discount code for 20% off those suppiles! More info on the sale is below.

Halloween At The Cemetery by Kristin Batsel!

Starting out our art inspiration with this Candle Holder by Kristin. What a creative use of mini tombstone shapes!

Here’s a bit from Kristin’s blog post:

More Halloween! Alpha Stamps sent me some small reliquaries. What to do, what to do? I’m not sure what made me think of making a candle holder, but now that it’s done, I’m glad I did. This will be such fun to add to the mantle this year. *Note, to avoid any sort of fire hazard, I’ll be sure to only use a battery operated candle in this holder.

I painted all the tombstones with a mixture of paints and added papers, charms, rub-on type, and collage sheet images to create five different tombstones. This little graveyard is littered with pumpkins, a witch’s broom, and bones that were snapped off of a plastic skeleton. It’s pretty easy to just break those bones off at the joints.

Here lies Edgar Allan Poe. I used rub-on type to indicate the year of his death, and for the RIP written on the gravestone. To make the bats fly, I used a thin wire and literally just shoved it into the rubber bodies of the bats (poor things!). The wire was sandwiched between the two pieces of chipboard before gluing the gravestones together. Clothespins were used to hold the pieces tight while drying.

As always, Kristin always provides good tips! Here’s the (largish) supply list for Kristin’s project — and all included in the sale!

Grim Reliquaries by Nichola Battilana!

I love these! So simple yet so creepy!

Mainly just the Miniature Reliquaries and images from the Skeleton Slide Mailers and Skull & Bones Collage Sheets.

Plus a bunch of black Dresden: multiple borders from the Black Dresden Border Sampler Set, and the larger Baroque Dresden Borders.

Oh, and one more thing Mixed Gold & Silver Tiny Round Studs (tiny dots the are in-between the points of the pointy Dresden.

Here’s Nichola’s blog post for more info and more photos.

Note: this project was made before we moved to the current site in 2018, so use the links above for the supplies — all included in the new sale, too!

NEW: Mini Reliquaries SALE

This is a coupon sale that includes all the supplies from the TWO projects above! PLUS I added 4 more items that fit the reliquaries!

Use coupon MINI-RELICS when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices!

The sale ends SATURDAY NIGHT, October 2nd at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here! And remember to use the coupon MINI-RELICS when checking out!

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