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Altered Tins, Sleeping Beauty & Snowy Supplies!

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The Fancy Latch Sets are back in stock, which have been used in multiple projects as closures on Altoids Tin Books. So I’ve picked out THREE projects from the talanted ladies on the Design Team: each with a creative book made from a tin! AND I’ve put the supplies for ALL three of them in a new collection and created a discount code for 20% off those suppiles! More info on the sale is below (and remember that all of the supplies mentioned ‘tween here and there are included in the sale)!

But first: the new Sleeping Beauty 8×8 Paper Pad! A beautiful collection including castles and medieval windows (and subtle teal and gold colors). 1 sheet each of 10 double-sided designs (each sheet is a different design). Plus the back sides of the front & back covers are 2 more designs!!

Queen of Hearts Deck of Cards Case by Caroline Ouzts-Hay

Ah, there’s the perfect use for a Fancy Latch Set! Caroline’s Queen of Hearts Deck of Cards Case is clever and beautiful. Here’s a bit from her original post:

I love Alice in Wonderland and right now so does Alpha Stamps with their Alice in an Altoids Tin Kit. I’ve done Alice tins before but this one is my favorite, because it is functional.

Inside there are two Blank Altoids Tin bottoms hinged together using the Altoids Tin Book Covers with a minor alteration to the spine to make it wider.

Clever! I also love the gold crowns on the inside of the spine (made with the Large Chess Crown Rubber Stamp). And the halo of tiny playing cards scattered around the tin on the far right.

Here’s Caroline’s Supply List and her blog post for more pictures and to read Caroline’s story about a very irritated Queen of Hearts. And don’t forget to come back for that TIN-ART sale!

Alice Hinged Tin Book by Rhonda Thomas

Next up: a hinged tin book with so many sides (and the wooden pediments on the outside covers) it’s almost a city!

From Rhonda’s blog post:

I love new art challenges! This month, with Alpha Stamps Alice in an Altoids Tin Kit, there were too many cool items to leave out. I had this crazy goal in my head to do a hinged tin book that also opened in the middle and had pediments. I was shocked to have succeeded.

“The Oddities Box Doors and Windows is one of my favorite Collage Sheets that Alpha Stamps offers. Imagine my delight when this new version, Doors & Windows Book Covers, was made. It fits perfectly on the Altoids Tin Book Covers which I used two sets of on my hinged tin book.

Visit Rhonda’s blog to find out what she used to make a secret opening for her book, and to see more photos. And see all the goodies she used in her Supply List (yep… on sale, too… see below for info on the discount code).

Snowy/Winter Supplies!

New and back-in-stock items! Ok… the latch below isn’t “winter” but it’s back (along with the Fancy Latch Set that started off today’s theme). Those puffy clouds aren’t really winter either… but look nice with all the snowy items here (and it’s super versatile paper)!

NEW Altered Tins SALE

This is a coupon sale that includes all the supplies from the TWO projects above!

PLUS a bonus: I added in the supplies for this cute Halloween Potion Bottles Tin Book by Laura Carson!

The tin is from almost a decade ago (!) but is still such a creative use of a tin. Here’s a link to Laura’s original post, just be aware that we moved to new site software in 2018 so come back here to get to the supplies.

Use coupon TIN-ART when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, August 24th at midnight PST.

I’ve already highlight quite a few of the sale items above with each project, but 3 more are shown below (from Laura’s tin). See the entire sale collection here! And remember to use the coupon TIN-ART when checking out!

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