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Pink Alice; Mini Florals, Cookies & Hardware PLUS Fairy Garden Sale!

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Such a cute little accordion book by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper! I’ll start by reviewing that artwork (actually, letting Shannon introduce her project), then move on to what’s new this week — some of which inspired a HUGE fairy garden sale!

I recently received my April The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Kit along with an amazing set of Ticket Journal Alice Covers from Alpha Stamps! YAY, ALICE! Originally, I had planned on making something with the super cute matchbox facade and matchbox niche (I love those things) but kept coming back to the ticket journal covers. I added a Matchbox Ticket Journal in between the covers and made a mini book. Mini books are nice, too.

I dabbed pink, blue, white, and gold paint onto the Ticket Journal Covers, and when they were dry, stamped them on the fronts and backs with various stamps.

Assembling the book is easy peasy.

Choose the order of the characters for your book. The White Rabbit is my Front Cover, Red Queen is the Center, and The Mad Hatter is the Back Cover. Cut the matchbox ticket journal so you have two sections of four pages. Attach one end to the back of the Front Cover and the other end to the front of the Center.

(See the wide photo below, with the book unfolded, to see how the queen is in the middle of 2 parts of the accordion book pages.)

Use the leftover segment of the matchbox ticket journal as a template to cover the pages. This entire project was begun because I wanted to use the glorious Alice’s Tea Party 6×6 Paper, so I traced around my template onto the Alice paper, cut the pages out, and used a paper hole punch to cut out the corner notches.

After that, all you need to do is decorate! Add a few pockets, cut out the tags from the Alice paper if you wish… (see the little tickets below, when out of their pocket).

Use stickers, chipboard cutouts like the ones found on the Tiny Chipboard Alice Props Set, then glue a length of ribbon to the front cover, add an image, flowers, charms, whatever you want, and poof! You have a mini album.

Poof!” Well, if you’re as talanted as Shannon, it’s easy as “poof!”

Visit Shannon’s Blog and you’ll find more instructions and photos for constructing the Wonderland Mini Album. Plus here’s Shannon’s Supply List!

What is NEW today?

These new (or back-in-stock) items are kind of a mixed bag: there are some sweet miniature florals, some cookies (and molds for cookies), and lots of options for 1:12 scale door hardware. And the new Fairy Garden Tea Set plus the back-in-stock Bronze Mushroom & Caterpillar Charms inspired the new sale (so they’re on sale, too)! There are a few more new items than show in the preview pics below, so click here to see all the options.

Gnomes & Fairies on SALE!

At least 25% off on EVERYTHING in this collection!

Note: this is a HUGE group and includes tons of collage sheets!

Psst: Anything on clearance in this collection is marked down to 50% off!

The sale ends at midnight PST, SATURDAY night, April 24th.

See the sale collection here! Over 180 items!

Here’s examples of clearance items in the sale (50% off)!

The sale ends at midnight PST, SATURDAY night, April 24th. See the sale collection here!

Posted by Leslie, April 22nd, 2021

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