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Gardening, Cats & Dresden

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Update: a newer post about this artwork is here! Or see the supply list items from Teri’s project.

That’s a welcome combo of items for what is probably a snowy winter’s day for most of you. Let’s start with this new Orchids & Cats 8×8 Paper Pad! A pretty mix of florals, buildings, wallpaper prints and a grey tabby in windows, all in soft shades of pink, turquoise and sage green. It could almost be a subtle Valentine’s Day paper.

Contains 1 sheet each of 10 double-sided designs (each sheet is a different design). Plus the back sides of the front & back covers are 2 more designs!

Revisiting The Forgotten Garden

Happy accident! 3 items came back in stock this week, all of which were in Teri Calia’s The Forgotten Garden! And it was such a lovely project (and this is a good time of year for greenery) I thought it was time to remember this artwork.

Strange as in mysterious, ghostly, weird and perhaps even a little unearthly. If you were to come upon The Forgotten Garden on a foggy morning, by yourself, out in the middle of the English countryside it may even unnerve you a bit.

Teri used 3 walls of a shed (but not the roof), perched on a 6x7x2 Platform Base. Clever girl: Teri didn’t use the roof, instead she used 1/4 Inch Square Wooden Dowels laid across the top of the shed walls.

The 6x7x2 Platform Base is sitting on top of another platform (Cottage Base – 9x9x1) with 2-Step Stairs (which were designed for the height of that taller platform — and they are 1 of the 3 items that are back in stock).

Yes, that is a skeleton half-buried in overgrown grass you see to the left of the steps! I believe Teri thought of him/her as the long forgotten gardener or caretaker of the garden. (Aside: I love the dandelion that Teri made… growing out of the skeleton.)

As you approach the back of the building you may find yourself thinking, “Hmm… this place looks pretty dead but the roses certainly look like they’re taken care of.” Being a rose lover, you turn on the garden hose (that surprisingly looks quite new) and give the roses a quick drink. There is also a weedy windowbox, with Trellis Panels on either side as fancy shutters.

Inside the shed is a Workshop Table, covered with long-forgotten supplies (potting soil on old newspapers, a trowel and other hand tools, a flower pot on its side, a wooden crate under the table, and seed packets/gloves from a collage sheet Teri designed for this project).

Here’s a link to all the items still available from the supply list. And below are pics/links to the 3 items that jarred my memory.

What else is NEW today?

Keeping to the cats & gardening theme (and tiny miniatures)!

More Back in Stock, too!

Beside the gardeny things mentioned earlier with Teri’s artwork, most of these goodies are German Dresden. Plus an updated version of 1:12 scale mini glassware.

Cats & Kittens on SALE!

I didn’t even point out that white cat sleeping in one of the overgrown windowboxes on the side of Teri’s artwork! Between that cat & the new Tiny Metal Cat Silhouettes & the new Orchids & Cats 8×8 Paper Pad… it’s time for a Cats & Kittens Sale!

25% to 50% off! This collection is a mixed group: from charms to miniatures to collage sheets. Over 100 items!

Psst: Anything on clearance or a digital images set in this collection is marked down to 50% off!

The sale ends at midnight PST, TUESDAY night, February 9th.

See the sale collection here!

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