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Nostalgic Christmas Papers, plus new art & last gasp Halloween Sale!

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What a colorful, nostalgic group of Christmas goodies today!

Before showing off the Tim Holtz Christmas items (and New artwork!), there’s a BIG NEW paper set today: Nature’s Garden Vintage Christmas 12×12 Paper Pad!

A pretty and nostalgic group of collaged elements (and I love the rich colors)! HUGE! 48 double-sided cardstock weight pages. (180gsm is about 65# cover weight.) Imported from England.

See the new Nature’s Garden Vintage Christmas 12×12 Paper Pad. (Psst! The colors in this pad also look great with the new collage sheet and new Tim Holtz Christmas items below!)

What is new today?

Actually new or back in stock: I finally got more of the Twinklets Diamond Dust! I think we all need some sparkle for the holidays! And see what I mean about the colors of all these things looking great together?

Halloween Dance Party
by Design Team Coordinator Miz Bella (Kimberly Ayers)

Wow! What a wacky, colorful party! That headless-skeleton sitting atop the house might be my favorite part!

Here’s an intro from Bella’s blog post:

I had loads of fun making the Halloween Dance Party for Alpha Stamps using the Witches Dressing Table and the Halloween Market Kits. Today I will be focusing on how to make the pumpkin head dolls. (Since I’m so obsessed with making them now!)

But first! Here is a picture of the entire piece. (The pumpkin head dolls kill me!)

The pumpkin head dolls actually happened on a whim, I just kept seeing faces on the pumpkins when I first saw them, the pumpkins are a nice size and the foam is easy to draw on (with a felt-tip pen). So of course they’d need bodies too, amiright??

[Aside: Bella has a tutorial for making the little dolls on her post! Plus a preview pic is below.]

Once your doll is made, then use a felt tip marker to draw on the faces onto the pumpkins. The pumpkins are really lightweight foam and a pencil or regular pen would leave indentations. A white opaque pen was used to draw on the teeth.

To dress the boy pumpkin I wrapped seam binding around the top of the body for his shirt, and then wrapped sari silk ribbon around the bottom and legs for his pants. The bottom of the “feet” are bent so when they’re painted it looks like he is wearing shoes.

The girl pumpkin’s outfit is basically painting her entire body black, except for her hands, so that it looks like she’s wearing a body suit. The white opaque pen was used to draw on the stripes onto her legs.

Good job, Bella!! You can see more photos and a tutorial on Bella’s blog post and here’s the supply list! (And note that the collage sheet with the tiny cat-head banners and most of those mini postcards is highlighted in the Halloween Collage Sheet Sale below!)

NEW Sale: Halloween Collage Sheets

Last gasp for Halloween crafting?! Probably not knowing you guys, but here’s a 40% off sale on ALL Halloween Collage Sheets! 180 items including that Witchy Mirror Trims Collage Sheet below used in Bella’s artwork!

The sale ends FRIDAY NIGHT, October 23rd at midnight PST. See the entire sale collection here!

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