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Potion Bottles?! Time for a Miniature Halloween Sale!

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There are bunches of new 1:12 scale resin bottle blanks today… and I started playing around with Halloween labels on collage sheets. One thing led to another and you can view the labels and bottles shown at right. (Oh, and I used a couple small skulls in the photo, too.)

A few of the new bottles are shown below, you can view all of today’s new items.

AND there’s a related SALE on Resin Miniatures, too!

This sale includes all kinds of themes, from food (tons!) to bottle blanks to animals to furniture! 25% off on over 190 items!

Note: anything on clearance is marked down to 50% off including new markdowns!

The sale ends MONDAY night, September 21st at midnight PST. See the entire sale collection here!


So, tiny bottles got me thinking. And i remembered this spooky/fun Mad Scientist Laboratory project by Laura Carson!

It’s sort of a mix of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, meets old 50s and 60s Science Fiction movies with a touch of steampunk.

Lots of eye candy! You can view the original post here. It’s been a few years but here’s the list of supplies still available.

We’ve had lots of new beakers/science-y items added since then (and pumpkins and 1:12 scale tables) that could easily substitute for items Laura used that are no longer available.

Here’s a list of substitute options I picked out (and a few are shown below, too).

Little Heart Shrine by Miz Bella (Kimberly Ayers)

Ooo! More new artwork by Bella!

This literally was a quick, last-minute project that I did the other night so I did not take any technique photos. I had been trying to organize my studio and found another Little Niche Heart Shrine. Sitting on my work table was the Celestial Spheres and Shrine Icons Collage Sheets and I thought “ooooh how perfect!”

So I sat down and went to work. Obviously making art trumps organizing and cleaning, amiright?! This is why I can never get my space organized. I find something I’ve either forgotten about or have been looking for to finish up a project with, find it, drop everything and start messing with whatever I’ve excavated.

Yay for excavating! BTW, the Featherly Flourishes doubling as flames are my favorite part.

Here’s Bella’s supply list and you can see more photos in her blog post!

What else is new today?

Beside all those tiny resin bottles, the 3 items below are new today. That retro grocery scale could certainly be used in a Halloween/spooky store (I added the oranges and canned goods as extra props but you can substitute whatever you like).

View all of today’s new and back in stock items.

Note: We’re doing some blog maintenance so I’m skipping a Giveaway today.

Who won the Tiny Wheelbarrow AND a Mushroom Shrine Giveaway from Thursday’s newsletter? That would be Rhonda! Congrats! Check your email for info.

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