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A Tiny Tub of Whimsy by Shannon Cooper!

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Aw… this is such a sweet project! I love this tiny tub by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper: it’s like a miniature fairy garden!

Here’s a teaser from Shannon’s blog post:

How fun is that? A tiny tub of whimsy would brighten anyone’s day, maybe even a Monday! The metal tub happened to be the perfect size for the beads I wanted to use, and the rest was filled in with loads of flowers and a petite path.

Can you believe the squirrel, birdhouse, falcon, and gnome are ceramic beads?! Adorable! I think I said that already, but they truly are. The holes in the beads were really convenient; I pushed trimmed toothpicks in the holes before sticking them in the grass.

Aside: Good tip! Also, beside the wide photo below showing some of her process, Shannon provides a tutorial on her post!

I gathered some stuff that worked with what I was going for, like mini leaf punches, Bright Flowers Polymer Clay slice mix, green turf grass, florist foam (which I cut to fit inside the tub), and a handful of those cute ceramic beads.

A tiny fence along the front of the tub would be cute. Or painting the tub red with white polka dots. Or maybe line the inside rim of the tub with the plastic grass that comes with your grocery store sushi before adding the foam. I have lots of sushi grass…

I didn’t do any of those things. What I did do (after cutting out a disk of floral foam for the inside of the tub) was cut several stems of florist wire, bent over the very end, then glued the polymer clay flowers on the stems. Leaves from the Ash Leaf Mini Punch were added to the stem, too. The floral foam was covered in glue and grass turf was sprinkled over the top. When it was dry, I stuffed the grassy foam inside the tub before adding the birdhouse, squirrel, and gnome beads. Then the flowers were stuck in here and there. Finally, the teeny rock path was added. And done!

Love the artwork, Shannon! See more tips (and lots more photos) on Shannon’s blog post. Plus here’s her supply list. But don’t miss the new goodies, a Giveaway & a related sale below!

What else is new today?

Another metal tin, tiny beverages, and charm sets! Beside the items highlighted below, see all 10 items!

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A Tiny Tub of Whimsy Giveaway!

Lucky you (or one of you)! EVERYTHING in Shannon’s Supply List is included in today’s Giveaway!

I’m only highlighting a couple of the NINE spiffy items in the supply list/Giveaway:
Mini Ceramic Garden Gnome Bead (He’s a tiny little guy but is the biggest item in this garden.)
Ash Leaf Mini Punch (Little leaves scatter among all those bright flowers.)

Plus more of the items are linked via the pics at right and below. And don’t forget those ceramic beads are on sale!

Just click on this Supply List link for photos and links to everything in Shannon’s artwork, which are also all included in the Giveaway!

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  1. Debra Canizzo says:

    This is so cute. I have so many projects going, but cant pass this one up.

  2. Kathy Toews says:

    How adorable! The flowers look good enough to eat.

  3. Kim R says:

    Omg! Cuteness alert! This would look awesome in a fairy garden

  4. Nadine says:

    Love , Love , Love it !!!

  5. Connie says:

    Shannon always makes the cutest little things!

  6. Charlotte says:

    Shannon did great job. I love it!

  7. Kathleen says:

    I love how every element is just so perfect and cute! We all need a little magic and whimsy in our life!

  8. KIM says:

    Anything with gnomes big or small I always love.

  9. Judy Adamcyk says:

    Every garden needs a gnome!

  10. jo says:

    This little garden tub is so cute! I love all the beads, too!

  11. Jackie says:

    This is so cute!

  12. Jen J says:

    Such a sweet little mini garden

  13. Rhonda says:

    I love the wizards

  14. Christina Hilton says:

    I love everything miniature! Beautiful

  15. PaulineMartin says:

    I love this tub. It will fit good with m gnome house.

  16. Nancy E says:

    How cool! Literally and figuratively!

  17. Barbara M Griggs says:

    The tub is perfect, and really showcases the tiny flowers, which are exquisite.

  18. francine perri says:

    Adorable mini garden items. I love them

  19. Nancy says:

    What a refreshing, whimsical project.

  20. Kim Lucak says:

    So fun and colorful!!!

  21. KathyS says:

    Whimsy is exactly what we need right now—and a gnome.

  22. Dianna says:

    Ah, something I can grow and keep it green and beautiful. All in a tiny tub with a touch of whimsy! Love it!

  23. Lynn Fox says:

    This is beyond adorable!! I need a bit of whimsy in my life, and this fits the bill to a T! Thank you, Shannon, and thank you, AS!!

  24. Anne S. says:

    What a cute, quick project. Love it.

  25. Abigail says:

    So very cute! I love it!

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    This tiny tub is the cutest!

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    That gnome is just the cutest!

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    I love fairy gardens and that is what this reminds me of!

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    So Cute I want to make one for each friend.

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    Darling ideas for this cute tub! I love the gnome and the flowers!

  31. Deb Revier says:

    teeny weeny fairy garden-so cute

  32. Mary Johnson says:

    Oh I love this! It will be a wonderful addition to my tree stump house exterior!
    How does she keep coming up with so many wonderful projects? It’s mind-boggling!

  33. Donna Kottcamp says:

    This looks like the perfect desk top garden to cheer up a work place

  34. chark says:

    squee! love this mini project!

  35. Sue O says:

    This is so sweet!

  36. Karen Mallory says:

    Such a cute project to add to a fairy garden!

  37. Jen R says:

    Sooo adorable!

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    Shannon, this is so cute! Would love to make this!

  39. This is adorable! I love the little gnome and that bird house is so sweet.

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    I would love to make it!