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The Egg Artist’s Workshop; NEW Baskets & Paper for Spring!

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What a delightful little egg house by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper! And so many ideas for other projects to make from the same egg shrine from Shannon (in just the first paragraph from her blog post:

The March kit, adorably named Mr. Bunny’s Egg House, is (so far) my personal favorite of the many niche shrines available. After one look I pretty much knew what it was going to be, but quickly realized the potential for this little egg. Turn it on its side, add mini grapevine wreath wheels, and make a springtime egg car? Sure. What about having rocket thrusters on the bottom and bunny astronauts inside? I can see it. How about decorating six tiny shrines in different papers to make them look like decorated eggs and spelling EASTER inside the eggs? Add a string and hang it on the mantel or wall! So many ideas!

I loved the idea of Mr. Bunny’s Egg House from the outset and went with creating a workshop where Mr. B paints all of the eggs for spring.

Cute Niche Shutters were added to the front along with a scalloped-edge roof and wee flower box. The flower box is simply a few strips of heavy cardstock glued together (and I promise it is, in fact, under all of those flowers).

Beautiful work, Shannon! And be sure to note those tiny (really tiny!) hand painted Easter eggs (sitting on earring backs so you know how tiny they are) in the close-up below.

Read more (and see more photos and tips) in Shannon’s blog post and here’s The Egg Artist’s Workshop Supply List!

What is NEW today?

I’m starting off The Emporium 6×6 Paper Pad. So lovely! It contains 40 pages printed on heavyweight cardstock (4 each of 10 double-sided sheets) with elegant pearlescent and spot-varnish effects. Plus the inner front and back covers are printed with extra ephemera elements.

Remember The Naturalist’s Curiosity Cabinet from long ago? Teri Calia made a beautiful miniature cabinet of curiosities using the Millinery Cabinet shown at left (plus her own Cabinet of Curiosities Collage Sheet). The new paper pad reminded me of this project.

What else is NEW today?

Oh, those tiny handmade baskets!! Ready for tiny garden scenes, adding some paper flowers or Easter!

NEW Sale: Paper Flowers!

With that flurry of color from the flowers in Shannon’s artwork, it seems time for a 25% off sale on all Paper Flowers!

Over 50 items! AND: Anything on clearance in this collection is marked down to 50% off!

The sale ends FRIDAY night, March 13th at midnight PST. See the entire sale collection here!

Note: We’re doing some blog maintenance so I’m skipping a Giveaway today.

Who won the Alice Teapot Tea Party Giveaway from Sunday’s newsletter? That would be Jean! Congrats! Check your email for info.

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