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New Mini Conservatory Kit & Faux Stained Glass Artwork

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Based on the popularity of the Matchbox Skyline Book, I designed a Mini Conservatory Accordion Book (approx 4″ tall and with lots of window options). This little book was the starting point for this new kit.

And I found this lovely, new (large… 24 different designs!) paper pad: Wandering Ivy 12×12 Paper Pad. The kit includes a 6″ x 6″ (quarter page) for ALL 24 pages! Tons of paper!


Back to the book itself, some of the photos on the separate book page show keeping one side of the tabs intact to make “openable” doors. Or you can remove the doors entirely and make an accordion book to sit backlit on a windowsill with faux stained glass in the windows? (See Laura Carson’s beautiful artwork below for just such a project.)

The kit also includes:

– One vine from the new Green Embossed Dresden Ivy Leaves

– The new Mini Conservatory Parts Collage Sheet (Tons of little windows, doors, statues, plants & trims: all sized for the Conservatory Accordion Book.)

– Finally, a collage sheet exclusive to the kit: A Mini Stained Glass Collage Sheet printed on transparency film! It includes a few of the images from Laura’s larger Stained Glass Windows Collage Sheet (plus a few more images only available on this half-page collage sheet).

More info about the new kit is on the Mini Conservatory Kit page. And remember to scroll down to the Giveaway on this page for a chance to win a kit plus lots of extras! Plus between here and there, a big bunch of pretty coordinating papers & trims!

On to the artwork! Oh… this is so pretty! Design Team Member Laura Carson has made a Miniature Conservatory (with faux stained glass windows) that would be beautiful sitting on a windowsill.

Laura used 2 of the Mini Conservatory Accordion Books (and cut the panels apart so she could sandwich stained glass “windows” between each of the 2 matching panels). She then used metal hinges to hinge the panels together.

Laura decorated both sides (the photos above and below show different sides — the far right brick paper on the photo above is the same end panel as the far left panel on the wider photo below).

More info and photos in Laura’s blog post, and here’s a link to see all her supplies.


Ending TOMORROW: Vintage Paper Scraps Sale and FREE Gift Kit!

Oooh! We’ve just restocked EVERYTHING in the reproduction Vintage Paper Scraps Section — and put them on sale! Just a couple of the new items are shown either at right or below… there are now 15 lovely designs to choose from!

See them all… and the sale ends MONDAY night, June 4th (2018).

FREE Gift Kit!

ALL orders, now through MONDAY night, June 4th (2018) will receive a Mini Vintage Sewing Gift Kit FREE! I picked out a few items inspired by Nichola’s artwork from Thursday’s newsletter (and I’m showing a little close-up of her table below at right): a mix of spools (mini and small) and that wooden bead Nichola used as a table top, plus some colorful Flower Stamen. PLUS a few snips from the new Vintage Paper Scraps! Some of the images are larger roses so you may get 1 large flower (or a large butterfly)… or 2 smallish cuts. But all the options are beautiful!

Hooray for the Mini Conservatory Kit Giveaway

Before I explain what’s in today’s Giveaway, I just had to show off another photo of Laura’s beautiful project! And I’m going to focus on supplies in this photo.

So back to this Giveaway: Beside one of the New Mini Conservatory Kits (that includes FIVE items all by itself), this Giveaway also includes more things Laura used:

– New Mini Conservatory Garden Collage Sheet
Mini Wrought Iron Flourishes Set
Architextures – Iron Fence
Tiny Paper Roses – Medium Pink
Stitched Leaf Ribbon – Moss Green

To enter the Mini Conservatory Kit Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY or TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, Monday Night, June 4, 2018).

AND tell me: What’s your favorite panel from Laura’s project? Or favorite technique? Are you going to try a similar stained glass project?

Don’t forget to leave your (hello!) correct email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via

Hey, who won the Wee Sewist’s Shrine Giveaway from Thursday’s newsletter? That would be Kat Cashwell! Congrats! Check your email for info.

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52 responses to “New Mini Conservatory Kit & Faux Stained Glass Artwork”

  1. Debra Young says:

    Yes! This is definitely a must-have. Love the stained glass windows. Would use Laura’s work as a starting point. May need more than one kit with this one.

  2. I love this my favorite panel is the middle one with the greenery on top

  3. Andrea Pretlow says:

    The panel with the red bird and bird bath — adorable! All the panels are so beautiful…

  4. OMG. I love these new products and will be buying them. Too many possible ideas to pin anything down right now.

  5. Celia says:

    Favorite definitely one with statue, birdbath and red bird. But who could not love it all!

  6. Jen R says:

    I can’t pick a favorite, I love them all!

  7. Emily Ann N. says:

    I like the brown one on the far left.

  8. Ann F. says:

    I love the stained glass and would definitely love to give that a try.

  9. Marilyn says:

    I love all of the new products, especially the stained glass. I have a miniature conservatory and would make these conservatory panels to give away.

  10. Kim Lucak says:

    Adorable!!! I love this….gardening is a passion and would love to have my own conservatory, but would enjoy at least decorating a mini one!!! Truly an exciting giveaway 🙂

  11. rosalie e lunger says:

    Wow, your projects just keep getting better and better!!!

  12. Carla says:

    Love the conservatories! Lots of possibilities!

  13. Rebecca R. says:

    So pretty! Love it! I would have to make a stained glass old english-inspired fairy garden!

  14. Thalia Kottke says:

    I love the Greek statues clips that look sooo 3-D.

  15. Anne W says:

    I love the two panels with the statues attached. So classy!

  16. Daphne says:

    I love this project and the size! Stained glass is magnificent. My favorite is the brick wall panel.

  17. Nancy E says:

    I love these panels!

  18. Sandie says:

    Just beautiful as always. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  19. Karen Mallory says:

    I loved that she cut them apart used hinges and used two of the books so she could pile on the embellishments. I love using embellishments!

  20. chris pecherzewski says:

    love the windows. might use them o a book box. many ideas.would be fun to make other things.

  21. Laural says:

    The red bird

  22. Jennifer J says:

    What a gorgeous project! I love the panel with the red berries

  23. Tricia Patton says:

    I like the panel that has the greenery including teensy red berries!

  24. Kathie Morgan says:

    What a great kit! The ideas for it are flying thru my head like little butterflies!

  25. Leanne S says:

    I like the brickwork one best and the stained glass windows are way cool! I think I’d want to make an actual conservatory out of the panels somehow, like a diorama ….

  26. Jean marmo says:

    This has got to be one of my favorites!!just lovely.

  27. Debbie S. says:

    Congrats to Kat! I wasn’t sure what to expect after seeing the unfinished kit, WOW! What a great job, I would have never thought to do that. They are all so nice, I like the faux stained glass look. Thanks for another opportunity to win.

  28. My favorite section is the one with the ivy climbing on it and the gargoyle at the top.

  29. Randi says:

    This is really neat. I really like the look of the stained glass windows

  30. Janet Turner says:

    Oh, this kit is really beautiful! It would fit right into an English garden. I love anything with ivy.

  31. kathleen codyrachel says:

    I love all your posts and every THING I’ve purchased ❤ I just keep forgetting to enter !!! It’s not like I don’t want free gifts particularly your free gifts😄

  32. Nadine says:

    The cathedral window is neat and I love the stain glass idea!

  33. Traci says:

    Love them all-Laura has such amazing projects. She is so creative.

  34. Barb A says:

    Love all of the panels, don’t think I can pick a favorite. Laura has once again inspired with a fabulous work of art, thanks for sharing your talent Laura.

  35. Sheila AR says:

    This would be so charming on a windowsill. I love the panel with the red bird on the birdbath with the stained glass and the twining leaves! Love this whole idea and would certainly make it, probably adding some Alice or Peter Rabbit characters.

  36. Laura callies says:

    My gavorite panel os the one with the person wearing a dress. I would also ise the stained glass technique, but with more of a gothic theme. Laura makes some of my all time favorite creations.

  37. Janet Johnson says:

    This is so pretty! I love the panel that pictures a terrarium! I would love to play with this.

  38. Barb macaskill says:

    The brick front is lovely with all the ornate scrollwork and the stunning stained glass windows! Totally loving the entire creation though! I would be on cloud 9 if I am the lucky winner of this awesome giveaway prize! TFS!

  39. toewsk says:

    My favorite is the Gothic page.

  40. Marykay chisum says:

    The faux brick facade is wonderful!

  41. Michelle Gajdacs says:

    My favorite panel is the second from the left…but all of them are pretty awesome!

  42. Rhonda Sihocky says:

    So pretty. I always wanted to do something with stained glass.

  43. Mary Mac says:

    Love the mini roses

  44. Margaret says:

    I love the arched window with the dark greenery and roses and the Green Man at the top. I love the entire thing of course. This would be so much fun to do!

  45. Amy says:

    really would love to try this. would be perfect in my sunroom.

  46. Carol Feiner says:

    I love the panels with the goddess statues!

  47. Verna says:

    My favorite is the greek statue with the bird bath. I could see myself sitting in that yard! Thanks for the inspiration.

  48. Jennie Ingram says:

    I think my favorite panel is the blue to gold stained glass, with the birdbath & cardinal in front of it!

  49. Carol Slowik says:

    My favorite is the statue with the bird bath and red bird. Love the stained glass in that one as well!

  50. Karen says:

    I like the stained glass and the way each section has it’s own personality

  51. Pauline M says:

    Might tell a story from our past and give to my Cousin

  52. Patricia says:

    I like all the pages of the conservatory so much I can’t choose a favorite.