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Vintage French Fashion & New Altoids Tin Facades

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It’s always a good sign when the Design Team come up with way different projects using the same kit, as you’ll see today with artwork by Kristin Batsel and Rhonda Secrist Thomas — both using the new Tiny Dress Shop Kit.

This kit started with the Moments in Time 6×6 Paper Pad (A pretty mix of vintage icons (Eiffel Tower, dress forms, birds) an a pretty palette of colors, too). 1 each of all 8 double-sided designs is in the kit.

As that paper has a page of mixed dress forms (and there’s also a new 3D dress form… more on that below) I designed a couple mini sets of chipboard shapes with dress forms. The set in the kit is the Mini Paper Dolls Shape Set. It includes 2 paper dolls and 2 styles of dress forms. Plus some pretty new filigree (2 pieces, to make the top and bottom of a sign for your dress shop?).

Speaking of chipboard: there a new set of Altoids Tin Facades (and one of the four is in the kit). And also a related 3D roof being announced today (that fits behind the tops of the facades (and is shaped to sit on an Altoids Tin)).

Back to the paper dolls: there are 2 new collage sheets in the kit. One of them (A Tiny French Dress Shop) includes clothes to fit one of the paper dolls in the Mini Paper Dolls Shape Set. Plus some text that can work as signage with the filigree pieces I mentioned above.

The other collage sheet is of French fashion magazines from (mainly) the 1930s and 1940s. Most are 1:12 & 1:24 scale. There are also larger versions that could work as posters inside a dress shop. It also includes some tiny clothes to fit the other paper doll in the Mini Paper Dolls Shape Set.

Finally, some tiny strips of white Dresden: perfect for lacy borders.

More info about the new kit is on the Tiny Dress Shop Kit page. And remember to scroll down to the Giveaway on this page for a chance to win a kit plus lots of extras! Plus between here and there, a big bunch of pretty coordinating papers & trims!

On to the artwork! How fun is this pair of tiny shrines?! Kristin Batsel made homes for a couple of her vintage bisque dolls (Bucky and Maria… glad to know Kristin names her dolls). And good to see a non-fashion use for the new kit papers and facades right off the bat!

More info and photos in Kristin’s blog post, and here’s a link to see all her supplies.

Moving on to Her Own Little Dress Shop by Rhonda! (See the wide photo below… the back of the dress shop is on the right side, and how cute to make a chimney from measuring tape!)

That measuring tape is paper (it and the big scissors on the back of the shrine are from the new Miss Betty Vintage Thread & Sewing Scrapbook Paper).

More info and photos in Rhonda’s blog post, and here’s a link to see all her supplies. And see the Giveaway below for a before-and-after photo from Rhonda (how she dressed that tiny 3D dress form you can see reflected in the mirror).


Ending TOMORROW: Miniatures Sale and FREE Gift!

Everything in the 1:12 Scale Building Materials section is on sale! The sale ends MONDAY night, April 30th 2018 (goodbye, April). That includes both of the new miniature hardware announced last Thursday (one shown at left)!

Over 60 items! Go check out the sale!

And there’s a new FREE Gift with ALL Orders!
I don’t know… it was one of those “one thing led to another” things… I was looking for 1:12 scale foliage or other things that could be used with buildings (like Laura Carson’s project from Thursday). Then I happened on the mushrooms! Not at all related to a French boutique, but soooo cute! So ALL ORDERS now through Monday, April 30th 2018 will get one of the new Tiny Group of Red Resin Mushrooms FREE!

Plus, if you spend $50 or more, you’ll also receive one of the 2 Inch Gnomes FREE. They’re just perfect together!

Hooray for the Tiny Dress Shop Kit Giveaway

Before I explain what’s in today’s Giveaway, look at that sweet dress Rhonda made on the new 3D dress form! Just a tiny snip of lace and some of the new 6×6 paper… Rhonda has more photos and tips on her blog post, too.

Ok… back to this Giveaway: Beside one of the Tiny Dress Shop Kits (that includes SIX items all by itself, however I am subbing the set of all 4 facades instead of the one normally in the kit — that way you’ll get the same shape that Rhonda used), this Giveaway also includes more things Rhonda used (all except the last item are new today):

3 Inch Miniature Dress Form
Miss Betty Vintage Thread & Sewing Scrapbook Paper
Altoids Tin Roof
Dress Shop Shape Set
Blank Altoids Tin (the only item that’s not new today, but you’ll need one for making this little shrine)

To enter the Tiny Dress Shop Kit Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY or TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, Monday Night, April 30, 2018).

AND tell me: What will you make with all these goodies? Or which of them do you have plans for first?

Don’t forget to leave your (hello!) correct email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via

Hey, who won the Eclectic Giveaway from Thursday’s newsletter? That would be Debbie Malone! Congrats! Check your email for info.

Posted by Leslie, April 29th, 2018

43 responses to “Vintage French Fashion & New Altoids Tin Facades”

  1. Pauline Pire says:

    I want to start doing your neat tiny goodies.
    I love the Tiny Dress Shop.


  2. Kim Lucak says:

    Love the tiny dress shop!!! Anything French is for me 🙂

  3. Catharine McCammon says:

    Straight away I will live my fashion dream! I’ll create little doily dresses for display!

  4. Emily Ann N. says:

    I’d make tiny dresses for the dress form.

  5. Pam Weiler says:

    I will play with all of it immediately. I really like the Altoids facade.

  6. I am in love with Paris and anything pertaining to it. I would make a diorama of a shop in Paris

  7. Denise Humenik says:

    It’s all so beautiful. I would have fun making something ultra-femme!

  8. Jaimi Bailey says:

    I love,love,LOVE the dress shop! I would love to make one, but I see myself coming back for more to make a bakery, a toy shop, a flower shop… I am so inspired!

  9. Anne says:

    I would create a sewing nook for my witch’s house.

  10. Dona says:

    I already have items put away for a french ladies shop and these items will make a dream come true.

  11. Janet Turner says:

    I love the tiny dress shop theme. It would be like a flshback to making doll clothes as a child.

  12. Jen R says:

    I think I’d make some high fashion to put in a tiny window display.

  13. Lou Conaway says:

    I’m planning a tiny little room box dress shop that’s a bit bigger than an Altoid tin. This will be the 1st time In about 60 years I’ve played with paper dolls and I plan to have fun!

  14. Karen Mallory says:

    I would dress the mini dress form and add it to my mini sewing room I have made!

  15. Kat Cashwell says:

    I would have to make dress shop – love the mini dress form!

  16. WENDY CLEAVER says:

    I love everything, especially the paper dolls!

  17. Gilda says:

    Love the mini paper dolls and the dress shop set. The collage sheets and papers are beautiful. Rhonda’s ideas are fabulous and I would love to try and make something like she has created.

  18. Jessica Shiffer says:

    Mini paper dolls in fancy dresses, who could resist? Love the dress shop. Already thinking of the different style dresses to make for sale in my boutique.

  19. Nadine says:

    I would add a dress shop to my street of shops!

  20. Laurie staffaroi says:

    A fine addition for my ladies dress shop!

  21. Rosemarie Grant says:

    I love anything in an Altoid can. I’d make the shop and also a bridal garden with the bride of course.

  22. Marilyn Ray says:

    I will need an area to make my new designer witches outfit. It’s all Halloween to me. LOL

  23. Celia says:

    Wow..this one I love! I sew and quilt. I was just going to try altoid tins so this will be perfect. Maybe for a fairy dress shop…..

  24. sandra says:

    I see this going in the French shops with all kind of dresses. The altoids tin can become a armoire with shelves with beads as feet wow I can see it now

  25. Karen says:

    Dress shop isn’t something I’ve thought of but now it’s spinning around my mind

  26. Nancy E says:

    I would make a shadow box and recreate my daughter-in-laws wedding dress on the mannequin and gift to her for her anniversary which is coming up in June. I think she’d be thrilled!

  27. Debra Young says:

    This kit looks like it would be fun. I love paper dolls. I’ve also never done an Altoids tin. Love the smaller size too.

  28. Sandie says:

    The kit looks interesting. I would love to do dress shop or flower shop.

  29. Annie B says:

    Ooh I just love the little shrines for the bisque dolls. Now to find some little bisque dolls!

  30. Debbie S. says:

    Congrats to Debbie M! Love paper dolls and have never done an altoid tin. Great chance to try a dress shop. Thanks again for another chance to win.

  31. OMG!!! This is so adorable! I love the roof for the tins and those tiny lacy accents are wonderful. I bet they would be great on cards too.

  32. Barb A says:

    Love the tiny dress shop. Would love to make it.

  33. Traci says:

    Love it all too cute!

  34. Cheryl Lee says:

    These are all so dang cute!! I already have a set of your Tim Holtz tiny porcelain dolls so that is one idea, and I LOVE that little sewing theme one too!! And the ‘paper’ dress on the dress form is a great idea, will certainly be trying that one!! Congrats to Debbie!!

  35. Jo says:

    I love love love the dress shop pieces! I want to make a paper doll triptych that is sewing inspired!

  36. Jean marmo says:

    Just darling. Loving the dress form.

  37. Roe says:

    I love altered altoids tins. I can think of at least a dozen projects.

  38. Randi says:

    Looks like a fun kit to try. Love the altoid tin ideas. Can’t wait to try those.

  39. Marykay chisum says:

    So many possibilities!! But a sewing nook isn’t awesome!

  40. Carol Slowik says:

    I love this giveaway! I will start with the dress form and create the most beautiful gown ever!

  41. K Toews says:

    Gotta make the dress shop!

  42. Mary Mac says:

    A tiny dress shop would be fun.

  43. Peggy Manning says:

    My daughter loves to sew. This would be a wonderful gift for her. Can hardly wait to design and build it as a gift for her because she does so much for me.