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Fairies and Easter Eggs?

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Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. However, you can see the supply list items from Rhonda’s and Teri’s projects that are still available on the new site.

Easter Collage Sheets?! Yes! It is getting to be that time… Spring? It’s early spring here, though I know a lot of you are facing fresh snow. So how about some bunnies and chicks and Easter eggs to brighten your day?

ALL Easter Collage Sheets on sale for 50% off now through Monday night, February 29th! (And a bonus: that new Eggs and Easter Collage Sheet (with a preview shown at left… and also included in today’s Giveaway) is also included in the 50% off Sale!)

Design Team Member Rhonda Thomas has made an enchanting Fairy House from the Little House Kit and the House Oddities Box.

I created a little home for fairies with this cool House Oddities Box from Alpha Stamps. It’s filled with seven precious house silhouettes that you can decorate as you please.

Did I go into the woods to collect moss? Gosh no! I used Sheet Moss to cover the top of the box (by the way, it is super easy to work with) mixed in with some Leafy Green Underbrush. Added to that is some Flower Soft Sweet Pea that makes it look like teeny flowers are in the greenery and there are also tiny rosebuds. Also on top you’ll see a cute squirrel, mushrooms and rose leaves.

Inside is a gorgeous fairy standing in a beautiful ball room; and there’s also some magical houses that the fairies love to visit.

I loved using the papers from the Provincial Collection to cover the houses with. The colors and designs are so pleasing to the eye, you can’t go wrong with using it. The houses are decorated with fairy and flora images from an assortment of collage sheets that you can find listed on my Supply List.

To raise up the Fairy House, Tiny Wooden Peg Dolls were used to create some “legs”. (That way it can be put onto a fairy truck and moved to a different part of the forest whenever the mood strikes!)

Visit Rhonda’s blog for more details and photos.

Next up: Design Team Emeritus Teri Calia has come up with hand-made Tiny Pull Toys. (And a flurry of other mini Easter projects, too!) Look at them go with their 4mm and 6mm tiny buttons for wheels; and people — we need to talk about the SUPER DUPER cute animals that are riding on the pull toys.

I almost don’t even want to bring to your attention the Hedgehog because well, you know… I need to make sure that I get mine first. It’s beyond adorable, after all! The little ducks are darling and the rabbits are smartly dressed with their fancy ribbons around their necks.

Visit Teri’s blog for more details and photos AND a tutorial on making some tiny (and super easy) Spring pull toys!



Hooray for the Cute as a Bunny Giveaway!

I picked out a mix of items from Teri’s many cute Easter projects (and a few new items) to make this Giveaway:
Doll Buttons – 4mm Mix
Mini Duck, Ducklings & Fence Set
Eggs and Easter Collage Sheet (new and on sale as part of the Easter Collage Sheet sale!)
1 Inch Mulberry Paper Rose Leaves
Tiny 3D Hedgehog
Micro Rustic Wheelbarrow
Mini Rabbit Figurine
Tiny Wicker Basket
Crowned Winged Heart Charm

To enter the Cute as a Bunny Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY OR TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, FRIDAY, February 26, 2016)! And tell me: Tiny pull toys for Spring? A micro wheelbarrow full of carrots? What will you make with all these items?

Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via So check your mailbox on Sunday morning to see who won and for the next Giveaway and Newsletter (AND March Kit Announcement)!

Hey, who won the Houses with Bling Giveaway? That would be Robyn Holway! Congratulations! Check your email for info.

Posted by Leslie, February 25th, 2016

67 responses to “Fairies and Easter Eggs?”

  1. debbi george says:

    Thanks for this great give-a-way. Would love to make a center piece out of these items.

  2. Kat Cashwell says:

    how precious are those minis! I would have to do a mini garden scene Easter egg hunt! you could add some fun mini plastic eggs that have been wrapped in the foil from the pastel Hersey kisses!

  3. Lucy williams says:

    Alpha stamps,

    I just realized after looking at your site/blog for all these years, lthat I can use your miniatures outside in my fairy gardens planters and change them up for each holiday! Your prices are so much better than the nursery.


  4. Diane Petersmarck says:

    I’m still thinking about making a fairy garden pot – so would love this kit. Plus, so much more I could do with it for Easter deco!

  5. Kim Lucak says:

    Love it!!! Bunnies and pull toys 🙂

  6. Leanna Alverson says:

    I think I’d put some of them in my fairy garden!

  7. How adorable I would love the tiny pull toys how fun that would be to make I would love to win Thanks for the chance

  8. Nancy Enge says:

    Working on an outdoor Urban Scavenger Fairy garden that needs a crowned winged heart!

  9. Alma Casiano says:

    Bunny town express is on the way…With these tiny little items I’d make an Easter time parade to stroll down the middle of a tiny little town…hoppy Easter !

  10. Nadine Ertel says:

    Those pull toys are adorable. I would love to make a little Easter scene. My daughter has a hedgehog named Buddy. She would love to have the cute little hedgehog.

  11. Emily Ann Dale says:

    I’d make a bunny diorama.

  12. KIM says:

    I have to join along with others.
    These items are prefect for a fairy garden.

  13. Carla says:

    An Easter scene! With a lot of flow rd, chicks and toys

  14. jean marmo says:

    Would definitely do Easter! Love the bunnies and toys! Such super sweet items!

  15. Jennifer Bumb says:

    I would make an Easter diorama using one of the adorable little shadow boxes that you sell. My imagination would be put to good use along with all your great miniatures.

  16. Maggie M says:

    OMG, great giveaway! I have a couple of wooden bird houses designed like ‘pagotas’ (if that’s the right description) that have open areas and windows that would be perfect for displaying all of the miniature animals and florals in this giveaway. Please, choose me!

  17. Marilyn Hughes says:

    I’m enamored with the mini pull toy idea! I think that would be great to try. I think I’d even put wheels on the basket, fill it with a little moss, and maybe one of the flowers. Join them all together a that would be cute.

  18. Jen R says:

    I have quite a few Easter projects to work on, I’m thinking these would be fun on spoolies.

  19. A wheelbarrow full of hedgehogs? How delightful!

  20. Holly says:

    I love tiny animals! I would love to make an Easter diorama for my nephews (who are still young enough to know that it’s wonderful when boys love flowers and animals!).

  21. Lou Anne says:

    I’d make a little Easter Bunny fantasy garden.

  22. judy golden says:

    I would so love to win this giveaway, so many cute items for Easter Fairy house, love to learn from the best~

  23. Kieran Grey says:

    I love the pull toy idea, those would be fun to make. I’d like to make a little something for my daughter’s fairy garden as well.

  24. barb macaskill says:

    I would put the hedgehog in the wagon with the “lettuce” (leaves) and carrots so he could be sneakily munching away on the harvest! The Fairies would be flitting around trying to get him out before he eats all of them!
    WHat a fun addition to my Fairy Village! thanks for the chance to win these!

  25. Lori D. says:

    Omg, I’m dyin at the cuteness!!! Especially those little hedgehogs! I would love to make a mini enchanted forest! Thank you for the opportunity to win. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  26. Jenni B. says:

    The tiny Easter pull toys idea is really sweet! I would very much like to make some of my own, but I would also like to make an Alice in Wonderland themed fairy garden. As always, thanks for the awesome inspiration!

  27. JenniferJ says:

    These are so cute! I have always wanted a fairy garden. This would be a great start. And a very spring-y feel.

  28. Lina says:

    Easter diorama!

  29. Laura callies says:

    I would make a shadow box with bunnies surrounded with their favorite foods / items playing with the pull toys.

  30. Kathlene Ford-Walters says:

    Today’s my b’day some I’m crossing my fingers I win. The Easter items are so cute………… and I’m not really sure what I would make.


  31. Karen Mallory says:

    This is such a cute giveaway and there is no way I can pass up making those adorable little pull toys!

  32. Barb Striethorst says:

    Perfect items for an Easter scene – now where is that tree stump I’ve always been meaning to turn into one?

  33. Sandy says:

    So darn cute. Tons of ideas are dancing in my head!

  34. Mary Helene says:

    I would make a mini bunny garden.

  35. Jo says:

    Love the bunnies!!!!

  36. TracI says:

    Love the giveaway-can’t wait for spring. Would love to use all the cute items in my Easter decor.

  37. Marilyn Fishwick says:

    Those animal pull toys are the cutest things ever. I want to make some! Plus I am working on a forested fairy world and those items in the give away would be perfect for it.

  38. Peg says:

    I want to make a shrine piece using those cute little items!

  39. Cindy Rescorl says:

    Would love to put some hedgehogs and chicks in a wheelbarrow!

  40. Peg D says:

    What a fun giveaway! I would totally make some pull toys and I have a small house that could use a resident hedgehog 🙂 I have been making some little shrine with the bagatelle boxes and these little cuties would work well with them.Love the little wheelbarrow and baskets too!

  41. Ina M Good says:

    Definitely in my fairy garden

  42. Jen says:

    I’m working on an idea for a tiny terrarium garden. These would be fabulous in there!

  43. joan says:

    How about a whimsical Easter parade in a miniature garden.

  44. Katieb says:

    Baby’s first garden

  45. Carolyn Bowlby says:

    Just perfect. What more can I say!

  46. Kathy says:

    What a great giveaway! I would make a mini Easter scene!

  47. LoisC says:

    Would definitely make the pull toys!

  48. Jackie P Neal says:

    Omgosh those teeny tiny critters are just too adorable!!

  49. Janet Gray says:

    Oh, my gosh! I NEED these cute hedgehogs – they are too, too cute. I like all the other little cuties too!! Thanks for the give away…

  50. Carol Slowik says:

    Love the bunny and hedgehogs! Would love to incorporate them into my fairy garden!

  51. marykay chisum says:

    A spring gnome garden !!

  52. Judy says:

    Everything is so cute and I could use them so many ways from dollhouses to fairy gardens to Easter scenic sugar eggs

  53. Linda Marie says:

    A wheelbarrow full of animals and flowers!

  54. Thalia says:

    The tiny hedgehogs are so adorable. I think I would have to make a tiny hedgerow for them to frolic in.

  55. Leah Fein says:

    Tiny gnome market stand

  56. Ginette says:

    A farm of hedgehogs with another animal like pigs or cats to take care of them.

  57. Suzanne ww says:

    These are adorable. I would put a few hedge pigs in a row for a piggy parade!

  58. Brenda Moehlig says:

    I think a sweet little field of grass and flowers, with children running during an Easter egg hunt would be adorable. Not my thing, but I would make it for someone else.

  59. Liz Hand says:

    These would be perfect to decorate an Easter glitter house.

  60. Nancy S says:

    Just love these pieces. I would create a vignette for my Easter centerpiece!

  61. Rose says:

    Ha! I would do a magical spring garden with fairy gardeners making things grow to fantastical proportions!

  62. Luanne Shoup says:

    The fairies and bunnies must be great friends!

  63. LeAnn says:

    They would look amazing in a fairy garden.

  64. Deidre says:

    Hmm, I think I would do a fairy themed shadow box…though I would be tempted to use the hedgehogs in my Alice creations! Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. Marlene Daniels says:

    My fairy house needs a spring cleaning, what better way to spruce it up with these amazing pieces..

  66. Cheryl Lee says:

    How cute! Would make a sweet litle miniature Easter vignette!

  67. Karen says:

    I sew up small all fabric fairies and all of these wonderful little charms would be perfect additions to these little characters. Love your selections.