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Romantic French Shadowboxes with FREE Collage Sheet

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Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. However, you can see the supply lists for Rhonda’s projects on the new site: Paris Duel Theatre, Theatre Francais Theatre, Jungle Love Theatre, and Love Paris Theatre.

I was inspired by Rhonda’s romantic couple in her Jungle Love Theatre (see theatre below with blue curtains), so I’ve made a new Standing Couples Gift Sheet! Sized for any of the new paper theatres (and full images of couples standing or strolling). It will be sent as a FREE gift for every order placed January 21st through 25th. All-digital orders will receive the collage sheet as a pdf file.

I have also put ALL Mother Goose Collage Sheets on sale for 50% off now through January 25th! Even though that sounds like “just” a children’s illustrations section, there are lots of Queen of Hearts collage sheets in the Mother Goose Collage Sheet section. Which makes them perfect for either a Valentine’s Day or Alice in Wonderland project. (The Queen of Hearts #2 Collage Sheet is shown at left. And another is included in the Giveaway below.) Now I’m handing this intro off the Miz Bella!

Design Team Member Rhonda Thomas has been busy creating and has come up with Paris Love & Other Theatres of Joy. Not only did Rhonda use the Amour Kit, but she also used all of the Add-On Kits as well: the Amour Add-On Kit, Cirque Facade Add-On Kit and Theatre Francais Facade Add-On Kit.

Three of Rhonda’s gorgeous theatres use the 3D stages, and one uses the Square Shrine – Gatefold. The Gatefold Shrine is made to be “hinged” together (just with paper tape… or metal hinges if you’re ambitious) to make a simple shrine. I have been finding that while creating the larger 3D theatres is fun, sometimes simple is better. Especially if you have an insane need to create, anything as long as you’re creating something (you all know what I’m talking about!)

Or perhaps you want to make some sweet Valentine’s to send out that will just blow the socks off whoever the recipient is — so make them a Gatefold Shrine Theatre. Why? Since you can fold the sides to make the shrine smaller, you can also very easily pop it in the mail!

If you look at Rhonda’s Paris Duel Theatre, (that’s the lower one in the photo at right, that uses the Gatefold Shrine) you can see how she (fabulously) decorated the front (center panel and sides) with a couple copies of the Square Shadowbox Red Curtains Collage Sheet. This collage sheet has a nice selection of curtains (including an outer set to overlay onto either of the smaller inner options) and the colors are trés dramatique.

Rhonda overlaid the Paris version of the Cirque Shadowbox Facades Collage Sheet (shown at left) over the center panel (that collage sheet has options for changing the title of the facades from Cirque to Paris or Alice — and also includes a blank sign for filling in your own title).

The back of the gatefold is covered with paper from the Amour 12×12 Collection Kit. Add a few Mini Tassels and some Loop Braid to the shrine and there you have it — an easy peasy shrine to keep for yourself or to give away.

You can find other samples using the Gatefold Shrine from the past Toy Shoppe Shrine Swap in the Gallery.

Paris Duel Theatre Supply List (including those French dancers!)

Oh, feeling like an over-achiever, are you? And you’re up for a challenge? Rhonda has that handled as well, with the Theatre Francais Theatre that uses the French Fairies Shadowbox Facade Collage Sheet.

She has created a step-by-step tutorial that includes her trick to cut the theatre facade outline, even getting into the teeny tiny edges; and she also tells you what basic item you probably already have that helps with other finishing touches!

Theatre Francais Theatre Supply List
Jungle Love Theatre Supply List
Love Paris Theatre Supply List

Head on over to Rhonda’s blog to see more pictures, further details and the tutorial for the Theatre Francais Theatre.


Hooray for the Love Paris Theatre Giveaway!

I picked out a mix of items from THREE of Rhonda’s French-Inspired Theatres to pull together this Giveaway:
– The Amour Kit (which includes the Amour 6×6 Paper Pad, 1/2 Inch Loop Braid – Red and Square Shrine – Gatefold — all used in Rhonda’s theatres)
1/2 Inch Loop Braid – Black
Being French #1 Collage Sheet
Being French #2 Collage Sheet (Ooo La La!)
Nouveau Goddess – Raw Brass Stamping (Back in Stock)
Ombre Loop Pom Pom Fringe – Pink (I love how she turned it upside-down at the top of her theatre)
Paris Post Collage Sheet
Square Shadowbox – Opera Comique Collage Sheet
Square Shadowbox Curtains – Teal Collage Sheet

PLUS (not shown in the photos at right) I’m including:
– that new Standing Couples Gift Sheet (this is the FREE gift with order sheet — so you have some couples sized for your gatefold theatre)
– the new Even Tinier Books – Set of 12 (you might need some tiny copies of Proust lying about a shadowbox)
– a new Clear Plastic Mini Cake Stand and
– a Queen of Hearts #3 Collage Sheet (one of the Mother Goose Collage Sheets on sale at 50% off through Monday night!)

To enter the Love Paris Theatre Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY OR TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, FRIDAY, January 22, 2016)! And tell me: What creative project would you make using ALL of the items in the Giveaway? Maybe just all 9 of the items in that grid? Would you make a theatre like one of Rhonda’s? Something different?

Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via So check your mailbox on Sunday morning to see who won and for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

Hey, who won the Valentine Market Stall Giveaway? That would be Christine V!

Congratulations! Check your email for more info.

Posted by Leslie, January 21st, 2016

49 responses to “Romantic French Shadowboxes with FREE Collage Sheet”

  1. Great collection. Trivia fact – did you know that the Can-Can was so scandalous because they were wearing panties when they high kicked. Naughty!

    If I won, I think I would like to make the CanCan theater.

  2. marykay chisum says:

    Ahhh Valentine’s and the queen of hearts! What a great collection for an Alice display!

  3. Kim Lucak says:

    I would make a French theater – very fun!!!

  4. Carole Haber says:

    I am so in love with this collection!

  5. Emily Ann says:

    I’d make a can-can dancer collage.

  6. Barb says:

    I would make a valentine collage with some can can dancers.

  7. jean marmo says:

    LOVE those frames and books! I would make something for my sister who has been to Paris twice. HEr birthday is in a few weeks so this would be just perfect!!

  8. Rose says:

    This is so inspiring! I would make a can can theater as well, with a Valentine’s theme. I am so amazed by the creativity. 😉

  9. Leanna Alverson says:

    I love miniatures and reading is my passion! I think I’d make a library with a lovers scene, perhaps like an old time movie!

  10. Margaret D says:

    I love every one of them! I am loving the idea of the CanCan dancers too but the little books and all the queen of hearts stuff says Alice. So I am really not sure. I would like to step outside the box though so I think CanCan dancers and Paris would win lol

  11. Nancy S says:

    I think I would create a Moulin Rouge inspired theater.

  12. Jen R says:

    Tho it wouldn’t be as lovely as the posted one, I would go with a theatre as well.

  13. Mary Helene says:

    Love to make a theater inspired by my grand mother and use some of her old photos.

  14. Jennie says:

    I think I’d make a Follies Bergere theatre!

  15. JillO says:

    I have been slowly collecting materials for a tunnel book theater. This would give me all the things I need to make it in one fell swoop.

  16. April Dudko says:

    I do believe I’d make a folded book theater. I’m intrigued by folded books, and have admired the ones on the Artfully Musing blog.

  17. barb macaskill says:

    I think I would try to create a Valentine’s shrine of the place where hubby and I met!! How cool would that be?!? TFS!

  18. Lana says:

    I make jewelry using microscope slides and solder. So I would make a batch of necklaces from this lovely lot.

  19. Kimberly Laws says:

    What an awesome collection! I would definitely be creating a Valentine shadowbox!

  20. Luanne Shoup says:

    Like the can can girls!

  21. Arlene Wheeler says:


  22. Holly says:

    The trim reminds me of hats. I’ve always wanted to try to make a hat for my cat.

  23. oh How I love Paris I would love to win this and make a shadow box with everything Pick me pleeeese!! Thanks so much

  24. Nancy Enge says:

    So many great elements in this collection! I will spread them all out and then build from the heart 🙂

  25. Karen says:

    I love to sew, creating cloth dolls, so something that involved French Fashion, shopping or going to the theater would be a thought. If I was the lucky selected random winner, it would be fun to have all these items to ponder over.

  26. Katie west says:

    Oh to be in Paris in the Spring. For me love in a garden or a grand opera

  27. Laura callies says:

    These are amazing items. Since red is my favorite colour, i adore the choices. I would love to see the Queen of Hearts come to life in Paris. All her interactions could tell a most stunning story in Paris.

  28. Nadine says:

    More Great Stuff!

  29. Verna stapleton says:

    These are fun. I would make a Paris themed book. Thanks for a chance to win.

  30. Carolyn Charlton says:

    I love love these items!! I would make a super romantic valentine box with stories of love and romance!

  31. Barbara Anderson says:

    So much romance……valentines, ATCs, miniatures, peddlers cart, theater, shrine…………so many ideas it’s hard
    to choose just one!

  32. MaggieM says:

    I would make a Parisian shrine and fill it with all of the giveaway goodies:)

  33. Janet T says:

    My granddaughter is very involved in theater arts. I would love to make her a mini theater for
    valentine’s Day.

  34. Lou Anne H. says:

    I love the French theatre. I’d make one of my own if I won.

  35. Lori D. says:

    I adore this giveaway! I would make a Moulin Rouge Theatre Extravaganza scene. Thank you for the opportunity to win. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  36. Susan Coolidge says:

    What a beautiful collection. How nice of you to organize a giveaway! Nice job on the theatre.

  37. Kristie says:

    I love everything Paris. What wonderful papers and collage sheets to play with.

  38. Karen Mallory says:

    With the two curtain collage sheets, how could you not make some kind of theater!

  39. Barb Striethorst says:

    I honeymooned in Paris – a Theatre souvenir scene!

  40. carmen g says:

    The left and the right would be marquee’s for the grand show which would be the center panel…I’d put large masonite windows with pretty girls hanging out and waving…and yes…I would take some of your battery operated lanterns and paint the lights RED. 😉
    Nuff said. hah!

  41. Diana Bittaker says:

    I would creat a valentine scene- set the stage with flowing curtains- have a vintage young couple sitting at table with one of your pretty red table settings w/ cake and champagne !

  42. Jo says:

    I would make Valentines Day cards!

  43. Cindy F says:

    I would love to win all these goodies to make a French inspired theatre. Thanks for a another great giveaway!

  44. Thalia Kottke says:

    Would love to make a teal color scheme theater.

  45. Carolyn Bowlby says:

    I’ve got my dancing shoes and costume all ready to go when I win this wonderful Giveaway.

  46. Marilyn H says:

    I’d make a theater scene. That’s what it lends itself to so well. Maybe have a red and white theme since it is about to be February.

  47. Ginette says:

    Another diorama

  48. kathy sokol says:

    Oh yes please; a French themed theater would be just so much fun to create!

  49. Elizabeth H. says:

    I love everything and I would make a french theater scene.