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New Tim Holtz Fossilized Amber PLUS More Dollhouse Miniatures!

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Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. However, you can see the supply list items from Rhonda’s project that are still available on the new site.

Just one announcement before getting to the eye candy (artwork today by TWO Design Team Members, and lots of pretty miniatures)!

We have a NEW FREE collage sheet offer starting today: a FREE Fairies Collage Sheet with every order! Your free sheet will be Leslie’s choice from the Fairies Collage Sheets. PLUS: that section is ON SALE for 50% off for this week only (and remember: all the collage sheet are on sale for 15% off). Note: if you order any of the Fairies Collage Sheets, we’ll try to give you a free one that doesn’t duplicate your order (so you’ll have a surprise). Fairies Collage Sheets Sale ends Friday night, May 1st.

Fairies? How did I possibly pick out the Fairies Collage Sheets section for this week’s sale, with new artwork by Design Team Member Nichola Battilana? The little imps on Nichola’s awards may not have wings, but the sweet children with wands, “potted” in moss and paper flowers just feel like fairies to me!

I’m not too proud to admit that this year has been a bit difficult for me creatively. I’ve been creating work. I’ve even made some things that were quite nifty… but I’ve kinda felt ‘disconnected’ with my work.

Anyway, I finally feel as though I’m getting back on track. I’ve got one or two projects I can’t show off just yet, but I also made something just for the hell of it that I think you’ll like. Some Very Important Altered Awards

Very Important Altered Awards are made from simple, plastic trophy cups, similar to the Tim Holtz Mini Trophy Cups. You can do some great faux finishes using Alcohol Inks and Distress Paints. As you can see the Mirrored Stars give just the right amount of sparkle and shine. By the way — those Mirrored Stars are faceted AND they take Alcohol Inks really well!

More pictures of the Altered Awards are on the Pixie Hill Blog.

And check below because Leslie has picked out some impish collage sheets (and butterflies & ladybugs) for the Fairy Luggage Giveaway, to make your own version of Nichola’s awards!


Next up we have The Doll Collector by Design Team Member Rhonda Secrist Thomas, using the Steamer Trunk Mini Kit (plus the Mini Striped Grosgrain Ribbon, Tiny Gold Buckles and Tiny Vintage Letters & Postage Collage Sheet from the Vintage Vagabond Kit). I love the choice of using the sage green paper from the Sweet Paris 8×8 Paper Set on the outside of the trunk.

The Doll Collector travels the world, collecting beautiful old dolls to bring home and keep her company in her art studio. She needs plenty of room because no doll can be left behind.

The Doll Collector has many letters and postcards from all around the world. Her contacts let her know when they have found more darlings for her to collect. It was super easy to create this bundle of letters. All I did was cut, fold, and glue images from Tiny Vintage Letters & Postage Collage Sheet. Some letters are even double sided!

Here is Rhonda’s Supply List and see her blog for more info (like some tips on aging that clasp (on the outside of the trunk — from the Shabby Chic Metal Door Locks) and on burning the edges of the ribbon to stop fraying).


Hooray for the Fairy Luggage Giveaway!

This list of goodies jumps around a bit but I think they all get along well.

First, a couple collage sheets from Rhonda’s The Doll Collector artwork:
Dolly & Me Collage Sheet
Dolls in the Attic Collage Sheet

Then, a few things I think would make fun Very Important Altered Awards:
Tim Holtz Mini Trophy Cups (sitting on two 1-1/2 Inch Wooden Cube Blocks and a 1-1/4 Inch Wooden Cube Block}
Colorful Butterfly Buttons (the same ones Nichola used)
Little Imps Collage Sheet
9x13mm Ladybugs
1 Inch Miniature Chickadee
Fairy Vial
12mm Acrylic Rose Beads – Mixed Colors

And FOUR of the new items:
Miniature Metal Purse Tin
Miniature Metal Suitcase Tin
3D Bronze Pointing Hands (two)
3/4 Inch Lightweight Skeleton Keys (a set of 5)

And from the Fairies Collage Sheet Sale:
Just Wings Collage Sheet
M for the Magpie Collage Sheet
Vintage Postcard Fairies Collage Sheet
Fairy Labels and Ads Collage Sheet (which brings us up to 7 collage sheets… so many I had to take another photo below to show them all)

To enter the Fairy Luggage Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY or TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, MONDAY NIGHT, April 27, 2015). AND tell me which parts of this mix of supplies you’d use together — and what you’d like to make.

Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via So make sure to check back to see who won! And check your mailbox on Thursday morning for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

Hey, who won the Time Keeper Giveaway? That would be Helen! Please check your email for my message about getting your mailing address. (And Helen commented, “It is so hard to pick a favorite! I pick the Exploratorium Time Keeper Scrapbook Paper. I love the hot air balloons, but the diver’s helmet is just too perfect to use for a gift I want to make my husband!”)

Posted by Leslie, April 26th, 2015

99 responses to “New Tim Holtz Fossilized Amber PLUS More Dollhouse Miniatures!”

  1. Lori Gesing says:

    How fairy wonderful!

  2. Joan says:

    Delightful, my fairies will definitely be doing some travelling!

  3. Rosie says:

    A true sign of Spring – Fairies in my garden!! What a wonderful menagerie…

  4. Kim Lucak says:

    Thinking flower fairies, fun, fun, fun!!

  5. Maryellen says:

    I would used the wings on a set of fairies that would need them to explore their newly blooming garden.

  6. Sandy says:

    What a creative group…this is so fun.

  7. Emily N says:

    I love the loving cups!!! I’d make a fairy bouquet with faires on stems in the decorated block and cup

  8. Rae Jean Wycoff says:

    Amazing artwork! Fairies & luggage are two of my favorite things to create with!

  9. Stefanie says:

    Oh wow!! These are lovely 🙂

  10. KIM says:

    I would use the mini suitcase or purse.
    Every year I give my daughter earrings for her birthday.
    They would be great, also fill it with some of the miniatures.
    They would be a great addition to her altered art stash.

  11. kim says:

    I would love to make tiny pixie dust necklaces with the small vials, have always wanted one 🙂

  12. What an adorable fun kit.

  13. Verna Stapleton says:

    I’d have to start with those lovely butterfly wings attached to purses. The fairy papers are just wonderful, so a fairy will have to be hitching a ride somehow! Thanks for the give away.

  14. Rosemary Sharon says:

    I would love to make the altered awards……using the awards cup….the block…..and the fairy advertising sheet……I think…….but I love the mini suitcases as well……not sure if I could work them all together though…..just love all this stuff….and would of course have to scatter some lady bugs…..

  15. Love all the winged magic. Who knew that fairies used luggage!

  16. Maura Flood says:

    What a wonderful give-away. I think I would make a Mother’s Day gift – using a trophy cup on a wooden block, then one of the little fairies from a collage sheet. The fairy would hold a little sign saying “best Mom.” I’d use a butterfly button and some rose beads in the trophy cup. Then I’d also make Mom a necklace with the fairy vial -maybe with glitter (fairy dust) inside.

  17. barbara macaskill says:

    I would use the suitcases and collage sheets to create a scene where the fairies are packing up and getting ready to go on a world tour! I would use my Prima wooden suitcase as the backdrop and place all sorts of miniatures to set the scene. Her purse would be setting on the table waiting for her to run out the door after she finishes packing!! Of course, she would need the Fairy Vial to carry her pixie dust with her! LOVE this bundle of goodies!

  18. Robin Venecia says:

    Oh what a fun giveaway! Would love to play with these goodies!

  19. Lori D. says:

    What an abundance of goodies! I would use the collage sheets to make fairy paper dolls and make a fairy playland complete with all kinds of miniature accessories. I love this and thank you for the opportunity to win. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  20. I see a miniature room with plenty of dolls, how fill their suitcases with lots of fun things.

  21. Dena Cottrell says:

    I would make trophies for my children’s teachers using the trophies, blocks, roses, ladybugs, fairy collage sheet and butterfly wings collage sheet. They would make great end of the year gifts for their teachers.

  22. cathy says:

    I have no idea. I love the suitcases. And everything else! Maybe something fun with trophies.

  23. Savyon says:

    Fairies on the Road, I think (Vagabond Fairies?), combining luggage, collage sheets, and lots of miniatures.

  24. jenni brockob says:

    The trophy cups remind me of horse racing and the Kentucky Derby, which is coming up very soon. Maybe the fairies could have a race of their very own.

  25. Lisa R. says:

    The FAE are my favorite!!! Too many possibilities lol thanks for the chance to win this !!!

  26. Andrew Francesconi says:

    I would use the mini suitcase and wooden blocks with all the fairy collage sheets to create a little fairy getaway scene. Love the fairies.

  27. Roxanne says:

    I would use the sweet lil suitcases and the trophies and collage sheets of lil’ girls. They are rooming together and have each entered the contest and each have won a trophy from a category. They are all winners…each would be standing on a block…decorated..and each with a crown.! 🙂
    Thanks for the chance.

  28. phoebe diamond says:

    Dolls in the Attic mixed with butterfly wings. The juxtaposition of creepy and non threatening makes sense in some weird way. And the fairy vials filled with not happy stuff.

  29. Kathleen Jones says:

    What fun!

  30. I love dolls and miniatures! I would definitely make the trophy fairies with the dolls and butterfly wings. The charms would be used for jewelry projects!

  31. Lorna Dufrane says:

    What fun, the ideas are just flying through my head!

  32. Pam W says:

    Miniatures are one of my very favorite things! I would use the metal purse and suitcase along with the fairy vial, roses and the fairy label collage to make a shadow box. I would still have enough goodies to make a few more things.

    Thank you for the fabulous giveaway. I realy hope I win.

  33. Kay B says:

    So cute! The suitcases would be great for a travel theme.

  34. Carolyn Bowlby says:

    Ready to win.

  35. Virginia Smith says:

    You have outdone yourselves on this giveaway! There are so many things I could make with all of these precious miniatures.

  36. Karen says:

    I design and sew cloth fairies and this collection would be perfect for a traveling garden fairy! So many small goodies for a small gardening fairy flitting about!

  37. Debbie Rollier says:

    I would love to make a travel kit and some imps

  38. Lou Anne H. says:

    I would love to make little trophies and incorporate the fairy wings. The vials would be fun to make some mermaid/fairy necklaces. This is a wonderful giveaway!

  39. joann west says:

    Adorable. So many possibilities.

  40. Lorna E. says:

    Sweet giveaway! I would create fairy children arriving at a fairy camp using Little Imps, Just Wings & Fairy labels collage sheets, the suitcase and purse with the fairy vial as a lantern.

  41. I love miniatures and have a love for the tiny dolls. soon as I saw the tiny trunk, a hundred ideas popped into my head

  42. Mary Helene says:

    Just love the metal suitcase and purse.

  43. Carmen Willis says:

    I’m sending one fairy student to Ireland, and what better gift to give her than beautiful travel luggage filled with all these goodies! Love everything in this giveaway!

  44. Joan Harsha says:

    I was a Fairy in a past life. This will help keep my memories alive.

  45. Kristie says:

    Those miniature tins are awesome. I can think of several ideas for those. The butterfly buttons Re adorable too.

  46. Traci says:

    I love todays projects. I love the little mini luggage and purse tins. I would make a little fairy garden that closes up into the luggage tin-my granddaughter would love it. She loves tins with things in it.

  47. DebR says:

    Saw Nichola’s amazing trophy cups on her blog and Rhonda’s doll collector trunk is equally amazing! What a great giveaway, I’m seeing some fairies, butterflies and flowers pouring out of those trophy cups with a vial full of fairy dust incorporated there somewhere ala Nichola’s very important altered awards. Thanks as always for the opportunity to win!

  48. Sandy says:

    Since I have collected dolls all my life I would send the dolls to a foreign land with the cutest luggage I have ever seen, this is one of my favorite kits, hope to win it!

  49. Jean marmo says:

    I could use some fairies. Love this.

  50. Luanne says:

    I would like to put the fairy wings on a dolly. Just once I would like to win. I wonder, do the same people win over and over.

  51. Jen R says:

    I love the trophy idea. I would use the collage girls, add the wings and some found poetry for my collage work. There would be plenty left over for multiple projects.

  52. Dawn says:

    Fairies are some of my favorite creatures. I would create fairy trophies filled with flowers, butterflies, chickadees, lady bugs, and glass vials of fairy dust. I would also include the luggage as the fairies have won a trip to fairyland as well, and it could go on and on and on………………..😀

  53. Peg D says:

    How this is my favorite so far! I love the little fairy trophies! I would make one for my mum and would use the little bird for her. She loves birds and she is a shining star. So she needs a trophy!

  54. Lana says:

    there is nothing in this giveaway, that I don’t love!

  55. Nancy S says:

    I just love, love, love this giveaway. I can envision creating favors for a spring bridal shower… How delightful!

  56. Ginette says:

    This is one of your best giveaway.

  57. Lori Wilczek says:

    Love this give away! The trophy cups and fairies will make a fun little mothers day trophy.

  58. Daylan says:

    This is fairy lovely! Thank your for another opportuni

  59. Lorrilee Stackhouse says:

    I have just finished a fairy doll, so I’d use the suitcase to make a mini scene for her, with fairy clothing spilling out.

  60. Rise St Arno says:

    I would use the luggage with the trophy cups, as a former travel agent, I would make vintage World Traveller Awards. London, Paris, the Moon, just to name a few.

  61. Barb says:

    In minds eye I see the fairies and flowers to begin my project.

  62. Beth Jones says:

    What an adorable kit!!

  63. Karen Mallory says:

    I love, love this giveaway! So many ideas. I would have to use the little tin purses in some way and I love the doll collector trunk idea a lot!

  64. Sue Young says:

    I’d make some fairy awards for all the good fairies in my life!

  65. cathrine bolin says:

    I love the little trophies. I work at an adult day care, and I thoght it would be fun to make each one a trophy high lighting what makes each of them special!

  66. Jo says:

    love the little keys and suitcases – i would create a travelogue to plan a fun trip to paris!!

  67. Ruth Anna says:

    I would like to use the block and trophy cup along with some other goodies to make little trophy statues for my friends in my art play group.

  68. Marilyn H says:

    I love all the miniatures you’ve been showing over the last couple of weeks (I’m a miniaturist as well as a mixed media artist). I’d use the suitcase, purchase, roses, keys, and some of the collage sheets.

    I’ve been saving the last couple of posts so I can order everything I see!

  69. Lou anne Colodny says:

    Oh I love these.

  70. yvette leblanc says:


  71. Janet Turner says:

    So cute. I love it.

  72. Kathleen says:

    I believe my fairies would be traveling with their little trophies and their purses and suitcases. After all, sometimes you have to travel to receive your trophy!

  73. Debbie Kaste says:

    I’d pick the little trophies and use the wings and little imps collage sheets to make mini gifts for my friends who love to garden! ThAnks for the chance to win your generous give away!

  74. MaggieM says:

    So in love with all of the miniatures! Especially those adorable half round drawer pulls. You folks at Alpha Stamps are incredibly talented! Love the altered trophies as well. And, those suitcases!! Simply amazing!

  75. Holly Day says:

    Definitely use the tiny vials for necklace pendants, fill them with glitter and tiny glass balls!

  76. Helen P. says:

    I would give some of the imps wings, but those would be for the best ones. The really mischievous imps may well have to earn their wings. I love the metal suitcases and the purse. I would make a cameo from one of the fairies and place it on top of the flowers on the cute little purse.

  77. Tammy says:

    love to win

  78. kimberly says:

    I want to make “tattered trophies” for everybody!

    I’ll need TH trophy cups, 1 1/4 wood cubes, alcohol inks, and mirror stars. I would love to use the fairy children that Nicola used, but I don’t find them on the site?

  79. angelic says:

    I love to make some fairies and steampunk items.

  80. Hello Dolly sheet to use for colleges. Suitcase is cute! Hope to win. Crossing my fingers and toes!

  81. Carol Slowik says:

    Definitely the trophy, wings collage sheet and little imps collage sheet. I’m going to make my son a trophy for finally graduating with honors from college! Woohoo! Thank you for the chance to win.

  82. Janet Vandenabeele says:

    I would make a shadow box with the fairy suitcases and purses, the butterfly buttons, the roses, the skeleton keys, pointing hands, fairy vials, and appropriate backgrounds to commemorate the fairies taking a much-needed vacation!

  83. Gay Cormier says:

    I would love to win this! I would make a fairy box for my new great niece! So many goodies!

  84. Francine perri says:

    I love everything here!!!

  85. Thalia Kottke says:

    Fabulous projects, great give-away.

  86. Denise Bryant says:

    Love all the minis!

  87. Elizabeth H. says:

    I love all the stuff, I know I would use the fairy vial, fairy sheets, and little keys. I would like to make a haunted fairy travel kit.

  88. Patty N. says:

    Those Dolls in the Attic! Wonderful

  89. Missy says:

    I love this so much! Has to be my favorite ever!!! I would make a tooth fairy trophy. The child could leave a tooth and she will take the tooth and leave the cash prize. How fun!!!

  90. What an amazing collection this one is! The first thing I would do is create cards with those sweet fairies and lovely embellishments. The mini suitcase will become a doll case. The trophy cups will be pincushions. And….

  91. Leanna Alverson says:

    I would use the suitcases and as much from the kit as possible to have the fairies taking their dolls on tour across the US. I love this kit!

  92. LeAnn says:

    I would use all of the products in my mixed media art and jewelry.

  93. April Dudko says:

    I’d use the trophy cups to create flower filled urns for a fairy garden, and the suitcases and collage sheets as elements in that garden. Maybe benches out of the suitcases… hmmm……

  94. Angie says:

    I love the suitcase!

  95. Amy says:

    I love the little luggage and the ideas are endless but, I find the dolls rather creepy.

  96. Suzanne Crowther says:

    HI I would use the fairy trophy and fairy dust all the fairy stuff and make an altered alarm clock for a special little granddaughter age 4 who has had a very hard 12 months she would love it for her room thankyou sooooooooooooo much for the chance to win xo

  97. Sylvia L. says:

    What a fantastic giveaway; the little luggage and purse tins are adorable. A friend is leaving soon-a little gift inside the luggage would be so cute. I like to use the embellishments to trim paper cones that I make. I’ve been looking for umbrellas forever & was so happy to see the ones in the ‘new items.’

  98. lynn says:

    love the trophy cups
    and the suitcases are adorable
    cant wait to win this one happy spring

  99. Patricia Worth says:

    Pick Me Pick Me!! It is all just so adorable!