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While the Cat’s Away Day 4: The Avenues

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Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. However, you can see the chipboard torso and related collage sheets on the new site.

 December 30th Update: The Avenues
 Giveaway Winner is Sharon K!

Hey, it’s Day 4 of the While the Cat’s Away Giveaways! And today’s theme is The Avenues.

I love this paper collection! So much so that I designed two collage sheets to coordinate with the color palette — and three of the scrapbook papers from the collection are in the New! Romantic Women Kit!

And there are New and On Sale! Chipboard Torso Die-Cuts (in the kit and available separately). They can be used alone or used as a backing piece to provide support for the bodices on the two new collage sheets. I poured over tons of my costume history books and designed these 3/4 view exclusive chipboard shapes that will fit fashion silhouettes from about 1820-1915.

And lot’s of eye candy today: That beautiful paper doll (paper and fabric doll?) at right by Design Team Member Rhonda Secrist Thomas was created using the new kit, and is an example of a doll that could be made for the Victorian Paper Doll Swap that Caroline Ouzts-Hay has just announced on the Yahoo Group.

(Psst… in case you missed it, there was another swap announced in yesterday’s Love Letters post.)

And the lovely card at left is by Guest Designer Alice Eads, also using one of the new collage sheets (and paper from The Avenues). Check out more artwork by Alice on this blog post.

Today’s Giveaway (see below) is a BIG prize, and has pretty much all of the new paper collection, collage sheets and coordinating ribbons just announced (so scroll down to see another photo and learn how to enter the contest).

Hooray! The Avenues Giveaway! This one is HUGE! Beside one of the Romantic Women Kits, I’ve included just about every new item being announced today! Some highlights:
– ALL 8 of The Avenues Scrapbook Papers
The Avenues 6×6 Paper Pad
– The new Lace Edgings Collage Sheet printed as a clear acetate transparency
– The Back in Stock Bluebirds and Flowers Clear Stickers.

Here’s a link to ALL 27 items in the Giveaway.

Here’s how these While the Cat’s Away DAILY Sales and Giveaways will work: I’ve gathered items around a theme and put together a Giveaway Kit that will be awarded to one lucky person.

To enter the The Avenues Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on THIS blog post TODAY (December 29, 2013) by midnight (PST… that’s West Coast so you Easterners have extra time) and tell me what you would make with the Chipboard Torso Die-Cuts.

After midnight I’ll randomly pick the previous day’s winner. So make sure to check back tomorrow to see who won and to see what’s on offer for Day 5 of the Sales & Giveaways!

Hey, who won yesterday’s Giveaway? That would be Kathy Udlinek!

More info on the Holiday Closure & Giveaway Rules (including how you can get entered twice in each day’s drawing).

And please remember: Our offices are now closed. The whole “While the Cat’s Away” theme is ’cause I’m the only one here! For more info about shipping (which will start when the staff are all back on 1/2/14) and the sale in general, please see the While the Cat’s Away…” Daily Giveaways: Year 6! overview page.

A final note: Even though our offices are closed, orders for DIGITAL Collage Sheets and Digital Images are still fulfilled in real time!

Posted by Leslie, December 29th, 2013

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  1. Amanda Miller says:

    So pretty!

  2. Kim Lucak says:

    Very lovely!

  3. Jackie P says:

    Ooooh! I love working with Tulle! Such a beauty of a giveaway! i would absolutely make a Marie doll with the chipboard Torso!

  4. K Kormos says:

    So many great ideas come to mind 🙂

  5. KIM says:

    What a great giveaway and wonderful ideas

  6. susan harkness williamsSusan Harkness Williams says:

    Ooooh. Would love to win this

  7. Carolyn Summers says:

    Fashion . . . modern or vintage we all love it! Great new papers, collage sheets, flowers and romantic images. A fashion project is born.

  8. Carolyn Summers says:

    I neglected to specify what I would do with the torso die cut. It would be the focal point in my fashion collage project.

  9. angiesuez says:

    I want to try making a caged Santos doll. The torsos are perfect!

  10. Jeri Aaron says:

    I adore Madame Flora – great give-away!

  11. Kathy Bumb says:

    Love this collection of papers – lovely pastel colors. Love your store!!!

  12. Nan says:

    The torso die cuts would be used to show the strength and beauty of women of that era in combination with the words written by women of that era

  13. Connie L. says:

    I would make valentines day ornaments!

  14. Anna says:

    Very nice package! !

  15. Leslie Hanson says:

    I think it would be fun to use the torso to make a lovely cat/woman doll with the face of my beautiful pure white, odd-eyed Kuah.

  16. Arminta says:

    There are so many possibilities with this collection!

  17. Diane says:

    I would like to try and recreate the doll that Rhonda made.

  18. Kathy Gamble says:

    Sorry you are by your lonesome in the office. I would use the torsos as part of period plates I want to put together to commemorate Byrd “Birdie” Spillman Dewey a WPB woman of influence from the 1880s. Those and the rest of the give away package would be a great start!

  19. Virginia Smith says:

    I love this kit. Tons of creative possibilities!

  20. Emily N. says:

    Beautiful papers!

  21. Mary Toriello says:

    As always ….Lovely!

  22. Melanie says:

    I would make vintage dolls using family photos of my mother, sister, niece, daughter and even my cat, Lilly Franchesca!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Patsy Schumacher says:

    I believe I would make a memorial book for cats. We had to put 3 to sleep over a 4-5 year period. I miss them terribly.
    We now have 3 more. We had one that reminded you a gray tabby. Someone stole him. His name was Lew and he had the best disposition. I loved that cat. He has been gone a year and I still think of him every day.

  24. AliceH says:

    I received an amaryllis bulb for Christmas that is just beginning to peek through and I think I will make a planter stick so that my lovely lady would be surrounded by beauty. This is so lovely.

  25. Laura says:

    Very nice! Thank you for the chance to win!

  26. Emily Ann says:

    I would collage the chipboard torsos and put them on a stand and add a crazy skirt.

  27. marge says:

    This is the best one yet. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  28. Deb Moon says:

    What a nice collection. I’m thinking she needs arms to hold a heart or love letter for a Valentine.

  29. Blair Lowery says:

    So many possibilities .

  30. DebbieK says:

    I would probably make a doll in a shadowbox. What an amazing give-away. Would love to win it and thanks much for the chance. Happy New Year!
    d kaste at wi dot rr dot com

  31. Traci says:

    I would love to make a vintage lady with the torso. I have the perfect project for it to go with.

  32. Gloria Stafford says:

    What a sweet, feminine selection of goodies!

  33. Kathleen Jones says:

    I would use them to make articulated dolls.

  34. Phoebe Diamond says:

    Looks like fun bits to create with.

  35. Theresa Grdina says:

    Wow!!! I love THE AVENENUES are fantastic!!!! So delightful!!

  36. Sarah Dixon says:

    I NEED these chipboard bases to make some military tribute pieces for my DIL and a few of her sisters-in-combat, they are Marines currently serving in Afghanistan!!

  37. Jenifer Talbott says:


  38. Ronda Liebert says:

    I definitely need these — LOL! You know I don’t have enough scrapping “stuff”. 🙂

  39. Kris Gruben says:

    Beautiful! More inspiration!

  40. Karen N says:

    Beautiful…would love to win this one!

  41. Terri Barnard says:

    Love everything offered!! I should’ve been born in those times!!

  42. Mary Mac says:

    My grand daughter says I need to make something for her

  43. angelic says:

    another beautiful kit, thanks for the chance to win.

  44. Bonnie Bee says:

    So gorgeous!

  45. MargieD says:

    These giveaways just seem to get better each day! I would love to make a doll to stand in one of the vintage tart tins I found in my stocking at Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win. Margie

  46. Theda says:

    I love the birds. If I don’t win I will need to order the collage sheets.

  47. Karen says:

    I love these giveaways – I think I might make a lovely Victorian Lady with lots of frous frous and handmade ribbon flowers!

  48. Deb Neerman says:

    WoW! This give-away is amazing … and so generous! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  49. Kathy Cabble says:

    Once again some really great stuff. I hope I win.

  50. Rae Higgins says:

    WOW! Love The Avenues!

  51. Jo says:

    This set would be so much fun to work with! Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Sharon B says:

    Absolutely lovely!!

  53. Lori Wilczek says:

    The Avenues Giveaway is just perfect!! It is so my style!

  54. Yvonne Cornelius says:

    Wonderful!! So many things to create.

  55. carol says:

    would love to add skirts so my lady can parade down the Avenue appropriately dressed

  56. Tabitha Klucking says:

    Count me in! 🙂

  57. Julie Loeschke says:

    I think this is the best so far! Gorgeous!

  58. Noreen says:

    Lovely ladies of long ago! The torsos could be used on album pages, decorated with their beautiful costumes.

  59. karine says:


  60. Lou Anne says:

    This is beautiful! It’s my favorite one so far this year!

  61. Lori Devoux says:

    I love this! Thank you for the opportunity to win. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  62. Sign me up! Thanks and Happy New Year!

  63. Kathi Schafffer says:

    You keep coming up with such wonderful giveaways–and soooo generous! Thanks so much for the opportunity

  64. Lorna Dufrane says:

    My favorite era, what a joy to work with this giveaway!

  65. What draws me to this giveaway is the beautiful antique shutters and doors, as well as the lace paper and other such papers. (The entire “avenues” collection is lovely.) As for the chipboard figures, I could lie for the sake of this giveaway or tell the truth for the sake of my conscience: I could use them as silhouettes against the beautiful cityscape elements, or cover them in patterns and use them as implied persons without faces. I might also use them as shields and splatter or paint around them. but I don’t know that I’m likely to use them at all, and so what I am most likely to do is celebrate the other stuff, and find someone who will love the chipboard figures, use them well, and give them to her. My art friends and I are used to giving and receiving and looking out for one another when it comes to what fits whom best. My work is very city and patterned-based. Those things would be perfect. Another friend might be better inclined to make victorian valentines. I would give those to her.

  66. Rima St.John says:

    Great give-a-way, beautiful soft colors. I would make a small Victorian inspired book adding a bottom (skirt) to the torso and I would definitely use the tulle to “fancy up” the book. Thanks for the opportunity to win this one.

  67. Sandi Cotroneo says:

    Lovely collection of goodies!

  68. Christine Dahlin says:

    I’ll be digging out my Marie Antoinette paper doll book and resizing images of her to place on the chipboard torsos, along with a lot of BLUE features as well as some ribbons and fabric to embellish her dresses!

  69. Kathy says:

    I am thinking a shrine with doors that open to a vignette inside

  70. HawaiianLibrarian says:

    I like this unique giveaway and would make mini albums featuring annual tea parties that our tea swap ladies plan and atend.

  71. Connie Minnich says:

    Great giveaway! I think I will use the chipboard torsos (decorated of course) to make plaques for Mother’s Day, unless i get really! ambitious and make Valentine plaques first.



  73. So pretty, hoping I’ll win a bit of spring, really could use it! 🙂

  74. Laurie Baker says:

    Just Beautiful images of such delicate ladies. I would take these images and place them on the torso die cuts to place in a small house shaped box with some clothing hanging on a rod to use for teaching purposes in Sunday School classes for young girls.

  75. Marianne says:

    Another wonderful giveaway!

  76. Darlene Propp says:

    I would use the torso die cuts to make a paper doll with movable parts.

  77. marla b says:

    I would get together with my very inventive granddaughter and create some beautiful gowns (using my “bag of bits”) for these pretty ladies!!

  78. Renee Zarate says:

    I’d love to make some paper dolls with this gorgeous stuff! Love it when the cat’s away!!

  79. Paulanne says:

    Lovely of you to let us have fun trying to win. Hugs & Happy new year.

  80. teri steele says:

    I love these new sheets with the women on them. I am intriqued with the torso chipboard. That could save lots of time gluing paper dolls onto torso instead of regular chipboard and having to cut out. Neat, thanks for that.

  81. Paulanne says:

    Guess I did not fully read the instructions. I would make a turn of the century Santos doll for a trade. Oh, and I would make one to keep, for myself, too. Happy 2014 everyone!

  82. Another wonderful giveaway! So many beautiful things – and the chipboard pieces will make wonderful elements in vintage-looking Valentines, which I’ve already started creating.

    Thanks, again, for the opportunity to win such terrific little goodies!

  83. Missy says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on these beautiful torsos to make valentine girls for my Valentines!

  84. Diane Moore says:

    I would use the die cuts in a shrine.

  85. Linda Ellis says:

    It would be great fun to make a star book, with a torso nicely dressed on each page, using all the goodies in this giveaway!

  86. Pat Houck says:

    When I was little I loved paper dolls. I’d use the chipboard pieces to make some fancy paper dolls.

  87. Luanne Shoup says:

    I would like to make an elegant lady. I have plenty of fabrics and lace to do that!

  88. Stacia says:

    Lovely, as always!

  89. Sandra Lee says:

    I want to make “wise women” ornaments. this is a sweet package

  90. Sandy Holva says:

    I want to use the “torso” to make my great-granddaughter a beautiful valentine to keep. A big beautiful kit to say the least. Thank you

  91. Rosemary Sharon says:

    been looking and looking at this…..I would love to use the ladies for my doll shrines and theater shrines etc. that I am working on for valentines day……love the shrines and am hooked….for sure.

  92. Holly M. says:

    This is an exciting give away. I love all the different colors and textures represented here. I think I might use the chipboard torsos to make a bottle doll, or possibly as a representative part of an assemblage.

  93. Lorna says:

    Lots of possibilities with this collection. Lovely colours and images.

  94. Jill Noblitt says:

    This is so lovely!!!! Thanks for offering these great giveaways!

  95. The colors are just yummy! Another great giveaway!!

  96. Kim B says:

    This is one I’d really like to win!

  97. Sharon K says:

    I would love to have these torsos. I am an heirloom seamstress and would dress them up for scrapbook pages celebrating my creations. It would be a lot of fun to try to reproduce the little dresses, christening and prom dresses in paper!

  98. kathy hou says:

    What great valentines those would make!

  99. Carmen Willis says:

    What a wonderful giveaway,and so many wonderful items put together. So many ideas come to mind. How fun!

  100. coco says:

    Wow!!! What a fabulous giveaway today!!! Thanks so much for this new opportunity to win all these gorgeous goodies! coco x

  101. Michele says:

    Lovely choices! I would have to use the chipboard for some regency-esque figures for valentines. Thank you for the lovely giveaway

  102. CJ says:

    The chipboard pieces are great backing pieces for the graphics but I could see them incorporated into a shabby chic collage with some great flowers, laces, trims, pearls, etc.

  103. taradid says:

    I am not sure how I would use the kit-I need to be able to touch everything first, which helps the inspiration happen! I know that whatever I make will be absolutely gorgeous based on this awesome collection of items.

  104. Kathlene Ford-Walters says:

    I would definitely makes cards and I think some mixed media magnets.

  105. Debbie Peysen says:

    Each day is mind blowing. I would take one of the Lady in Blue sheet. She is wearing a brown dress. I would put here looking out a window at all the trees, flower, and birds. Thanks for all the giveaways

  106. michele s says:

    gorgeous and fashionable! very dreamy. better than playing with dolls as a child. love it. xo

  107. Jen R says:


  108. Holly Day says:

    Each day keeps getting better! What an amazing kit!

  109. Marge McInerny says:

    This is so inspiring. I would place the lady in a beautiful paper skirt with an overlay of tulle and ribbon standing against the chipboard window embellished with the birds and flowers.

  110. Lisa M says:

    Just when I think I’ve seen the best, you come up with even better!

  111. Michele Biondolilllo says:

    I think this giveaway would be fun to use for Valentines!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Jackie says:

    I would love to use the torso to make a beautiful fairy out of it!

  113. Wendy says:

    Such a lovely giveaway! Would make a great Victorian themed book, maybe with a paper doll or two.

  114. The torso is perfect for a doll I’vebeen wanting to make.

  115. April Dudko says:

    I believe I’d make a lovely garland of lovely ladies! It would look sweet along my mantle. Thanks again for the chance to win!

  116. Michelle B. says:

    Stunning … REALLY stunning! About the time I’m sure I’ve seen the best Alpha collection ever, you take me down another ” avenue” of beautiful possibilities! I’ve always had to cut my own chipboard backings for paper dolls ( out of necessity) and here you have solved that issue. Impressive creativity! I am INSPIRED now to do what I’ve always dreamed of doing: an ongoing collection of fanciful romantic paper ladies to grace the shelves in my studio. A sincere thank you for the encouragement!

  117. Jo says:

    Lovely ideas!

  118. Brenda Lubrant says:

    I would love to use these chipboard torso
    for an altered art’s canvas. I can imagine using it as a beautiful focal point after embellishing and painting them.

  119. Sumptuous and gorgeously romantic.
    How I would love to play with this kit in 2014.

  120. Terry McMullen says:

    Beautiful! Love all the pieces!

  121. Beth WGA says:

    Wow-this one is stunning. Love the designs,the colors-soft and soothing. Got my mojo cranked!

  122. Carol Overman says:

    I would make cards, love, love your products. What great artists!

  123. Susan Gunter says:

    So much great stuff!!!

  124. Jan Korzenaskie says:

    I would go with a french theme. Marie of course! Love all the booty!


  125. Yvette LeBlanc says:


  126. Karen Mallory says:

    I love, love this kit!

  127. Linda Miller says:

    I would love to create a beautiful Victorian lady with this wonderful prize!!

  128. sheila AR says:

    Wonderful and oh so sophisticated! The first project I am drawn to do is, My Mom and Grandma (80, and passed away, respectively) were both fashion plates back in the day. Mom’s 81st comes up in March and I’d love to create her a vignette of those old fashionable days, with one of these lovely ladies come to life in 3-D just for her…perhaps substituting Mama’s face for the lady’s (love doing that stuff!). Great collection of goodies to spark our imaginations, thank you Leslie!

  129. sheila AR says:

    Oh and Mom loves Downton too, perfect!

  130. Lisa Annenberg Baldwin says:

    Beautiful kit!, I have not tried any of your kits before. I am mainly a stamper and sculptor who works in paper in 2D and 3D. I would be delighted to try working with these collage sheets and torsos. They look terrific.

  131. Kay Wilkinson says:

    If Inwere to win this I would love to make a Victorian fashion collage.

  132. Susan Gunter says:

    I would make a line of Victorian women walking down the Avenue!

  133. Karen Cejka says:

    Downton Abbey revisited! Love it all

  134. Ginette says:

    The die-cuts would be a nice addition to my Valentine project.

  135. Carol Dickson says:

    This is a wonderful giveaway. I like to make paper dolls and these would make great gifts for friends.

  136. Yes, it’s another well edited collection of lovely things.

  137. Jeanne Kelly says:

    I think I would have to make a fashion runway!!

  138. ratgirl says:

    I would put my cats’ and dog’s heads on them and make paper dolls with clothes to fit their personalities. 🙂

  139. Els Schutte says:

    I wanna make a little shop with in the window the lady nice dressed up!!!!!
    A vintage dress store and I love this color blue!!!

  140. Cindy Fitch says:

    These will make a wonderful addition to my paper doll collection. They are very lonely and are looking for a new playmate or two!

  141. Janet Turner says:

    What a beautiful bunch of stuff! I would love to win this. have a great new year!

  142. I looooove this, you all amaze me, you are great, I would love to just see all the creative talent there !!!
    pick me ! pick me !!! PLEEEEEEZE

  143. P boszko says:

    Just luv it!

    Thanks for the chance…

  144. Willow lighthall says:

    Great package so many possibilities!! I would love to win this one!

  145. Pam Weiler says:

    I love your giveaways. They are always fabulous! Thank you for the chance to win.

  146. Theresa Goldman says:

    One more time, another post, another chance….

  147. Carol Slowik says:

    I will attach a wooden skewer to the back and stick them in plants or use them to decorate packages. Hope you pick me! Love.

  148. Alexandria says:

    I would love to try and make a stack of altered books. I’m new to paper crafting, and this is something I would love to try and do,

  149. Ann says:

    What a delightful new Victorian paper dolls kit and awesome giveaway!!! I love the unique shape of the torso piece and would like to create several of those caged standalone Santos dolls, all decorated in era fashion with woven ribbon, dangly beads and other frou frou! Such fun inspiration!!

  150. Robin Parker says:

    Would love to win this giveaway…awesome items!



  151. Tammie says:

    I love this Romantic Women kit! I would use the torsos for cards. They would be great for Valentine cards. Thanks!

  152. I would love to make a coven of witches for Halloween.

  153. Maxine says:

    I love this!

  154. Karen says:

    This is gorgeous! I would use these to continue a series of collages and ATCs I’ve been making using paper dolls/figures and interspersing them in anachronistic settings.

  155. Carrie Monnier-Cummings says:

    I have collected paper dolls and made paper dolls since I was a child! That’s what these remind me off. And I would definitely make some fabulously beautiful ones with all the wonderful items in the giveaway!

  156. Sandra Bolliger says:

    These are gorgeous. I would use them for some Victorian/steampunk wall hangings. Also some Valentine altered art. I love making themed pieces and displaying them at work.

  157. Lyneen Jesse says:

    What beautiful products in the giveaway!!!! It would be an honor to create with them!

  158. Sue Chesley says:

    What would I create if I win the chipboard torsos? I’m thinking shadow box or assemblage! With so many lovely patterns and textures, how lovely they would all work together in one larger piece. Thanks for giving us until midnight! And thank you for another chance to win one of your great giveaways!