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Day 7 Theme & Giveaway: Pink Roses

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Hey, it’s Day 7 (the final day) of the While the Cat’s Away… Giveaways! And today’s theme is Pink Roses.

This kit started with 2 New! colors of Small Organza Ribbon Roses and then just kept getting more and more PINK. (Both colors of the ribbon roses are on sale, and are included in the kit!)

And, in addition to the ENTIRE Charms – Flowers/Leaves section being on sale today, a few more things from the kit are on sale:
English Rose 6×6 Paper Pad
Pink/White Mini Cording
3-Petal Glass Flowers
Rose Beads – 2 Sizes

If you’re wondering which Floral Collage Sheets I included in the kit, here’s the list (and all 5 are On Sale!):
The Lovely Garden
English Rose
Seed Catalog ATCs
Roses & Fans
Pink Roses

I’ve had fun putting together kits this last week (and a little sad it’s over). But just wait till you see what’s in store regarding kits in this Sunday’s newsletter!

Here’s how these While the Cat’s Away DAILY Sales and Giveaways will work: I’ve gathered items around a theme (related to whatever’s on sale today) and put together a Giveaway Kit that will be awarded to one lucky person (click on the photos at right to see even more of the Pink Roses Giveaway Kit).

To enter the Pink Roses Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post (don’t forget to leave your email address, too, so I can contact the winner; note, your email address does not need to be made public). Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight I’ll randomly pick the previous day’s winner (via So make sure to check back tomorrow to see who won.

More info on the Holiday Closure & Giveaway Rules (including how you can get entered twice in each day’s drawing).

And please remember: Our offices are now closed. The whole “While the Cat’s Away” theme is ’cause I’m the only one here! For more info about shipping (which will start when the staff are all back on 1/2/13) and the sale in general, please see the While the Cat’s Away…” Daily Giveaways: Year 5! overview page.

A final note: Even though our offices are closed, DIGITAL Collage Sheet orders are still fulfilled in real time!

Posted by Leslie, January 1st, 2013

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  1. Wow another awesome give away!! Happy New Year!

  2. Graciela says:

    Oh, I love roses, beautiful giveaway!!
    I hope to win it!!!
    Thank you so much for the chance!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  3. Sandra C says:

    What a beautiful collection. I can use these items to “pretty up” my bedroom.

  4. Rose Cavalli says:

    Perfect! My name!

  5. Lorna Dufrane says:

    What a lovely thought roses in the winter. Love this giveaway!

  6. tara says:

    I never thought I was a “pink girl” but I painted my bedroom a pale shade and love it so this theme is perfect!

  7. jackie says:

    Okay, no really…I think this is my favorite of all the other favorites! Hope I win!! Happy New Year to all!

  8. Liane says:

    BEAUTIFUL… sweet…..would love to have this ….thanks for the opportunity to win.
    Happy New Year

  9. Caprice Willert says:

    What a beautiful giveaway! Would love to win it!

  10. Tracy Duncan says:

    I love while the cat’s away giveaways!!! Thanks for the chance to win! Woo Hoo!

  11. Beki says:

    It’s pretty in pink! 🙂

  12. Jo says:

    What beautiful flowers! Happy New Year! 🙂

  13. Jenifer T says:

    OH PINK! This is a fun one!

  14. perfect for valentine treasures to be crafted of!

    thanks for the opportunity to win!

  15. Lululiz says:

    Happy New Year!
    What a gorgeous giveaway. Now that Xmas is behind us, we’ll all be thinking Valentine’s, and this lovely bundle of goodies is perfect for that.

  16. Holly M says:

    Roses! What a beautiful way to start the new year.

  17. Toni says:

    Simply beautiful collection!

  18. susan says:

    oh please pick me I love everything everything here.
    susan s.

  19. Mary Toriello says:

    Beautiful ! Makes me dream of spring flowers!

  20. Cathy Peper says:

    What a lovely feminine kit. I’d love to win.

  21. Karen Buchanan says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win this week!

  22. Lizbeth says:

    Oh how lovely! Please enter me in this drawing.

  23. Lisa Haxmeier says:

    beautiful and interesting as always!
    Thank you for the chance

  24. Mary Mac says:

    Roses are my favorite and this giveaway is my favorite.

  25. Rima St.John says:

    Pink, Pink everything Pink….oh how I love PINK!! Just a beautiful giftie, thanks for the opportunity to win this one Leslie. Happy New Year everyone!

  26. OmaLinda says:

    I love roses anytime…….

  27. Vickie says:

    Happy New Year! Pink? Why not! It is a gorgeous kit, and yes, I do love roses 😉

  28. Sheree says:

    My mom’s favorite flower…roses! Mine are all flowers…I can’t pick just one. Pansies, lilacs, lavender, roses, irises…daisies..oh my! 😀

  29. Marie Moore says:

    What a beautiful collection of treasures – i have always loved roses !

    Thank you for ” While the cat’s away” fun.

  30. Stacia says:

    Pink roses, yummy!

  31. marge says:

    Happy New Year Alpha Stamps- This giveaway is really nice with all the trimmings…..

  32. Traci says:

    I am not really a pink person but the give away makes me rethink that. I love the collage sheets and would love to win and create my own PINK creation. Thanks!!

  33. Connie says:

    Lovely, thanks for the chance to win!

  34. Diane Cook says:

    This is the year I plan to do more ATCs. Love your selection

  35. Renee Zarate says:

    So pretty, roses are my favorite flower!

  36. Sieglinde Nix says:

    ROSES!!!! Who doesn’t love crafting with roses and rose themed emphemera??
    Happy New Year to all of you!

  37. Mary Wlter says:

    What a beautiful collection, I already have ideas for these shades of pink and darker rose. Would be great project for cabin fever.

  38. cheryl joy says:

    Beautiful, as usual!

  39. sheilapie says:

    Beautiful and spring-y! Happy new year to all! Thanks again for the chance to win and for the fun during your “down-time” HA! sheila

  40. Kathy Bumb says:

    Love this theme – my favorite color is pink, and the giveaways you selected are gorgeous. Have a Happy New Year!!

  41. Lynn says:

    Dare I say “pretty in pink” Love this giveaway!

  42. Jen R says:

    So beautiful! I have so many ideas in my head for these gorgeous flowers!

  43. bobbie says:

    How beautiful!!! And how appropriate that I opened this while watching the Rose Parade!

  44. lovely collection! would love to win it!

  45. Theresa Goldman says:

    How wonderful and pink, I love it, I want it, oh my. That’s not a good thing….is it. Oh, well I do lust for the pink goodies. Sigh.

  46. Lorna says:

    I want to be in the pink! Lovely kit & great giveaway!

  47. Kim Kormos says:

    Beautiful!!!! Love it 🙂

  48. Kans says:

    Wow, I waited for a kit that really spoke to me, and this is it. Winning this one would really start my new year with a bang!

  49. CuddlyBunny says:

    PINK! Woot!

    Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  50. SueEllen Hayler says:

    Oooooooo! So girlie! Perfect for valentines. Pretty in pink!

  51. Diane Douglas says:

    The colors in this collection are beautiful! Thanks for another great giveaway.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Take care,

  52. Mary lee says:

    I absolutely love this beautiful kit and would love to win it!! Happy new year to all;-)

  53. Carole K says:

    Oh, fresh New Year, and sweet pink buds of inspiration! I would love to use this kit in my breast cancer journal. Inspiring!

  54. robin parker says:

    Wow…another beautiful giveaway…how lucky we are to have alpha stamps share all of this with us…thanks and happy new year…Robin

  55. Joni says:

    Pick me! LOve ME! CHOOSE ME, LOVE Pink, Happy New Year! me me me me me…<3

  56. Karen Nein says:

    Happy New Year to all you Alpha Stampers! What a way cool pink kit…I just love pink!!

  57. Lovely collection, how perfect for my valentine treasures. Would love to win.
    Happy New Year

  58. Karen S says:

    WOW! Perfect gift for pink and rose lovers. LOL … of course I fit in that category too. Thank you for the delightful “While the Cat’s Away” giveaways this past week. Thank you for the great inspiration throughout the year as well. Happy New Year’s to all!

  59. chark says:

    these roses are beautiful!

  60. Ivy says:

    Happy New Year…This is just such a precious giveaway. LOVE the ribbon roses!

  61. Kathy Madden says:

    What a lovely kit and giveaway…It sure brightens a cold winter’s day…

  62. angelic says:

    Love the flowers and pink. thanks for the chance to win.

  63. Marilyn B. Hughes says:

    Beautiful kit

  64. Sahara says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! The colors are so beautiful and feminine. Love it! 🙂

  65. Lou Anne says:

    This one’s my favorite. Happy New Year!

  66. Sharon B. says:

    I love roses. My living room is pink and has lots roses decor. I would be in heaven if I won. Thanks for the chance.

  67. Pam Weiler says:

    A very beautiful kit. Love all the shades of pink. I look forward to “While the Cat’s Away” giveaways everyday. This one is exceptional! Thank you for sharing and givng us the opportunity to win.

  68. Jolanda says:

    Happy New Year!! Those pretty roses are getting me in the mood for Spring!!

  69. Mary B says:

    I love pink roses! This is a beautiful giveaway, as were all the others.

  70. connie w says:

    lovely roses for the New Year!

  71. 2amscrapper says:

    This is an amazing give-away. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  72. Laura says:

    What a great give away !!! Happy New Year !!!

  73. kim says:

    Time to think about Valentine’s day,this would be great.

  74. Virginia says:

    This is the best yet! How gorgeous!

  75. michele s says:

    romantic, gorgeous, i love! thanks for one last chance to win. happy new year! xo

  76. Deborah Haught says:

    What a lovely give-away! Happy New Year To everyone!

  77. Thalia Kottke says:

    How lovely.

  78. Beth Arp says:

    Lovely give-away….so summery

  79. jan b. says:

    Be still my heart–love those pink roses!

  80. Tracy Delisle says:

    What a beautiful colletction!! Happy New Year!

  81. Beautiful kit, I’d love to win!

  82. Mary says:

    Amazing flowers. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Thank you for the chance of winning these.

  83. Wow i Love it… If i win i have a adress in USA
    From my sister

  84. Linda Colles says:

    So very beautiful. I love the kit.

  85. Pink my new favorite color since my breast cancer in 2000. I love the delicate pink roses, have all kinds of ideas for those!

  86. This is a wonderful giveaway, especially with Valentine’s Day on the horizon.

  87. Terry Quillen says:

    Nothing more fun to work with than pink and roses — especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner!

  88. Rabbit says:

    I see Victorian peekabooks and dimensional cards with these goodies! Love it! I hope I win but good luck to everyone else, too.

  89. Leslie Hanson says:

    A beautiful start to the New Year.

  90. Starqueen says:

    Oh my! What a gorgeous kit! I’m a rose girl and a pink girl…just too fabu!
    Thanks for sharing!

  91. Michele Kaplan says:

    Happy New Year!!! Please add me! I love roses!!!

  92. Diana says:

    What a beautiful way to start a creative new year!

  93. Pink Roses, how romantic! A very nice prize. Thanks for the chance.

  94. Another beatuiful giveaway. Makes me want to start on all my valentine card making.

  95. Glorious roses of the never-wilt variety! Oh what I can envision creating for my Valentines with this kit! I can smell them now!!

  96. Glorious roses of th never-wilt variety! Oh hat I can envision creating for my Valentines with this kit! I can smell them now!

  97. Mary Pendergrass says:

    What lovely rosey things you have for us today. Feels very love and romance.

  98. Ger says:

    My nephew gave me pink roses for Christmas – this is right up my alley – beautiful kit

  99. Florence says:

    How pretty and girlie, that would make a great gift for my daughter…pink is her favorite color!

  100. Lorrie Koenig says:

    What a pretty collection. Thanks for offering the fun giveaways! Happy New Year!
    Lorrie from MI

  101. Jane T says:

    I have my eye on that cameo. Have a Happy New Year!!!

  102. Lo says:

    Lovely kit!

  103. cathyn says:

    What a pink giveaway. Love it.

  104. debbi g says:

    Love the roses theme & great give-a-way. thanks

  105. Doreen aka LuniLadi says:

    Wow, very pretty kit! Thanks so much for the chance to win! Happy New Year…may it bring you and yours Health and Happiness.

  106. marcia says:

    The rose scrap is really beautiful!

  107. Amanda Miller says:

    Love,love,love PINK!!

  108. Lori says:

    Live for the pink. Keeping fingers crossed! Happy New Year and thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous mix!

  109. Kay says:

    Love the pink roses! Hope you all had a good New Year’s Eve!


    Ahhh,my favorite theme to work with. I hope this will be mine!

  111. Kate says:

    Roses are so romantic and my favorite flower! Love all the beauties in this kit!

  112. Debi Wind says:

    I think this is the best of all the give away the last few days! I would love this one!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  113. Donna Kelly says:

    Wonderful! Love pink but never really use it in my journals — this must change! Happy New Year!

  114. Anni says:

    Love, love those tiny roses. All that pink in the mix. Yummy. Anni

  115. p boszko says:

    Ah roses…brings a bit of summertime to the drab winter scene!

    Thanks for a chance for a lovely giveaway!

  116. Brenda Henderson says:

    OH my, I love roses. I have planted over 100 antique roses in my garden. This is such a lovely collection. Well Done!

  117. Sandra L. says:

    I would love a chance to win this!
    I always start thinking about flowers after the holidays!
    Thank you for giving me the chance!

  118. Caroline Lawson says:

    I love the roses, such a great collection.

  119. Jo Ellen says:

    Roses and Pink!!!! My mom’s favorites. Would love supplies for these colors, etc.
    Happy New Year!!!!

  120. Marla b says:

    What a beautiful- pink- perfect – way to start the new year!

  121. Mary Scoknecht says:

    Wonderful for Valentine’s Day!

  122. Sandi McLean says:

    All of your kits have been great, now this one is just so darned pretty!! Thanks for giving us all such fun 🙂

  123. Carolyn says:

    What a spectacular finale. I would LOVE to win this one@ Happy New Year and thanks for the woderful sales.

  124. Lynn Fox says:

    Maybe this time…but I’m not normally lucky. Still it’s fun and seeing all the beautiful products in the giveaways are exciting. Happy for all who have won! Happy New Year to All!!!

  125. wendy says:

    love the roses! count me in!

  126. Paula says:

    What a lovely way to start off the New Year! Pink Roses! I love pink roses!

  127. Karen Douglass says:

    I love it! want it! Pleease..

  128. Debbie says:

    Such a breath of summer on this snowy January day…this is a gorgeous kit. Happy New Year!

  129. Shawn says:

    Feminine and romantic. Thanks for the give-aways this week 🙂
    Happy 2013

  130. The light and lovely pink is so refreshing after the deep red and green of Christmas.

  131. Heather Corn says:

    Oh, you pulled all the things that make my heart go pitty-pat! I love roses, especially pink roses! I sooooo want all of these pretty things to play with!

  132. Paige Henson says:

    Precious pink roses.

  133. marybeth i says:

    Who doesn’t love roses? These papers and embellishments are so pretty!

  134. Nelda Deakins says:

    Mom’s fav flower was yellow roses; but mine has always been the pink rose! Thanks for chance to win! Nelda

  135. Lisa M says:

    Bestill my shabby chic heart! Absolutely divine – love love love!

  136. Not only would this be great for valentines, but it would be super for all of the breast cancer awareness cards/bookmarks I make every year for a local Survivors Day and Relay for Life. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize! Anne, yourmainestamper

  137. Brenda Lubrant says:

    Pink roses in January sounds good to me. I would love to take this collection to make a 2013 gardening journal.

  138. Jan Korzenaskie says:

    Such a beautiful collection! Happy New Year also!

  139. bobbie fleishell says:

    oh my this is right up my alley, I love all the pinks, what a great giveaway!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  140. IKE says:

    OMGoodness – this is just to die for… gorgeous 🙂
    Thank you for the fantastic Giveaways and I wish you a happy, healthy & prosperous New Year xxxxxxxxx

  141. Erin Kennedy says:

    What a Beautiful Kit!! Love all the pink!!

  142. Pat says:

    This is such a beautiful giveaway!