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Day 6 Theme & Giveaway: Cats & Kittens

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Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. But you can try searching on the same names (as links below) on the new site.

Hey, it’s Day 6 of the “While the Cat’s Away…” Giveaways! And today’s theme is Cats & Kittens. And, oh my, is this stuff cute or what? Close to center-stage in the photo is the new Puss in Boots Rubber Stamp (sized for ATCs but stamped on the largest size tag from the 12 Mixed Manila Tags). (And click on the photo to see more details.)

More on the specifics below, but first a recap. Here’s how these themed days will work: I’ve gathered new (and current) items around a theme. All of them are on sale for everyone. And I’ve pulled together a lovely Giveaway Kit made from those goodies that will be awarded to one lucky person.

To enter the Cats & Kittens Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post (don’t forget to leave your email address, too, so I can contact the winner; note, your email address does not need to be made public).

After midnight I’ll randomly pick the previous day’s winner.

More info on the Holiday Closure & Giveaway Rules (including how you can get entered twice in each day’s drawing).

Note: all the indented items below are included in the Giveaway Kit. There are some additional (related) things just(!) put on sale that are not in the Giveaway Kit (down at the bottom of this page).

On Sale! (and included in the Giveaway Kit)

Note: I’m explaining the Giveaway in a slightly different fashion than the others this week… so here is a link to ALL of the goodies in the kit (all of which are on sale) with a few highlights below.

2 New Puss in Boots Collage Sheets
New & on Sale! Too cute! And one includes the color illustration that we based the new rubber stamp on.

(And the entire Children’s Book Illustrations section of collage sheets (a really big section!) is on sale and those collage sheets are now available as digital downloads!)

Puss in Boots Rubber Stamp
Isn't he adorable? I love the cavalier costume. (And don't you think men should wear lace on their boots again?)

And also included in the kit, there are:
3 scrapbook papers,
3 seam bindings,
a set of manila tags,
2 more collage sheets,
cat beads,
a cat clasp,
“3 Kittens” transfers,
and some black cat sequins (shown at left)… but I’m pressed for time so here’s a repeat of the link for ALL of the goodies in the kit! Thanks!

Related Sale Items
(not included in the Giveaway)

Lots of Adorable Cat Rubber Stamps!
Some are rarely on sale (like “The Dog Did It” at far left) and some are back in stock (like the “Three Little Kittens” at left). And four of these stamps are on 99 Cent Sale (like the “Chat Noir” at right)! (Here’s a link to all of the 99 Cent Sale Stamps).

Cat Crazy Stickers
6″ x 12″ sheet of die-cut cardstock stickers.

31 separate stickers.

Warning: some really bad puns.

Black Dresden Party Cats
2″ tall; with party hat and opening a Christmas cracker.

Here’s a link for ALL of the related sale items!

Here’s the recap of the Giveaway Rules. And check yesterday’s post for “The Circus” items that are still on sale.

So leave me a comment and tell your friends.

Posted by Leslie, December 31st, 2011

91 responses to “Day 6 Theme & Giveaway: Cats & Kittens”

  1. Michelle says:

    Love the kitties theme – so cute!!

  2. I love Cats!! What else is there to say. Sleek, agile, independent, beautiful, individual, crafty, amusing, playful,and it goes on and on. Who among us would not like to have all those qualities, and be treated like a king or queen?!! ME ME ME

  3. Lorna E says:

    I am already imagining all the fun things I could do with this kit, all you have to do is pick me! 😉

  4. Theresa Goldman says:

    This is so cool. Cats and kittens, my four pawed friends in the house are excited. Friends to play with, this is a great give away, Leslie. Make it a kit. Please…………

  5. Chris says:

    Here kitty kitty kitty…come to mama!

  6. Vickie says:

    yes! i need more kittens! my house isn’t furry enough! just right for the new year.

  7. sheilapie says:

    OH MY, OH MY, my four cats are poking and scratching me to get in on this one right away!! Love love love it!! Art imitates life imitates art is life

  8. Lynn Stevens says:

    Everything is Purrrrr-fect!

  9. p boszko says:

    My girlfriend Mary G. would just luv this collection….me, I’m more a dog kinda gal!

  10. elizabeth duke says:

    oh my, this truly is the cat’s meow!
    would love this one!

  11. Patricia says:

    boy, some fond memories in this giveaway! what a great offering, thank you for the opportunity!!

  12. Bonnie Cooper says:

    Cute Stuff!! Thanks for the chance to win!:)

  13. Laurie J. M. says:

    OK, so I don’t really like cats too much….I have only three. Hahahaha. How is that you continue to put together so many things that are my faves?

  14. Babe O'Mara says:

    This kit has my name all over it. Love cats. Hope I win.


  15. Kathy Bumb says:

    I just love this prize, as I am a cat lover. Happy New Year to all.

  16. Starqueen says:

    Hi Leslie,
    Ohhh…MEOW!!! ~Luv this one~!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Happy New Year to everyone!

  17. Donnell S. says:

    I am definitely a cat person! Happy New Year!

  18. Phoebe Diamond says:

    Furbulous fun!

  19. Patti Swartz says:

    Such cute kitties! What a great give away!

  20. Rina says:

    Everything is PURRrrrrr-FECT!! so cute–!
    I love the Cats!!!

  21. Mary Pendergrass says:

    I love the new Puss in Boots stamp. That’s how I think my Sam Cat would dress if real cats did that. I believe he thinks he’s a real swashbuckler.

  22. Heather says:

    Love it, love it!!

  23. Maria says:

    I’m not sure this dog lover can be converted…. These look like fun.

  24. Rina says:

    I LOVE the Cats!!! Everything is too CUTE!!!

  25. Cherylle says:

    The best one yet!!! Everything is wonderful! Good luck to all!!!

  26. Debbie says:

    Our newly rescued kitty, Sunny Cat, says she needs me to win this kit so I can amke lots of artwork honoring her! I love all cats…my nickname is even Kitten. What a great New Year’s surprise this would be.
    Happy New Year!!!

  27. Mary Mac says:

    I am not sure if my cat Matsu would be happy if I would win this, he has always thought he was the most important thing in this household. I love this giveaway.

  28. Debbie Peysen says:

    I love cats. Thanks for the giveaway


  29. Lynn Brown says:


  30. Jeannie says:

    Purrfectly divine! My kitties jumped up and started pointing with their paws at their favorites. (Well, in my mind they did.) Happy New Year!

  31. Rose Cavalli says:

    I agree with the above dog lover–but these are cute!

  32. Chel Marie says:

    Love the theme… so magical and naughty…lol… those naughty little cats…lol…Again, another wonderful giveaway!!!

  33. Marneaux W. says:

    I would really love all that fun cat themed funstuff! I hope I hope I hope you pick me!

  34. Robin Parker says:

    I really need the cat’s away giveaway for some of my 2012 ATC’s, as well as the fact I have 9 kitties, that is the cat’s meow as far as I am concerned! Love it! Robin Parker

  35. Ashley Pryor says:

    Meowy. Its the cat’s meow.

  36. Kristin Douglas says:

    In all honesty, I’m a dog person, but this giveaway is irresistible 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity. Happy New Year!

  37. LindaK says:

    what a delightful set of kitties! thanks for the chance to win, and Happy New Year!

  38. Leisanne says:

    here Kitty, kitty! Thanks.

  39. Renee Zarate says:

    Love Puss ‘n Boots! Thanks for the chance to win something.

  40. Barbara D says:

    What a cute collection this is.

  41. Leslie Hanson says:

    I AM the Crazy Cat Lady!!!!!!! 🙂

  42. Jeffery James says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win

  43. Wanda buxton says:

    This kitten would like to enter. TTFN Wanda

  44. Deb Neerman says:

    WoW, I’m a cat-person and I just love the contents of this kit!!!! Thanks for a chance to win!!

    Best wishes for a very happy and healthy 2012!

  45. Rhea says:

    Thanks for the chance to win yet again, happy new year!

  46. Melody B says:

    My cats would really like it if we won today’s giveaway (they’re my little ‘helpers!)
    Thank you!

  47. Michelle says:

    Wow how cute is the Puss N Boots stamp… I just love that!

  48. Snap says:

    Adorable! I’d put the kitties to good use!!!

  49. tara says:

    who does not love cats???? happy new year!

  50. Christine Cuthbert says:

    I love kitten’s. I recited three little kitten at a school assembly when I was six…big highlight to a kid…lol…Thanks for another opportunity to win a great package

  51. cathy n says:

    How cute. I just love kittens.

  52. Donna Kelly says:

    ok — it may be time to make a journal book dedicated to Mitzi — my little black cat (passed over last year after 16 great years — still a bit sad) — is there a kit to purchase all at once?

  53. Sandie Reid says:

    They just keep getting better and better. Love the kittens.

  54. Neen says:

    A perfect collection for this crazy cat lady!

  55. Ilana Nash says:

    A dream come true… I’ve got cats on my lap this very minute, telling me they want a scrapbook of their own.

  56. Lynn Fox says:

    Another fun giveaway! Here’s hoping!

  57. Chris P says:

    These kitties are the cat’s meow! Happy New Year!

  58. Kate says:

    Wonderful things!

  59. Stacia says:

    Squee! Kittens are the cuteness! Now if we just had enough images to do a kitten circus…

  60. thepricklypinecone says:

    Oh my gosh, how haven’t I seen any of this cat craft items before? Super cute. Thanks for the chance!

  61. Jennifer says:

    Vintage cats – always remind me of some “ancient” picture books my grandmother used to keep around her house for when we came to visit!

  62. Cathy P says:

    Love the new Puss in Boots stamp. Very cute prize package.

  63. Barbara McKay says:

    Happy New Year to you all! This kit is soooo cute. A cat shrine would be the perfect gift for my friend turning 60 this year.

  64. Maggie Thompson says:

    My parrot says “here kitty, kitty, kitty”

  65. Kathleen Turnquist says:

    We have a car named Snowball so would love to win this kit. She is so spoiled rotten and is definitely my husbands cat. lol

  66. liora says:

    meow! meow! meow!

  67. Denise Clark says:

    I love all the variety of Puss in Boots! I have a lot of friends that are crazy for the kitty!

  68. Jane T says:

    Oooo! Tons of cat/kitten things. Happy New Year!!!

  69. Rebecca Disher says:

    Oh I just LOVE, LOVE,LOVE the puss in boots stamp! The whole collection is drool worthy. lol 🙂

  70. Brenda Lubrant says:

    I have a littl3 3 year old granddaughter who just adores cats. I would love to make her a book from all of the goodies in this kit. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy New Year

  71. Norma B. says:

    Cat’s Rule! Will I be disappointed if I don’t win? Yes, just a litter-bit!

  72. Eva Ochoa Phillips says:

    Oh goodness, that Puss in Boots is soooo adorable! Hope I win this time!

  73. Wanda H says:

    Another wonderful group!!! I can immediately think of many friends that would love it if I sent them cat themed art.

  74. Peace says:

    Squeee! Cat lady excited! :OD

  75. Tara Didrence says:

    Why this kit is certainly the cat’s meow! Happy New Year’s Eve!

  76. Laure Janus says:

    *swoon* My 3 kitties will have a happy mama if I’m the lucky one…thanks for 2 chances (I’ve posted on FB, too!)

  77. Julie Loeschke says:

    Here,kitty,kitty! Happy New Year!

  78. Beth says:

    Love all those kitties. Hope I win for a great start to the New Year. Thanks.

  79. Awesome!! I love cats and would absolutely be thrilled to win this! Happy New Year!

  80. Traci Adiego says:

    I am the ultimate cat lover-I have 5 cats and would love to win!! What I could do with all the cute kitty items. LOVE IT!!!

  81. dr. koolarama says:

    My feline loving friends would love to receive some hand made kitty cards from me.
    Thanks for the fun and generous giveaways!

    Dr. K

  82. jennifer says:

    almost forgot, love it – really great assortment of goodies


    Not sure if I will make the deadline. Hope I win!

  84. Andrea Wahle says:

    Love the kitties! I could create art in honor of my kitties!

  85. Theresa G. says:

    Love the kitties!!! Happy new year, too!!!!

  86. Oh my whiskers!!!! A give away featuring cats?!?!? Be still my heart! Romeo would be most honored to have this arrive at his house!!!! Pick me, purrlease pick meow!

  87. Caroline Lawson says:

    Oh, I missed this one! love the kitties!

  88. Lynn Brown says:

    Happy New Year!

  89. Carol Fraley says:

    My grand daughter loves cats!

  90. Kathy Sorensen says:

    Happy New Year! These kitty’s ARE EXCELLANT!