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Day 4 Theme & Giveaway: Blue Birds/Paris

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Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. But you can try searching on the same names (as links below) on the new site.

Hey, it’s Day 4 of the “While the Cat’s Away…” Giveaways! And today’s theme is Blue Birds/Paris. We’ve moved from yesterday’s pink theme to a blue one today, but no less romantic! Click on the photo at right to see even more of the today’s beautiful Giveaway Kit.

Here’s how these themed days will work: I’ve gathered new (and current) items around a theme. All of them are on sale for everyone. And I’ve pulled together a lovely Giveaway Kit made from those goodies that will be awarded to one lucky person.

To enter the Blue Birds/Paris Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post (don’t forget to leave your email address, too, so I can contact the winner; note, your email address does not need to be made public).

After midnight I’ll randomly pick the previous day’s winner.

More info on the Holiday Closure & Giveaway Rules (including how you can get entered twice in each day’s drawing).

Note: all the indented items below are included in the Giveaway Kit. And here’s a quick link to all of those Giveaway Kit items (all of which are on sale). There are some additional (related) things just(!) put on sale that are not in the Giveaway Kit (down at the bottom of this page).

New & On Sale
(and included in the Giveaway Kit)

Vintage Blue Whatnots
New & on Sale! Sweet, vintage, die-cut ephemera reproductions with a Parisian/blue theme (and a fair number of bird images). Also includes a large J.P. Coats sewing thread postcard.

Le Chateau Bird Cages Scrapbook Paper
New & on Sale! Double-sided 12″ x 12″ cardstock sheet with a collage of vintage bird cages and chandeliers against a pale blue background.

Blue Faux Ribbon Ribbon
New & on Sale! Fun ribbon with a woven design of a wavy ribbon. 7/8″ wide.

Imported from France.

Fancy Pewter Eyepins
New & on Sale! Ornate, antiqued silver-plated pewter eyepins, 3 to 3-1/2″ long with 12x10mm beaded head with loop.

Square Filigree Buttons
New & on Sale! Beautiful, vintage-inspired shank buttons with open work in the filigree (you can see through them). Lightweight as they’re plastic. Washable (in case you’re using them for clothing).

Fleur de Lys Charms
(3 color options but only gold and silver are in the kit)
New & on Sale! Cast pewter charms, antiqued (left pewter color) or plated and antiqued in gold or copper.

Not New to the Site, But Newly On Sale!
(and included in the Giveaway Kit)

Glittered Celebrate Banner Scrapbook Paper
Beautiful, double-sided 12″ x 12″ cream-colored scrapbook paper with lovely birds, banner, and the word ‘Celebrate’, all accented with fine silver glitter. The background has a nice, faint script pattern. The back side features cream and light blue stripes.

Timeless: Script Scrapbook Paper
Double-sided 12″ x 12″ sheet. Panel on far right shows part of the backside of the paper.

Chipboard Birdhouse Book
8 pages on a chain, front and back pages are die-cut (different designs…. and that back cover will probably not be used as a cover after popping out all of those birds & trim). Approx. 6-3/4″ wide x 6-1/2″ tall.

Bird Embellishments
Cast resin with nice detailing. They have a whitewashed look, but are also easy to paint other colors.

French Backgrounds – Winter Collage Sheet
Lots of sizes, from ATCs, square memory glass and inchies to slide glass (1″ x 3″ size, see links below). Good, basic images in subtle/ephemeral tones for backgrounds (or primary images), from sheet music and the Eiffel Tower to architectural details and bare winter trees.

3/8 Inch Reversible Blue/Brown Floral Ribbon
Imported from France.

3/8 Inch Gold-Edged Iridescent Ribbons
Two-tone woven ribbons. The weave kind of reminds me of chambray. All three have gold as the second color. All the colors in the photo are on sale (the navy one is in the kit).

3/16 Inch Blue Denim Ribbon
The darker one in the photo. Imported from France.

1/4 Inch Silk Ribbons in 2 Colors – Cornflower & Light Aqua
So soft! Sold in 5 yard increments.

Related Sale Items
(not included in the Giveaway)

French Ticking Dye Box Collage Sheet
This box “kit” (based on a vintage crayola box) is perfectly sized to hold ATCs (though it’s perfect for small gifts, too). Also includes two ATC-sized images to alter and several bits of coordinating collage snippets.

Nest Rubber Stamp
Wood mounted only.

Glittered Postcard Scrapbook Paper
Beautiful, double-sided 12″ x 12″ cream-colored scrapbook paper with a lovely postcard theme, including postage stamps and markings, as well as a bird, all accented with fine silver glitter. The background has a nice, faint script pattern. The back side features a wonderful floral tile design.

Timeless: Sheet Music Scrapbook Paper
Double-sided 12″ x 12″ sheet. Panel on far right shows part of the backside of the paper.

Antique Silver Fleur Buttons
Metal shank buttons with an antique silver finish. Approx 5/8″ diameter. Slightly rounded with raised fleur design.

Place Vendome Ribbon
So French. Phrases include “Le Louvre”, “Place Vendôme”, “Rive Gauche” and “Nôtre-Dame”. 5/8″ wide (15mm). Polyester. It’s very soft… would be a fab edging on the inside of a lining (if anyone still sews their own clothing). Imported from (where else?) France.

Paris Pendants – Half-Page Collage Sheet
A collage sheet with artwork sized to fit pendants and paper punches that are on the Nunn Design Pendants page. Each image is repeated twice on the 4-1/4″ x 11″ half-page sheet.

Bracelet at left by Design Team Member Megan Hull using an image from the collage sheet with Round Mini Bracelet Links with 2 Loops.

French Shrine Rubber Stamp
A beautiful, collaged stamp with lots of potential to frame a portrait or to layer over other images.

Wood mounted only.

“Paris Collage” Collage Sheet
(2 images at right)
Licensed from Teri Calia.

Here’s the recap of the Giveaway Rules. And check yesterday’s post for the “Young Love” items that are still on sale.

So leave me a comment and tell your friends.

Posted by Leslie, December 29th, 2011

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    Oh I love this one most of all. Pick me Pick me.

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    Ok this one is my favorite. I love everything in it. Laura

  3. lenna says:

    This looks wonderful!! I have also shared it on facebook for 2 chances : )

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    These sets are so awesome and inspiring. Thanks, Suzanne

  5. Patricia says:

    ooooooooooo la la, what a nice collection in this one!

  6. Aisling says:

    Such a lovely set of goodies! Please put my name on the list. Thanks!

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    Beautiful–This is the best yet!

  8. Mary Mac says:

    Each day your giveaways get even more beautiful. Blue is my favorite color.

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    What a beautiful collection. It just keeps getting better and better, Thank you,

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    I LOOOVE Paris and I LOOOVE birds and I love everything you have in this set of gorgeousness!!!

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    Love this theme today. Something about the blues that is so inviting.

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    what a lovely collection, I am soooooo into birds right now and a kit with all these goodies would be wonderful!

  18. Julie Loeschke says:

    Wow! Three of my favorite themes in one kit! What a great way to start the new Year.

  19. B. says:

    love the see through filigree buttons. how unique. . . . and the blue denim ribbon is next on my want list.


  20. Theresa Goldman says:

    This is a beautiful, awesome, giveaway. May the picker thingy pick me.:)

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    Ooo La La! Beautiful stuff!

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    love love love the birds! we have our first 7 inches of snow and i miss the song birds!

  24. Joyce Myers says:

    Giveaways are teriffic, great selections.

  25. Paris reminds me of spring and romance! I actually make Paris silk scarves in cobalt blue,black and silver lumiere paint using stamps-I would LOVE to add to my collection!

  26. Karine says:

    I just love this kit! I always make a special Valentine for my mother and my great aunt( they were both born in Paris!) and this kit would give me so much to create with.AlphaStamps is wonderful!

  27. cathy n says:

    What a fun giveaway.

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    Another beautiful kit! It is so much fun to enter each and day and imagine playing with all the beautiful things you have to offer!

  29. This is way fabulous! I so love Paris! It’s on my New Years resolution list. Visit Paris this year…..Love it! Also posted on my Facebook

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    Ooo-la-la! Je t’aime Paris et le couleur bleu!

    This is my first time entering and what a great one to blog back to – I love Paris and I love the color blue! The eye candy is fantastic on this blog!

    Merci, Cynthia

  38. Laurie J. M. says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for you to hit any more of my sweet spots after yesterday’s pink + cats giveaway, but Paris? My favorite place on the planet?! Pick meeeee! Pleeeeeeeeease!

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    What a absolutely gorgeous collection! I love the birds, it has to be my all time favourite. Thank you for the chance

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    I would love to win this kit (any kit) because my goal in 2012 is to use what I have to make my art. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    I don’t know which I like better, the items you pick out or the way you display them. I’ll have some of that Blue Faux Ribbon & the Bird Cage Scrapbook Paper… even if I have to SPEND MONEY.

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    These are lovely. The bird embellishments are so cute, and I adore the blue/aqua color scheme. Paris is such an inspiring theme.

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    This is keen! Lots of Eiffel Towers (I have a not so secret desire for pink plastic Eiffel Tower earrings…)

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    I’m swooning over here! ::sigh::

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    I was the lucky winner of Day 3, Young Love. Thank you so much!!! I am tickled pink, so to speak! 😉 You are so generous to share this opportunity with your customers and blog followers. I really, really appreciate it, and I just can’t wait to receive my goodies!
    — Susan

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    I’ve been feeling a bit blue lately. What a gorgeous reflection of my mood 😉

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    Gina Peake

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    My favorite so far! Thanks for the chance to win the wonderful packet and for putting the items on sale! LOVE birds ~ Love Paris!

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    ok I think I did it right – went to my status on Facebook and posted the link.

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    Wow, what a lovely collection. I like the variety of blues and the birds are sweet. “The bluebird of Paris”–I can see it now.

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    You are amazingly generous :~)

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    Your button is on my sidebar too.


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    – DebbieK

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    This is beautiful thanks for the opp. to win TTFN

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    This is my first visit to this website and wow, you have such a wonderful collection of items!! I will definitely be stopping by more often.

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    My favorite one yet!! Of course, I’m a sucker for anything with pretty birds in it. ***fingers crossed!***
    Smiles, Karen

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    Lovely collection and blue is one of my favourite colours so I would be doubly happy to win this.
    AND it IS my birthday tomorrow too 🙂

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    I would love to be picked for this giveaway. The theme is something I am drawn to. The blue birds and Paris theme inspires me to create. I love to see these elements together. Thanks

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  99. very cool stuff….I just placed an order….Merry late Christmas to me!

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    Bluebirds,so beautiful. I love Alpha Stamps, really, truly! Mz Bella, Teri Calla, and all the other inspiring art team inspire me so much! Thank you.

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    I love these! I hope you pick me — I never win anything! thank you for the chance…

  110. Dorthe says:

    So beautiful things all,I totally love the birds,- and the blue is so wonderfully mixed tones.
    I would love to win-

  111. Susan says:

    All my absolute fav’s. Blue, birds and paris. I simple cannot get enough of them. Love Alpha!

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    I am in…

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    I was so sad to have missed yesterday’s post (it didn’t show up in my inbox until very late so didn’t see it until today) but today’s giveaway makes up for it. Love the Paris theme. Hope I get picked.

  120. Deborah Emmons says:

    Love anything to do with Paris and birds. The blue is wonderful. Winter makes me “Blue” “Fly me to Paris on the Wings of a Bird!”

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    Please include me for the drawing!!!


  123. Karen says:

    love, love this stuff, I hope I win.
    I share your stuff all the time.

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    I never win anything but I keep trying as the items you chose for the giveaways are so pretty I have to keep trying. Thanks again it’s fun reading all the comments too.

  125. LOVE IT! I’m often “accused” of doing paris themes exclusively but I can’t help it! I’m in love with that city. PLease!

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    Yes, no brainer. Heres to luck

  127. LEE MAYNARD says:

    blue and birds. very nice

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    Oh, the things I could do
    with all that BLUE!

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    Perfect theme to start the spring projects! Sweet!

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    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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    Thank you for offering the Paris-themed treasures. I have been taking a mixed media class and my muse is Paris and the Eiffel Tower in particular. This would be a lovely addition to my stash.

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    What a fabulous giveaway. Thanks for all the fun

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    Is this a random drawing or do I have to be clever???

    Thank you for your beautiful site.

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    Isnt this fabulous?! I love the picks for this giveaway…BON CHANCE!

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    A friend told me about your website and was looking to place my first order…you have very cool things and ideas.

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    L’Amour!!! These images kick started post Christmas creative juices!!!!

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    Oh my!!! If there is anything I love more than the color blue it is Birds!!! I hope, I hope, I hope I am chosen today! Thanks for this…Kathie M.

  151. Evelyn says:

    Yum! Do blue birds speak French?
    If so, might they be lamenting the fact that Alpha Stamps does not offer gift certificates?

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    Beautiful again. I love what your design team have done too,that bracelet is stunning. I love the beautiful square buttons. How generous you are with the giveaways, please enter me too
    hugs June x

  163. Julie Wanda says:

    Everything about this kit is inspiring! Where to begin? I am going to Paris for my birthday in February, and my head is spinning thinking about what I could do with this kit! Alpha Stamps rocks, that’s for sure. Thank you for the chance to win.

  164. trisha too says:

    Lovely kit, so charming!


  165. Norma B. says:

    Blue Birds are the best…I’ll be flying high if I win!

  166. Renee L Cox says:

    Bonjour! Qui n’aime pas les oiseaux de Paris? No one loves the birds of Paris, well, birds anywhere really, than me. Outside my office windows I have set up my mother-in-law’s old bird bath and twice daily the black capped chickadees, crossbills, finches, forest thrush and even flickers come to drink and bathe. Just beyond it in the upper bed is a 3 foot wire Eiffel Tower, so our birds will think they live in Paris. This kit would be great to document the birds in my garden! Thank you for your generous offer. Renee L Cox

  167. Sandie Reid says:

    I can’t believe how gorgeous these giveaways are and having a chance to win one of them is just awsome. Sorry that I missed yesterdays.

  168. Jean Ostrout says:

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    what a lovely assortment of goodies. i think this collection is my favorite.. also love the shrine.. so many ways to use it.. thanks for such a great site.. and the chance to win …
    big ladybug hugs

  176. Ro says:

    oooooooooooo…I need this, LMAO!

  177. Laure Janus says:

    Paris and blue…what’s not to love? Today’s theme is so dreamy and I’d love to be the lucky-ducky winner! Thanks for the chance.

  178. Donna Kelly says:

    Anything with birds — love it! Have my fingers crossed and will now wait to get home from work to order.

  179. Laure Janus says:

    PS-I also posted on FB so my fingers are double-crossed(?).

  180. ami says:

    Birds and Paris, what could be better? I know someone who would love to use all of these beautiful things for travel scrapbooking, if I win the kit will be a gift.

  181. Karen M. says:

    Love the bird items, the colors…okay I love it all! 😉
    Beautiful items and thanks for doing this!

  182. Starqueen says:

    Hi Leslie,
    Blue skies, blue heaven, rhapsody in blue. These are thoughts to thank you! The giveaways are wonderful, the inspiration amazing!

  183. KimMJ says:

    Love all the goodies! Thanx for the chance to win

  184. Janet Ghio says:

    Beautiful!! These prizes get better and better!

  185. What an amazing kit!! I love the gorgeous blues and those birds are so pretty!!

  186. Barbara Rybacki says:

    This is a breathtaking collection – the photos literally took my breath away when I opened your email. If I don’t win, I will simply have to buy all the pieces!

  187. Connie Camp says:

    Love it! Want it! Need it! Thanks for the chance…

  188. Diane Dainis says:

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