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Day 3 Theme & Giveaway: “Young Love”

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Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. But you can try searching on the same names (as links below) on the new site.

Hey, it’s Day 3 of the “While the Cat’s Away…” Giveaways! And today’s theme is “Young Love” (I know, kinda pink and girlie for me). Beside clicking on the photo at right to see even more details of today’s kit, check out the sweet shrine (below) by Design Team Member Laura Carson that started this whole theme going (shown with the door closed and open; click on both pics for larger photos).

Beside all the lovely pinkness & hearts shown in the larger photo, I’m including the same masonite shrine kit (Baroque Door Shrine Kit) that Laura used in her artwork (which means that shrine kit is on sale, too).

(If you wander over to the sale area (right now… before it gets changed for tomorrow’s Giveaway) you will see a sea of pink… not normal for my site.)

Here’s how these themed days will work: I’ve gathered new (and current) items around a theme. All of them are on sale for everyone. And I’ve pulled together a lovely Giveaway Kit made from those goodies that will be awarded to one lucky person.

To enter the “Young Love” Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post (don’t forget to leave your email address, too, so I can contact the winner; note, your email address does not need to be made public).

After midnight I’ll randomly pick the previous day’s winner.

More info on the Holiday Closure & Giveaway Rules (including how you can get entered twice in each day’s drawing).

Note: all the indented items below are included in the Giveaway Kit. There are some additional (related) things just(!) put on sale that are not in the Giveaway Kit (down at the bottom of this page).

New & On Sale
(and included in the Giveaway Kit)

Heart Sequins
(5 of each color in the large size are in the kit)
New & on Sale! Embossed heart sequins in 2 sizes. Both sizes are available in 5 color options:
– Gold
– Silver
– Metallic Red
– Iridescent Red (note: somewhat transparent)
– Pink (iridescent but opaque)

Cute Uppercase Letters Clear Stamp Set
New & on Sale! Tiny upper case alphabet (with a couple extra dingbats). Each letter is separate (just peel them off the backing sheet, position on your clear acrylic block and stamp what words you’d like).

Also comes with 12 little self-adhesive rhinestones.

Pink Heart Pearlized Stick Pins
(red, cream and pink are in the kit)
New & on Sale! All 4 colors/sizes/designs shown are also on sale!

Me and My Kitty Collage Sheet
New & on Sale! Sweet images of (mainly) children with their pet cats from vintage photos and Cabinet cards.

(And the entire Children section of collage sheets are on sale and are now available as digital downloads!)

Not New to the Site, But Newly On Sale!
(and included in the Giveaway Kit)

Souhaits Sinceres (Sincere Wishes) Collage Sheet
Romantic images from vintage postcards in a sepia & pink palette. Licensed from Teri Calia.

Wooden Hearts
2 each of 3 sizes (3/4″, 1″ & 1-1/4″ tall; all are 1/8″ thick). They may need a little sanding around the edges. Charm sample by Design Team Member Barbe Saint John using an image from Roses #2 Collage Sheet.

Baroque Door Shrine Kit
Made of sturdy masonite and is easy to assemble with just a bit of glue. Instructions included.

Finished shrine measures approx. 2-3/4″ wide x 3-3/4″ tall (not including decorative header) x 1-3/8″ deep. The inside compartment is perfectly sized to fit ATCs and measures just over 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ x 1-1/8″ deep. You can fit several inside and peer at them through the window.

The fully working door swings open and closed. Kit comes with an easy to assemble 3-D door knob too. Also features beautifully engraved details on the door and a sweet keyhole.

Glittered Polka Dots Scrapbook Paper
Double-sided 12″ x 12″ pink scrapbook paper with big cocoa brown polka dots, accented with fine glitter. The back has a busy pink-on-pink geometric pattern.

Garden Party Scrapbook Paper
12″ x 12″ double-sided, heavy cardstock sheet. (The contrasting triangular corner in the photo is showing the back side only.)

Travel Circles Scrapbook Paper
Heavy double-sided sheet. Red circles against a cream background. The back side has faint handwriting on a red-lined page (ledger paper).

Je t’Adore French Words Scrapbook Paper
12 x 12″ double-sided cardstock. The contrasting triangular corner in the photo is showing the back side only.

The Main Attraction Scrapbook Paper
12″ x 12″ double-sided paper with a linen texture. A curtained stage on the front and bouquets of roses on the back.

Related Sale Items
(not included in the Giveaway)

Glittered Banners Scrapbook Paper
Double-sided 12″ x 12″ cream-colored scrapbook paper with a music theme (in pink and cocoa brown), accented with fine glitter. The back has a faded music score pattern.

Glittered J’Adore Scrapbook Paper
Double-sided 12″ x 12″ cream-colored scrapbook paper with a Paris/Valentine theme, including the Eiffel Tower, accented with fine glitter. The background features a nice, faint bookprint. The back has a distressed floral pattern.

Chrysanthemum Scrapbook Paper
12″ x 12″ double-sided, heavy cardstock sheet. (The contrasting triangular corner in the photo is showing the back side only – with a fun, faux stitching and ric-rac trimmed border design.)

Red Glittered Die-Cut Tags
Lovely sheet of 7 die-cut tags on 8″ x 5″ cardstock. Each tag has an endearing message or picture, and is accented in fine red glitter. Perfect for Valentines.

Die-Cut Valentine Ephemera
Back in Stock! Die-cut cardstock. 112 pieces. 2 of each design; glittered; double-sided (pink polka-dot pattern on the backs).

Chipboard Hearts
Approx. 3-3/4″x 3-1/4″. Extra-heavy chipboard.

Set of 8.

XOX Fairy Rubber Stamp
What a cutie! Based on an ATC of Tracy’s, this stamp is a good size for making your own ATC.

Exclusive to Alpha Stamps by Tracy Roos.

2-1/2″ x 2-7/8″

Ivory Pearl Stick Pins
Back in Stock! Not long enough to be hat pins (because I know you wear a hat) but beautiful!

Mini Calla Lilies
Miniature flowers on wired stems. Stems are approx 3-1/2″ long and flowers 1/2″ wide.

(And used on Laura’s shrine shown above!)

Bunch of 12 stems.

Here’s the recap of the Giveaway Rules. And check yesterday’s post for the “Printery” items that are still on sale.

So leave me a comment and tell your friends.

Posted by Leslie, December 28th, 2011

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