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Day 5 Giveaway: Valentine’s Day

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Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. But you can try searching on the same names (as links below) on the new site.

Today’s Giveaway is all pink and red and cupids and flowers and hearts and… you get the drift.

Note: all the indented items are included in the Giveaway. There are some additional (related) things just put on sale that are not in the Giveaway (down at the bottom of this page).

Also note: there will be 1 runner-up for today’s Giveaway. The 4 items in the runner-up’s package are shown at the bottom of this post.

New & On Sale
(and included in the Giveaway)

Crepe Ribbons
New & on Sale! Soft & crinkly ribbons in beautiful, bright colors. 3/4″ wide. 9 color options.

Note: 1 yard each of Mauve and Red are included in the Giveaway.

Mini Lilies
New & on Sale! These have an odd texture but I love them. The mulberry paper petals were dipped in latex (before assembling) which gives them a “real flower” feel (velvety soft, not sticky).

Not New to the Site, But Newly On Sale! (and included in the Giveaway)

Cupid Postcards #1 Collage Sheet
Note: the collage sheet included in the runner-up’s package is on cardstock; the sheet in the Giveaway is on cotton fabric (the fabric sheets are now sold out).

Lucite Flower Set
Lightweight lucite/acrylic flower and butterfly set. A mix of shapes & sizes and a mix of shiny & matte (and transparent & opaque). Also on sale at this link are different color sets.

Tightrope Rubber Stamp
Approx. 3″ x 2″

Adhesive-Backed Heart Rhinestones
64 hearts in 4 sizes.

Set of 4 Cherubs Stamp Set
Four stamps, each approx. 1″ square. Mounted version on a cube. Would be cute running/somersaulting across an envelope.

Clear, Die-Cut Book Pages
Clear acrylic die-cut pages in heart shapes. This is a small set of 4 hearts that can be punched as you wish… also on sale at this link are larger hearts, with pre-punched holes. Note: peel the protective paper off of both sides before decorating.

B Is For Boy Cardstock Stickers
Die-cut cardstock stickers. The whole sheet is approximately 6″ x 6″ (the 6 individual stickers are almost 1-3/4″ wide).

Alphabet Playing Card Stickers
Die-cut cardstock stickers with rounded edges (based on vintage Victorian scraps of children, flowers and women). Full sheet is approx. 9-3/4 x 10-3/4″.

Sold out but included in the Giveaway
(so please don’t email me asking how to buy them)

Bittersweet 6×6 Paper Pad
6″ x 6″ pad of 36 sheets (2 each of 18 designs). Beautiful patterns in chocolate/cherry cordial colors.

Red Micro Marbles (Deco Beads)
Kind of like glitter (or beads without holes). Although these are no longer available, you can still buy Pearl or Clear.

Related Sale Items
(not included in the Giveaway)

Chubby Heart Trinket Kit
New & on Sale! Adorable little laser-cut 1/8″ masonite kit to put together two hearts. When completed measures 1-3/8″ tall x 1-1/2″ wide.

The Heart Matchbox Label Rubber Stamp
Approx. 2″ x 1-3/8″. Also on the Skeleton Slides Collage Sheet.

4 Hearts Rubber Stamp Set
Four stamps, each approx. 1-1/2″ square. Mounted version on a cube.

Large Cherub on Key Rubber Stamp
2-1/4″ x 1-1/2″

Crown & Bird Clear Stamp Set
A crown with 3 points and a heart in the center, and a heart with a bird in the center. Crown measures approximately 2 1/4″x 1 1/2″ and the heart 2″x 2″.

5 More Valentine’s Day Collage Sheets:
– Winged Cupid
– Cupid Postcards #2
– Valentine Kids
– Clown Valentines
– Art Deco Valentine

Runner-Up’s Package

Slightly different than the Giveaway (regarding the rubber stamp on offer). Three of the items in the runner’s up package are the same (or almost the same as the Cupid Postcards #1 Collage Sheet is on cardstock instead of fabric). The Red Micro Marbles (Deco Beads) and a set of 4 small heart Clear, Die-Cut Book Pages are the same as the Giveaway package but the rubber stamp is the last of the:

Small Cherub on Key Rubber Stamp
No longer available separately (in this size), but the larger version is still available and on sale.

Note: Most of the sale links from this page go to a page showing short-term sale items in conjunction with this Giveaway.

Here’s the recap of the Giveaway Rules. And check yesterday’s post for some Calligraphy items that are still on sale.

So leave me a comment and tell your friends.

Posted by Leslie, December 30th, 2010

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    The mini lilies and crepe ribbon are just awesome and I’m totally in LOVE!

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    I love the vintage feel to all of your goodie and today is no exception…yummy.

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  14. bkirk says:

    This is a great give-away. I love the colors and textures and would love to make some Valentines with it.

    Thanks so much!

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    Oh how tempting. Now that the winter holidays are over is it time to start making valentines?

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    the_fultons at earthlink dot net

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    posted on Facebook. I’m getting better at it!

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