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More Mother Goose & New Monthly Contest

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Another kit from our Mother Goose series. “Where are you going, my pretty maid” is a fairly feminist poem for Mother Goose. Here’s the rhyme. The collage sheet includes sheet music (that makes a lovely trim to bind the edge of a fabric postcard or ATC) and a few milkmaids. Plus more beautiful ribbons chosen by Leslie.

More Mother Goose:

Two New Humpty Dumpty collage sheets. Who knew there were so many Humpty Dumpty pics lurking in my books? One sheet includes a paper toy with instructions.

New “1950s Housedress” Paper Set, 6 Inch Paper Pad, Fibers:

Beautiful set with browns, pinks and olive green colors. Heavy 65 lb cardstock. The striped one is rows of tiny stitched ribbons (printed pattern; not really ribbons). You can buy the paper set (five 12″ x 12″ sheets), fibers, and 6″ paper pads.

Rubber Stamps:

Back to that Mother Goose theme for a minute:

Surly Courtier/Humpty Dumpty
This illustration always makes me smile.

Three Little Kittens
Adorable – the kittens out playing jump-rope.


Sheer Bee Ribbon
Light antique gold-colored sheer ribbon with black printed bees.

Spider Web Ribbon
Fun sheer (orange) ribbon with flocked (fuzzy) black spiders and spider webs.

Gold Iridescent Ribbons
Two-tone woven ribbons. The weave kind of reminds me of chambray. All three have gold as the second color.

Stickers/Misc. Papers:

Three Little Kittens Stickers

Fairy Tale Postcards
Includes Jack and Jill, The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, Simple Simon, and an odd version of Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary (with Mary as a cocker spaniel wearing an apron).

Alice in Wonderland Scraps
Two sheets available. (Die-Cut, Embossed Paper Scraps) Includes Humpty Dumpty, for those of you keeping track of the Mother Goose items.

More Pewter Charms:

Perfume Atomizer Nice details.

The Cat & the Fiddle (yet more Mother Goose)

“The Cow Jumped Over the Moon”

AndHalloween Collage Sheets
More of the roaming collage sheet sale.

Posted by Leslie, July 30th, 2007

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