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Forgive the random Web site outages… here’s some new goodies (for those who can see the site!)

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I hate my hosting provider. Enough said.

Contest Reminder: Entries Due Today for The House Inside My Head” Contest

We have very few entries so the winner could be you. You only need to submit one page from your creation, so don’t feel shy or overwhelmed!

Deadline for submitting your entries (via email, so no excuses about that bad postal service) is today. Here’s a page with all the contest specs.

The winner gets a $50 gift certificate to our online shop.

On to some new things:

Poison/Vintage Medicine Labels Clear Stamp Sheet

Pewter Measuring Tapes

2 New Retro Notebooks (and the green notebooks are back in stock)

Posted by Leslie, May 31st, 2007

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