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    Kristin Batsel, Georgia, USA

    I got my MFA from Miami University (Ohio), and worked for a few years as a package designer and then as a freelance artist before leaving the workforce to raise my two daughters. My girls introduced me to Craftster.org, which indirectly led me to applying to serve on the Alpha Stamps design team so many years ago. Now those girls are grown up and out on their own, and I am employed at Craftster part time, and I have plenty of time to play around in the craft room. I’m so grateful to Leslie for letting me stick around as a design team member all these years; the constant challenge of a new and different project every month, plus the awesome supplies she’s always finding, keep me constantly inspired. Nothing’s more fun that finding that perfect supply to complete a project!

    Things I love: ball fringe, stripes and polka dots, working on tiny projects, vintage Halloween, snarky housewives from the 50’s, turquoise and red, fun miniatures, Christmas art, art on wheels, and making circus art.

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