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    Tim Holtz Embossed Metal Tag & Victorian Diorama! (& Giveaway!)

    Filed under Art Projects, Design Team, Giveaways, Newsletters, Steampunk, Tim Holtz, Tutorials

    How’s that for a contrast? A lovely “Off to the Park” Victorian Diorama (with a tutorial by Design Team Member Laura Carson) AND a tutorial for a cool embossed metal tag technique by Tim Holtz!

    Let’s start with Laura’s Project: If you can glue you can make this diorama!

    I’m sure you’re thinking, “Oh sure! Easy. Mmm hmmm.” Seriously: it is. You will be able to create a diorama using a New! and On Sale! Square Paper Mache Box and decorative paper. I know! Sounds too good to be true but once you get going on this you’ll see just how simple it really is. (Don’t recognize the box?… the lid is the top of the … gazebo?… and the bottom of the box is flipped upside-down to form the base. Clever.)

    As always, I love all of the attention to detail that Laura pays to her creations. For instance, the lovely parasol (made from a doily) is leaning against the column waiting for the equally stunning woman to pick it up on her way to the park. I also like the bustle (also made from a doily, and subtly tinted with the Tumbled Glass Distress Ink & Stain Set). By the way, Laura is going to show you how to make the parasol — and the skirt and bustle as well — in her tutorial!

    If you have purchased some of the On Sale! Tulle Netting and have some leftover, be sure to check out how Laura used it to edge the bottom of the skirt. Don’t you think that the New! Antique Gold Rope-Edged Rondelles with the ribbon threaded through them (on the base) and the New! and On Sale! Large Fancy Chipboard Corners (the large swirls behind the woman’s head) make just the perfect finishing touches?

    Here’s Laura’s full supply list. And, here’s a link to Laura’s blog for the tutorial. (And don’t forget to scroll down for today’s Giveaway — which includes everything to make your own version of Laura’s project!)

    What? Another project (and with another tutorial)? I love what Tim Holtz created for his January Tag (note: that’s the tutorial link… and this is just the first tag in his “12 tags of 2014” project) so I’ve put EVERYTHING he used On Sale! (And that is quite a long list!)

    Yes, buried under all those layers of embossed foil and gears (and antiquing) is a simple manila tag! Scroll down (just a bit) for some of the New and On Sale! items he used, and immediately below are some of the old favorites that I’ve just put On Sale!



     January 16th Update:
     The “Off to the Park”
     Giveaway Winner

    Hooray! An “Off to the Park” Giveaway!

    In addition to the January Romantic Women Kit, pretty much everything Laura used in her project is in this Giveaway! Here is the full list of everything in this gorgeous (golden hued) Giveaway package. And Miz Meghan also added all the rest of the 12″ x 12″ papers from The Avenues Collection (those not already in the January Kit):
    The Avenues Clocks Scrapbook Paper
    The Avenues Courtyard Scrapbook Paper
    The Avenues Doors Scrapbook Paper
    The Avenues Shutters Scrapbook Paper
    The Avenues Trellis Scrapbook Paper

    To enter the “Off to the Park” Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post TODAY or Monday (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, January 13, 2014).

    After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org). So make sure to check back Tuesday to see who won! And check your mailbox on Thursday morning for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

    Hey, who won the Lace and Trims Giveaway? That would be Jeri Aaron!

    Posted by Leslie, January 12th, 2014

    178 responses to “Tim Holtz Embossed Metal Tag & Victorian Diorama! (& Giveaway!)”

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      just getting a wee bit desperate for diorama goodies!

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      Great collection of goodies!

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      I really NEED these goodies!!

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      The diorama is beautiful! I would love to win this fabulous giveaway.

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    6. Karen Crowder says:

      Another day, another try at the giveaway!

    7. Marcie says:

      Awesome project, I’d love to try!

    8. Deb Neerman says:

      WoW, wow, wOw, speechless over this a-mazing project! The goodies used to create it are over-the-top wonderful. Would love to win this collection … thanks so much for the chance!

    9. joann west… says:

      Gorgeous…lovely collection…

    10. Ronda Liebert says:

      Lovely giveaway! I would love to win.

    11. I’m beside myself with all the talent you all have and this project is amazing! Hope I win!

    12. Again, I am amazed at Laura’s impeccable attention to detail! I can look at her work over and over, and each time I find something I missed. The use of color, texture and detail make this another definite hit! LOVE IT! Also, Tim Holtz is off to a good start in 2014 with another of his amazing tags!

    13. Terry McMullen says:

      What a wonderful giveaway! I would LOVE to win!!

    14. Blair Lowery says:

      Hope springs eternal…. So many wonderful items in the group.

    15. Debi W says:

      What a gorgeous and wonderful giveaway. I hope I am the person picked.

    16. Florence says:

      I love the soft colors!

    17. April James says:

      I could make some really cool things with these materials! Gorgeous!

    18. Amanda Miller says:

      So beautiful! Love the colors. 🙂

    19. Laura says:

      So gorgeous! I’d love to win this, thank you for the chance!

    20. Jen R says:

      Oh this one is fabulous!!! Off to the park indeed!

    21. jackie says:

      Another fab project from Laura! please count me in the drawing!

    22. Carrie Monnier-Cummings says:

      Both of the tutorials are phenomenal! Was already going to so the diorama and now I want to do the tag too!

    23. Michele Biondolilllo says:

      Once again, you have another wonderful kit with so many ideas that my head is swimming!!
      Wonder if I will sleep tonight or just lay there and plan away!

    24. Mary Toriello says:

      Another great one and I want it !

    25. 2amscrapper says:

      I love Laura’s work–this is yet another stunning creation. It would be wonderful to win the supplies to make her tag! Helene

    26. Gypsy Angel says:

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      How I love Laura’s art. Hoping to win this great give away!

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      I’m always amazed at all your new ideas and I am in love with clocks- WOW I can’t wait to get some of these items

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      WOW Love the elements in this giveaway!

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      Again another beautiful project…..just another one to add to my bucket list ! But that’s what keeps me going!
      Thanks for offering another kit!

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      Take care,

    39. Paula Crichlow says:

      I don’t what it is about clocks but they are so interesting and a cool element for art projects! And of course Alpha stamps has all kinds of great clocks and wonderful things to compliment them. Thanks for the chance to win some of these fantastic things.

    40. Traci says:

      Laura is amazing she is has the most creative imagination-I always enjoy here beautiful creations.

    41. Julie Byler says:

      Beautiful Collection, would love to play with these wonderful trinkets and papers.

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    48. Rae Higgins says:

      Love the tutorial!

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      Tim Holtz has great designs and products. I’d be happy to be the winner.

    50. Jenny Hesters says:

      Boy howdy is this fun, I would love to win these beautiful designs!

    51. sheila AR says:

      Laura’s work is stunning once again, love that she shows us how. These Victorian pretties are driving me nuts and this just may be the most enticing giveaway yet! Love the colors in the diorama and need to create!! Thank you Leslie!

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      Yay! Gorgeous as always!

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      Yes! Think it’s time!!

    59. teri steele says:

      I really hope to win this. I love Laura’s creation and would love to try this using the doors from her Baby Its Cold Outside project. Ive been holding off waiting to do it until I found a way to make a more 3d porch effect and here is the perfect solution of how to do it!

    60. What a delightful collection! And I am so ready to be “Off to the park!” I just love all of your “stuff”. Thanks for sharing!

    61. Sandy says:

      Laura, this is out of the park. How lovely.

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      OMG this is a beautiful assortment and I’d enjoying using them for duplicate projects.

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      Love this! I’d love to win.

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      Super collection and beautiful work by Laura.

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      I loved the January kit! It would be great to win this giveaway as well to add all the other elements for my projects!

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    74. Laurie Baker says:

      Great idea to turn the box over and use as a stage. Am going to get on the tutorial right away as it gives me ideas for things I can make for the children and grandchildren in my life.

    75. Laura’s tutorial is great inspiration to get to work with the kit materials. I have them waiting for me when I have time to play. Love the pocket watch too!

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    82. Congratulations to Jeri on winning the lace and trims giveaway! I adore Laura’s project and would love to be entered into the giveaway. Plus Tim Holtz in the same post?! Be still my beating heart! Thanks for the opportunity and the inspiration. Deb

    83. Daylan says:

      Wow! I can see using this for steampunk projects, too. Thank you for another opportunity!

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      Love the clocks.. this is a very cool giveaway! Thanks for the chance

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      As usual Laura has done an amazing job!! I have been a big fan of her work since I discovered her. And her detail is truly her signature.
      Thanks for the opportunity.

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      Perfect for lovers of anything Victorian!

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      Warm wishes and good luck to all 🙂

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      I love so much Laura’s amazing works… how could I resist?!!! Thank you for this great giveaway and this fabulous project Laura. Coco x

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      Beautiful project, beautiful goodies! I would soooo love to spend a day at the park!

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      You guys are trouble. Whenever I visit your site I always end up with more goodies than I originally intended! Would love to have this collection! Judy

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      This is a simply stunning diorama ! I love it! So vintage!

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      Very cool!

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      A few of my favorite things…..ok…all of my favorite things!

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      Repost….auto spell changed my name….

    124. Wonderful scene with thoughtful construction.

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      Oh I absolutely would love to get picked for this one. How fun is that?

    126. Thank so much for the chance to win such an enticing prize.

      Oh! The places I could go with these products to play this.

      Also, thank you so much for keeping the “enter-to-win” process simple….it’s very much appreciated!

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      It’s time to get crafting.
      Thanks for the chance to win.

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      What a great project!! I love all the pieces that have gone into it, some used in a ‘creative’ unintended way.

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      Laura’s work stunning as always. Would love to have these goodies.

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      This giveaway was made for me! Wonderful goodies! I hope I get to win it would be so much fun to work with these produts! I have never won so I am hoping that this time I do !!

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      So many beautiful goodies to play with!

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      Fantastic bits & bobs in this collection! Thanks so much for your wonderful giveaways and for the chance to win 😀

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      What a beautiful project. You always are so inspiring

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      I am new to your newsletter and loving it. What a beautiful project and fabulous giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

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      I love Laura’s diorama and would love to make one of my own with this wonderful give away!

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      What a great collection of projects and ideas. ALso a great sale going on and on top of it all, a giveaway! Thanks Alphastamps!!!

    145. lynn legge says:

      i love how laura made this diorama, i have never made one.. and would love to do so using this giveaway.. pick me pleaseeeee
      thanks for always giving us a chance in this giveaway alphastamps..

    146. Lois C. says:

      Beautiful project!

    147. Melissa Kehoe says:

      I can’t think of a better thing to do with this frigid January…

    148. Kim Slater says:

      Tim Holtz rocks! Thanks for a great sale!

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    151. Roxanne says:

      Oh My! I absolutely LOVE this Victorian Diorama! I read Laura’s tutorial and she just has a great way of explaining her wonderful projects. She has such creative and inspiring talent! Love these!
      Random .org thingy…please please pick Me!

    152. Carolyn Bowlby says:

      Going for the gold. Pick me, please.

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    169. What a great collection!

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    171. Love all the goodies, AND I love Laura’s creative projects, I am keeping my eyes,fingers and toes crossed.I am going to give it another shot at this !

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