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Potions, Planters & Planchettes (& Dresden)

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What a fun mix of new supplies today! Something for everyone… whether gardending for summer or looking ahead to Halloween!

That new little Glazed Ceramic Round Planter at left reminded me of the ceramic pot on top of the Wise Woman’s Apothecary Cabinet by Teri Calia (artfully using the Storage Hutch as the cabinet).

And there’s a SECOND apothecary cabinet made from that same hutch (this time without that top scalloped trim): Mini Potions and Herbology Cabinet by Shannon Cooper (more info on that artwork is way below at the bottom of this newsletter).

Read on for lots of eye candy and tips… plus both supply lists are just a portion of the items in today’s sale collection)! Don’t forget the sale COUPON below for an extra 20% off everything in the sale collection.

First, let’s talk about the beautiful Wise Woman’s Apothecary Cabinet that Teri Calia made (with the Storage Hutch and chest of drawers. To start, I’ll quote some of Teri’s intro:

The Oxford Dictionary defines “wise woman” as a woman considered to be knowledgeable in matters such as herbal healing, magic charms, or other traditional lore. That is the kind of woman I envision using this apothecary cabinet.

She would keep all of her herbs and other ingredients in well labeled, tightly covered, glass jars so nothing would be misplaced or misused.

She would have lots of books, scrolls, and papers to fill up those two large drawers, and yes, sometimes, to leave stacked on the worktop. Her mortar and pestle would be well used and perhaps a bit dented.

And note: Teri has included a tutorial on how she made the open book (with a teal blue bookmark) on top of her work table, using pages and covers from her own Tiny Little Grimoires Collage Sheet.

I love all the glass jars covered with cloth, tied with a string and wax seal. Plus the skulls she used as drawer pulls in the photo above.

Here’s the link to Teri’s blog post. Remember to use THIS supply list link as we moved the site since her original posts.

New or Back-in-Stock Preview

Just a few from the 12 new today.

FREE Gift with All Orders

A Skull Bottles Gift Kit is FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight June 12, 2024)!

In honor of the new Set of 7 Flower Pots (and the drippy candles in Teri’s project), I’m including one each of these in the mini kit:
Set of 7 Flower Pots (one piece, chosen at random)
Square Glass Bottle with Cork
Green Soju Bottle
Resin Skull with Dripping Candles (not exactly the same as in Teri’s artwork, but really cute!)

They’re also included in the sale (in case you’d like to order more)! Plus remember that the sale coupon takes 20% off of clearance price, too (2 of these are on clearance).

MORE New Items

Apothecary Cabinets SALE
plus the Second Art Project

Here’s a short intro to Shannon’s amazing Mini Potions and Herbology Cabinet:

Hallowe’en is creeping up, I can feel it in the air! Actually, it is still suffocatingly hot here so maybe it’s just wishful thinking. But that doesn’t mean Hallowe’en crafting has to wait! I made a potions cabinet from a 4″ x 4″ Storage Hutch, but left off the top scalloped portion and used it by itself vs. attaching it to a set of drawers. So maybe it is more like a potions cubby. Whatever it is, it held a whole bunch of stuff!

A whole bunch of stuff is right! Beside being filled to overflowing with tiny bottles & jars & magic books, Shannon did a wonderful job aging everything to look well-used (and frankly grungy).

Read more in Shannon’s blog post. And/or see her expansive supply list (all those tiny bottles)!

Note there are 3 (more) items from Shannon’s supplies shown in the first row of highlighted sale items below… AND 3 examples of substitutes I added to the sale in the second row.

Use coupon STORAGE when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices, including some new markdowns to the clearance items in this group!

Over 50 items, including all the new items, the items in the Gift Kit, AND all of the supplies from the Wise Woman’s Apothecary Cabinet and the Mini Potions and Herbology Cabinet.

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, June 12th at midnight PST.

See the sale collection here!

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