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New Hardware, Skulls & Witches Apothecary

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There’s a fun Halloween project today: Witches Apothecary Chest by Design Team Member Laura Carson! Plus some NEW related items!

But first: a Witchy Gift Kit: FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight May 1, 2024)! EYEBALLS? Yes, I was inspired by Laura’s project so I’ve included one each of these items:
Antique Copper Skull Charms
Eyeball Cabs in Settings – Silver
Mini Black Plastic Cauldron – No Handle
(and all 3 have been added to today’s sale collection, in case you’d like to order more)!

Everything in Laura’s supply list is included in today’s sale collection (which includes all of today’s new and back-in-stock goodies, too) so be sure to get the DISCOUNT code below!

Witches Apothecary Chest by Laura Carson!

Laura’s used the Vanity Box with Drawers as the base of her chest: that vanity box was based on the much smaller 1:12 Scale Jewelry Box (bonus: the smaller jewelry box is included in the sale, too!), but with drawers that could be opened from either side (of course you can choose to only open them from one side).

Here’s a bit from Laura’s blog post:

My idea for this apothecary was to make it look like it was alive, complete with feet, hands and lots of eyes (I have the image of the eyes for you on my blog post).

I’ve made all kinds of witchy stuff (bottles, books, bookstand, scrolls, chalice, potion bowl, hourglass, and wand) to go on top of and inside the chest.

Note that Laura used a large skeleton hand charm as part of a book stand for the Spells and Potion Book (on the top of the chest). That hand charm is on backorder BUT I’ve added the Skeleton Hand Mold to the sale if you want to make your own hands.

The candles with faces are made from polymer clay which I demonstrate how to make in the video tutorial.

I love the candles with the faces (and there’s a preview photo down in the sale section below)… and Laura includes tons of tips about making those (and everything in this chest, like texture using eggshells and tissue paper) on her blog post.

Remember: Laura’s Witches Apothecary Chest Supply List is part of today’s sale collection (and note that the first row of featured items directly below are both in Laura’s project AND back-in-stock).

Metal Bits & Bobs for Making Stands

Laura is a pro at repurposing supplies. Did you notice the tall stand holding her potions book (and the 3 candle stands) are all built from beads and bead caps?

The 4 pics at right are showing the Silver and Bronze version of the Round Filigree Bead Cap or Mini Base with a couple options for beads on top (to start a tower of beads to make a taller stand that just the base piece). Beside the new Fancy Silver Drum Spacer Beads and Fancy Bronze Drum Spacer Beads shown, I also used Antique Silver Box Feet – Ribbed Melon and Raw Brass Box Feet – Cones. (All include in the sale collection, too!)

Beside the rest of the new treats below, a few more new metal findings are down in the sale section cuz I’ve run out of roooom!

Halloween!? Isn’t almost-May time to start planning?

A bunch of these eyeball items have been added to the sale in honor of Laura’s project (and the Eyeball Cabs in Settings – Bronze shown at right is another color option for the silver ones included in the gift kit).

The Silver Hanging Bat Connector and Metal Cauldron or Pot have been added as substitutes for Laura’s supplies (there’s a bat charm hanging off a goblet; the raw metal cauldron is another option if you want to paint your own).

All these supplies are also in today’s sale collection… see the COUPON below.

New Witches Apothecary Chest SALE

As promised, another photo of the chest, and a preview of Laura’s step-by-step tutorial on how to make the candles with polymer clay.

Oh my… a few more items I’ve added to this sale:
Silicone Mold – Skeleton Hand (to make your own hands)
Antique Gold Large Rondelles (replacing the sold-out rondelles used on top and bottom of the DIY hour glass)
Bronze Ornament Toppers (for ends of scrolls — see inside the chest)
Single Metal Mixing Bowl (for black potions bowl)
1:12 Scale Jewelry Box (not in artwork but similar if you want to make a smaller chest)

Use coupon WITCH-CHEST when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! 50 items, including all the new items, the items in the gift kit, all of Laura’s supplies (and the extra substitutes I added)!

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, May 1st at midnight PST.

See the sale collection here!

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