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New Artwork: treasure hunting at The Warehouse Antiques!

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NEW artwork by Rhonda Thomas! The Warehouse Antiques is a wonder! Rhonda created 4 booths with different themes… each using a 4×4 Corner Room Box and Wrought Iron Window Grates (and fitting many of the recently-new cubbies inside to hold all the treasures).

And check out that preview photo at right: Rhonda made mossy-covered stone walls for the exterior of each booth (and provides a tutorial in her blog post).

Plus there are LOTS of new and back-in-stock miniatures today, most of which are hidden away in the antique shop… I’ll take a short tour of each booth.

Note that everything in Rhonda’s supply list AND ALL 25 of today’s new/back-in-stock items are included in today’s sale (read on to get the DISCOUNT code info)! Over 90 items!


The French Country Booth

To help me (and hopefully you) find things easier, I created a subset search link for each booth. Use this link to see just (ahem) the items in this French Country Booth.

Starting with some of Rhonda’s faves:

I love the hanging lantern. I used a simple plant hanger, a touch of gold acrylic paint and strong glue. Make sure to let the glue dry for a few hours so that the hanger is secure.

I have found so many gorgeous items for my kitchen from this booth. Old cake tins/pans and salt and pepper shakers are a fav. I also have a collection of roosters on top of my fridge, so that baby will be coming home with me.

Note: that search on “roosters” also links to the rooster on the throw rug!

I love how Rhonda painted the Geometric Design Pitcher (in gold and white… see the left side of the close-up photo below).

Before moving on to the next booth, here are links to 3 back-in-stock beauties in the French Country Booth:
Copper Bundt Cake Pan Set
Milk Bottles in Wire Basket
White 3-Tier Cupcake Stand

The Traditional Booth

Use this link to see the 22 items in this Traditional Booth.

Starting with a little story by Rhonda:

I had a gumball machine just like that when I was seven years old. We got it for Christmas, the whole family, and I was mesmerized. Probably not a good decision on my parent’s part because I was a gum hog. I would chew it all up every time they filled it and then one day, it wasn’t there anymore. It’s a little out of my price range so I had to leave it for another lucky buyer.

More of Rhonda’s antique gold and white paint technique is on 3 cast metal items (in the top row of the tall 6 Cubbies Rectangular Block at left):
Bowl or Vase with 2 Square Handles
Pitcher or Vase with Square Handle
– A teapot (no longer available BUT there is a new tea set!).

Before moving on to the next booth, here are links to 4 new or back-in-stock supplies in the Traditional Booth:
Gold 3-Arm Candelabra
Standing Gumball Machine
Set of Gold Oval Frames
Ink Well with Quill

The Oddities Booth

I have found some really cool finds in here. I have a collection of those crawling babies and religious statues.

The Creepy Dolls Collage Sheet is one of my favorites because the images are all dolls from my real life collection. Remember that TV series Oddities? That show inspired many of my crazy collections including several of the crawling babies.

There’s a new Retro Cast Metal Lunch Box (and related Cast Metal Thermos Bottle) similar to the red and black lunch pails Rhonda included (over on the left, the row under the vintage typewriter).

A few more… I’ve added the Mini Gramophone to this group (not quite the same one Rhonda used, but the same size and a close design). Under the creepy crawling baby is an Old Fashion Black Desk Phone and a Mini Microscope.

Use this link to see the 27 items in this Oddities Booth.

The Cashier Booth

Very cool! You can see in the wide photo way at the top of this page (with all 4 booths in one image): the cash register and the 6 cubbies/counter it’s sitting on can be moved off of the 4×4 floor and arranged separately.

There are TWO new cash registers today:
– The Large Antique Copper Cash Register is the one Rhonda used (a bit large for 1:12 scale but has lots of cool design details)
– The Bronze Cash Register is another color version of the gold one we’ve had for ages

The Cubby Faux Fronts Collage Sheet is a dream for those who create miniature scenes. Some areas, I simply cut the image out and glued it to the front of my cubby. You can find the cubbies in a variety of compartments including 2, 3, 4, 6, and 9. Best part, they are easy to assemble.

Note: Rhonda made some of the faux fronts into paper-hinged doors that can be folded open. More info on her blog post.

The signs (like “Old Prints”, “Glass & China”, “Cashier” and the name of her project: “The Warehouse Antiques”) are all from the same collage sheet. Rhonda used the Half Scale Signs and Sign Hangers (some hanging like the “cashier” sign in close-up below and some parts as separate sign backs like the “Sale” sign behind the gumball machine above).

Use this link to see all the items in this Cashier Booth.

FREE Gift with Orders

In honor of the back-in-stock Black Purse or Doctor’s Bag (AND 2 of the 3 items in this giftie also being back in stock), this Medical Antiques Gift Kit which is FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight April 10, 2024)!

It’s a mix of 3 antiqued silvertone charms:
3D Silver Hourglass Charm
3D Silver Doctor’s Bag Charm
Silver Microscope Charm (also similar to the microscrope in Rhonda’s artwork)
(and all 3 have been added to today’s sale collection, in case you’d like to order more)

NEW: Warehouse Antiques SALE

This is a custom collection that includes ALL the supplies from Rhonda’s artwork AND the 3 goodies in the gift kit I just mentioned AND ALL 25 new/back-in-stock items! I picked out a few more new items not yet shown to highlight below (and the Miniature Red Scale at right).

Use coupon WAREHOUSE when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection!

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, April 10th at midnight PST. Over 90 items!

See the entire sale collection here!

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