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New Room Box, Furniture & Artist Studio Artwork!

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What a treat! A new 7×9 Corner Room Box with Window (designed to fit the Double Layer Window).

Plus new furniture (and LOTS of new and back-in-stock miniature supplies fit for an artist’s studio… more on that shortly).

And NEW artwork by Connie Littell! Note that everything in Connie’s supply list AND ALL 22 of today’s new/back-in-stock items are included in today’s sale (read on to get the DISCOUNT code info)!

Artist Studio in Miniature

This little scene uses the new 7 x 9 Corner Room Box with Window. Before starting any room box I dry fit it together to determine which side of each wall is interior vs exterior and mark them as such. I was going for a slightly industrial loft look for this studio so started by bricking the interior wall with the window in it. I covered the assembly tabs with painters tape then, working in sections, I used the same tape to hold a Small Brick Wall Stencil in place. The raised bricks were made using modeling paste, which I spread through the stencil openings with a palette knife. The stencil was carefully lifted off and rinsed with water and the wall was set aside for the paste to dry. After a few hours I moved the stencil to a new section to repeat this process.

The furnishings for the art studio are some new pieces as well. Alpha Stamps carries a series of cubbies that can be stacked into a huge variety of configurations. I chose to use a Single Cubby (set of 2) plus a 4 Cubbies Square Block and a 6 Cubbies Rectangular Block for the display case. They were painted in a dark brown before being stacked and glued to each other. The rear wall and ‘floor’ of each cubby got a muted neutral paper to help show off the contents inside each cube. Since the single cubby comes in a set of two, I decided to reverse one of them and give it a faux drawer front using the new Cubby Faux Fronts Collage Sheet. There were SO many great options to choose from I had a hard time deciding!

I painted the bottom of a Tall Wooden Ladder and added a cardinal brad for inspiration. The red bird painting on the Miniature Easel with Blank Canvases is a work in progress. There’s a Miniature Paint Set in Box sitting on the stool and the 15mm Tall Glass Jar on the drop cloth has some tinted resin in it to represent a paint brush rinse cup.

The Miniature Easel comes with two blank wooden boards. Those got tucked into a Wooden Storage Crate with Metal Screen Sides along with (another) Mini Frame (some were also used on the wall to frame finished paintings) and a scrap of mat board.

Beautiful work, Connie!

More info (and more photos!) in Connie’s blog post. Plus more specifics on where she used items from her supply list.

More New Supplies!

Don’t be deceived by the (relatively) large size of those wooden jars shown at right: see how tiny they are, per one I’m holding in the pic at left! Those are 2 tiny wooden jars + 2 wooden barrel beads + a new set of flat disc beads that fit as lids. See all 5 in the group here.

Did you notice Connie used both of those wooden jars in her Artist Studio? She added labels from the Tiny Craft Room Labels Collage Sheet (after painting them white to look like acrylic paint jars).

Those jar parts plus a bunch more new or back-in-stock supplies shown below are ALL in today’s sale collection… see the COUPON below.

NEW: Artist Studio SALE

Ooo! Another beautiful photo of Connie’s project! Makes me want to move right in!

Back to the SALE at hand: this is a custom collection that includes the supplies from Connie’s artwork AND ALL 22 new/back-in-stock items! I picked out a couple more items in that photo to highlight below.

Use coupon STUDIO when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection!

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, March 27th at midnight PST. Over 60 items!

See the entire sale collection here!

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