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New Plants & Tiny Dollhouse Furnishings

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That wide photo shows the variety of today’s new goodies! From tiny props in 1:144 scale (sized for the dollhouse, that can fit inside a 1:12 dollhouse) to plants and leaves (in 1:12 and smaller scales) and more painted furniture in 1:48 scale.

Don’t forget to read to the bottom for the DISCOUNT code on the sale collection (which includes all these new goodies)!
So starting with those new plants

New & Back-in-Stock Cast Metal Miniatures

Plus that Dollhouse for a Dollhouse! A sweet dollhouse (painted wood) with a front facade that opens to reveal 2 floors (and the little roof can tilt back a little, too, to access the attic room). It’s in 1:12 Scale (but since it is sized to fit inside a dollhouse, it is 1:144 scale).

And the tiny metal items shown with the dollhouse in the pics at left and right are new, too… AND all these goodies are also in today’s sale collection… see the COUPON below. (And there are 2 more cast metal things mentioned below with the coupon info, as I’ve run out of roooommm!)

New Plants & Tiny Dollhouse Furnishings SALE

Aw… that group of 5 quarter-scale furniture pieces is so cute! All are painted cast resin and are mainly in 1:48 scale (some are a bit large… I’ve noted those in the text).

One more sale item not shown in the photos is the Half Scale Bucket with Handle. It’s a prop in the tiny leaves photo below (I left off the handle)… the wheelbarrow is also shown in the same photo.

Use coupon TINY-DH when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Over 25 items!

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, February 21st at midnight PST.

See the sale collection here!

Posted by Leslie, February 18th, 2024

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